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  1. However, me thinks that he knows enough to spell 'an' correctly. Never 'ann'!!!



    Look at it again west sider. you fool. NEVER TRUMP


    Congratulations Trolligan!!!


    I'm glad that you were able to muster up enough cognitive ability to correct 'ann' after I pointed it out to you. After all, it is a pretty big word for you to use.


    However, you ran out of 'smarts' and were unable to correctly capitalize, punctuate, and write a series of complete sentences (let alone make a cogent point).

  2. Reading another one at the moment called, "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays .


    Also watched some videos on YouTube about a gentleman named Yuri Bezmenov who was a KGB defector and talked about the use of propaganda and subversion. Interesting stuff.


    Actually SNSD, don't take this the wrong way, but you were one of the two pigs that I was thinking of in the original post. You probably won't believe it, but it was meant to be a sort of a compliment.


    Here is the Bezmenov link/video:



    Good to know. And here we thought that you were calling the gold star parents pigs and then thought better of it. But it was nothing like that, right West Sider?


    We read it in Middle School.



    No. Absolutely nothing regarding the bronze star parents that you were speaking about. More so the "four legs good, two legs bad" and how it relates to "democrats good, republicans bad" and vice versa.


    Just a commentary as to how we are one step away from totalitarianism. Blind, unconditional support for ANY candidate and over reliance on government is dangerous (like in the header of the thread).


    And the book should be read again.


    Please do enlighten us all with your original and independent thoughts.



    EDIT: And why, pray tell, did you edit your post?


    Not original and independent but none the less still important.


    Read the book. It's a good one.


    Unlike how ever many of you there are, I only proofread what I write. Eight, six, four, five sets of eyes are obviously better than one. If I make a grammatical error or don't like the way something reads, I correct it. They teach that in grammar school.

  5. "The most faithful disciples were the two cart horses, Boxer and Clover. These two had great difficulty in thinking anything out for themselves, but having once accepted the pigs as their teachers, they absorbed everything they were told and passed it on to the other animals by simple arguments. They were unfailing in their attendance at the secret meetings in the barn, and led the singing Beasts of England, with which the meetings always ended." (Orwell, 1946)