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    POLL: What should Korchak do

    What does Loughran have on Korchak?
  2. PA Border

    Chief Assistant DA Mark Loughran caught concealing evidence

    Yeah what a ladies man. He lives near me, deep in Conklin. Big time scum bag.
  3. PA Border

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    Not impressed with Korchak. John Solak is right, it's like Gerry Mollen back in that office.
  4. PA Border

    BC Legislator Suzy Ryan... lost and clueless!

    I saw Ms. Ryan too. What a sad excuse for a legislator. Two other interesting points from the meeting, Legislator Kim Myers got up on her soapbox saying she her voice was cracking and she was physically shaking over the violence in Atlanta, GA, and the "Racist" killing of the Asian massage parlor employees. But she did not mention the murder of the two non Asians. Apparently their lives did not matter to Ms. Myers. Also interesting was the vote for the District Attorney's pay raise for an employee. The raise was approved by an 8/7 vote. One legislator stated they had turned down a pay raise for the director of Emergency Services because of the poor timing during Covid. And this vote falls under that same category. I don't know how hard this person has been working in the DA's office, but if the Emergency Services director is denied a raise during Covid, probably working 80 hours a week, this DA employee must be pretty sensational.