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  1. MisterE

    FBI Van

    When you set up your wireless network, you can give it any name.
  2. MisterE

    JC mayors race - primary next week

    No, they are not related and they are spelled different. The chief was George MANEY. Marty is MEANEY.
  3. MisterE

    Bingo Italian

    Court St across from McDonalds. Just before Fairview Ave
  4. Not sure this pertains to Z Jr or the Sgt's exam. I heard it's for the entrance exam. They're going to make it every two years instead of every four. That way they're hiring from the top scorers, not those that just barely passed. I also heard that the fire department wants to do the same with their exam. Offered every two years.
  5. MisterE

    jason garner and his jackets

    While that is true, the Sheriff has no taxing authority, so,his budget is controlled by the County Executive and Legislature
  6. MisterE

    Fire at Vestal High School baseball field

    They are volunteers, so they have to go to the stations to get the trucks. The chiefs have chiefs cars and go right to the scene. They are almost always on scene before a truck even leaves the station. That is why three stations were held in quarters.
  7. MisterE

    Fire at Vestal High School baseball field

    All four Vestal stations were initially toned out for a structure fire as usual. When the first chief got there and determined that it was an outbuilding with no exposures, the other three stations were held in quarters.
  8. It wouldn't have mattered who was in charge since a large chunk of the workforce came down with the "white flu." Haven't heard confirmation but I was told 30 employees had this epidemic
  9. MisterE

    The Truth about the last Snow Fall MESS!!!

    Rumor has it, 31 sick calls? Nobody plowing at all Tuesday night because nobody would come in.
  10. MisterE


    Rumor on the street is that over 20 guys called in sick. There was no night crew on the road Tuesday night after the day shift was held over.Haven't talked to a friend that works there yet. I did hear that nobody has been trained how to plow, just how to put the blade up and down.......
  11. MisterE


    My family has always stood in front of the church across from the high school. Far enough away from the State St and Front St messes. Anywhere west of Main & Oak is usually trouble free. Same with east of the traffic circle.
  12. MisterE

    Computer Repair..Who Do YOu Trust??

    The Computer Shop. West Main St in Endicott, just west of Lampy's.
  13. Homeowner accused of arson in controversial fire http://www.wbng.com/story/33849960/homeowner-charged-with-arson-in-controversial-fire
  14. MisterE

    Rumble Ponies

    The Triplets name is owned by the Yankees. We couldn't use it.
  15. MisterE

    K-Mart Pharmacy Closed. Didn't tell customers

    We were notified that ours were being transferred there. Not sure why you weren't notified.