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  1. Brighteyes

    Where can I donate canned goods?

    the Weiss store in West Corners has a Chow barrel just inside the door or most churches will accept them also
  2. Brighteyes

    tim mcgraw concert CRAP...

    Yeah, had to hear this crap when trying to sleep cause had to get up next morning for work at 5 am - heard lots of garbage all over and a person told me they could hear it all the way to up the street in West Corners. It is nice some people got to enjoy their Sat. night, but unfortunately some of us have to get up early to take care of every one else. Work in a hospital.
  3. Brighteyes

    State to close Broome Developmental Center

    Yeah, moving and building a "special needs people" center near where I live. Heard some are sex offenders. They kept this quiet. Been seeing the destruction of trees and the quiet of our peaceful neighborhood invaded for weeks on end all day with loud noise, wood chippers and now the building is up. Just recently found out about this place - figured it was some business moving in. Very upset.
  4. Brighteyes

    Best Western Meats Driver

    I was one of the idiots that bought from them too. My cat loved their rib eye steaks. I tried one and was gross. Lesson learned the hard way.
  5. Was bad, there today. Prayers for the workers. @
  6. Brighteyes

    phils chicken house

    Good place to eat and you get value for your money. @
  7. Brighteyes

    So What's up everyone?

    Haven't been on here in a while. Miss all the fun and topics everyone used to post. Do any of the old timers still come visit here? Hope everyone is doing well.
  8. Brighteyes

    Too thin?

    Very funny, just like the too thin models. Love it Bee.
  9. Brighteyes

    UE School Budget

    Thanks Tazz. Can not believe how this board has went downhill and the stupidity of some of these people posting on here.
  10. Brighteyes

    Broome County

    Who cares if she is smoking. It isn't illegal. I do not smoke, but it bothers me that everytime you turn around the smoking police are everywhere. It is not illegal to smoke and I do think there are other more important topics and events taking place in this world to get upset about than someone smoking.
  11. Brighteyes

    UE School Budget

    Think about kids walking alone whether they are 5 or 16. Would you really want your child walking in all kinds of weather along the busy streets with the crazy and distracted drivers, and not to mention the perverts that are all over and bullies. I think they should continue to bus any kids that want to ride and cut the money from the other less important things. Safety comes first. Why do people not seem to care about the safety of children anymore, but will go waste money on lottery tickets, casinos, drugs, all kinds of useless and frivoulous material objects and 100 sneakers, X-box games, big screen TV's. All kinds of foreign made junk. They think nothing of buying crap, but begrudge kids a ride to school on a school bus. Shows where America's importance lies today.
  12. Glad I got off at Endwell on the way home to get gas. Hope no one was hurt. Heard there was an accident on the radio.
  13. Brighteyes

    Sanmina Lay Offs

    Heard the whole 3rd shift maintenance staff got it too. That was pretty stupid. Now there is no one there to fix stuff at night. Smart move. What will they do now, lay off 3rd shift next? I heard about 20 people got it. It is the Sanmina way right before the holidays to screw people over. Good management.
  14. Happy Birthday Kermit! How are you?

  15. Brighteyes

    BC Voice picnic or get together

    Sorry, given up on the idea of the picnic. Probably won't get on here too much anymore. People are childish and make stupid comments. Turns me off. Sorry to the people who would have come and had a good time, but it isn't worth trying to get together and work schedules are so difficult to plan around. Guess will just give up on the idea.