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    Where are You?

    Remember Tough Skins when you were younger? I think they were the Sears brand of jeans. I swear the things were made from Kevlar. Virtually indestructable. TWS
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    Catholics: Ash Wednesday Tomorrow

    I don't believe in a lot of what you say but I agree about it hard to get into heaven. Nice to see you back. TWS
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    Council votes to impeach Bush!!!

    I agree with you there. TWS
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    Save the firemen, reduce their numbers

    What planet are you from? If you want to talk about the blame game, you can start by looking at the past and current administrations in Binghamton. I would hardly say that the firemen are the reason for insolvency. DUH. TWS
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    Not for Profits Rule!

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    Council votes to impeach Bush!!!

    In a "symbolic" way, I would like the council to consider some less pressing issues in the city: 1) Close to double digit tax increases for property owners and (I believe) double digit tax increases for business owners. 2) Dramatic rise in crime. 3) Enforcing code violations (shoddy looking homes, garbage out a week in advance). 4) The city's overall shoddy appearance (streets are rotten, garbage downtown, graffiti). I recently was in Boston and the place was immaculate. 5) Pay insurance premiums. Hopefully on the next city council agenda we can get: 1) A plan to save the tree that is growing out of the window at the top of the O'Neil building. TWS
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    Council votes to impeach Bush!!!

    This council is an embarrassment. We will have a "symbolic" two years for city council. The ultra far left wing agenda is going to be hard at work. Lots of talking with nothing getting done. UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE! TWS
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    I missed city council tonight. Please elaborate on the information that has been quoted above. TWS NOTE - My bad. If found another post relating to my reply. Thanks.
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    Welcome Back all! TWS
  11. This is great! I was wondering how long it would take to get this topic back up. TWS