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  1. I was just telling my co-worker about when we were younger, sitting next to a radio at 7am listening for school closings. The internet wasn't around yet and text message alerts certainly weren't. Living in Binghamton, sometimes we were not closed but you would hear of all the rural areas that I never heard of being closed. Places like, Blue Ridge School district closed, Canton School District, Montrose school district closed. We would either be open or on a hour delay. Although there really is no point to this post, other than, remembering listening to the radio for school closings. I work with some 20 year olds that have no clue to what I'm talking about. I feel like I have turned into my parents, talking about when I was a little kid.
  2. bccsupersizeit

    Dick's Sporting Goods Open 2017 Concert

    i bought my tickets yesterday. :-)
  3. bccsupersizeit

    Car Problem

    All very good ideas. Cold weather can contribute. Also check your manufactures warranty. Your Comprehensive 3 year 36000 mile warranty may still be valid. Check with your dealer for any recalls or this site. http://www.nissanusa.com/recalls-vin#/ You can try this too. It may be you are not closing the door hard enough. Close your door with the window rolled down a little bit. This would relieve the interior pressure and allow the door to shut all the way. Then roll up the window. Cars are more air tight. Tighter tolerances with body panels, better gaskets to eliminate wind and water leaks. Close your door lightly with the windows up and the door may not close all the way. Now try it with the window down and close the door lightly. Chances are it did close all the way with the window down which relieves the force of the cabin air pressure.
  4. bccsupersizeit

    Happy Birthday Garo Kachadourian!

    Happy Birthday!!!! and Thank you for BCVOICE
  5. bccsupersizeit


    I went to the downtown place a month ago. It was midweek around noon. I got a spot to park in. Did my registration, had a turkey club with fries at the diner and left. Very uneventful.
  6. bccsupersizeit

    Electrician Needed

    I have used them for my Apartment. Great work, reasonably priced and friendly.
  7. bccsupersizeit

    First Friday

    I am very pro business and I hope that First Friday continues, but not in it's current form. I haven't attended a first friday event in over a year and I thought it would be fun for the family. I was wrong about the fun and I had more fear and anxiety. Between getting almost knocked off the side walk by the skateboarders then getting cursed at for being in his way and the pan handlers asking my wife for money it was not enjoyable. Perhaps the skateboarder was correct. That is his territory that I was invading not mine. Perhaps the panhandler was correct, we were fresh meat in his territory. Walking through the cigarette smoke was also not enjoyable. I understand it is the kids right to smoke in sitting groups on the sidewalk, but it makes for a crowed sidewalk. The only police officer I saw was one writing up a ticket on Court street for someone parking the wrong direction in those back in spaces. Just not my scene. It is a very tough crowd down there and it was their territory, not the families.
  8. bccsupersizeit

    Mike "Jingles" Rubino passes away

    Rip Jingles & Rip Chicken Man Truly great people. They should get a Star on the Binghamton Walk of Fame. (For Whats it worth)
  9. bccsupersizeit

    Roofer Question

    Pernaich and Shelp A+++++ ​I used them for my snow and ice dam removal for my house. I have a intermittent problem in the wintertime with a bay window leaking heat upwards into the attic space creating ice jams. Then when it warms up we get the water dripping through. A new window and more insulation solved that issue. I also called them during a huge downpour and they were out to my apartment building patching a leaking gutter and roof valley an hour after my call. They have always done great work for me and their prices have also been reasonable. I have used them for years.
  10. bccsupersizeit

    Roofer Question

    I have had friends get a free roof because they got tangled up in that scam company that came to town a year ago or so. They signed a contract with them stating that they had hail damage on the roof. Their insurance company then paid to have a new roof installed. I think that practice should be investigated. That company went door to door leaving flyers on the door saying that they will do a free roof inspection. Once they inspected the roof with hail damage the home owner would enter into a binding contract to have that company repair the roof once that company got confirmation from the home owners insurance.
  11. bccsupersizeit

    Garage Door Repair?

    I have a garage door that uses two springs, one for each side of the door with pulleys. One of my springs broke one night and it sounded like a gun shot went off. I went downstairs and investigated. I saw one of my springs hanging off the mount. I put the pulley and cable back together. I spooled the broken spring end over the mount and it held. The hooked end of the spring broke off and I "screwed or twisted" the remaining end onto the mounting surface. Two weeks later the other spring broke. Do repair or replace them in pairs. It is an easy fix if you are handy and understand the basic's of the operation of the garage door. Also if you door binds up and you have a garage door opener, disconnect the trolley and operate the door manually. You will easily find the issue.
  12. bccsupersizeit

    Garage Door Repair?

    Out of curiosity, what's wrong with the garage door?
  13. bccsupersizeit

    Monument at MacArthur Park

    Niki Striss sold it to American Pickers. They "Broke the Ice" with that and bundled it with the KISS dolls. :-)
  14. bccsupersizeit

    Time Warner Cable: $3 a Month For Showtime?

    I do not have Showtime. I just went online with my account information and started their chat dialog. I was able to add it for an extra $3.00 per month for 12 months. Thank you for the posting.
  15. bccsupersizeit

    Time Warner Cable, Pricing, Equipment and Commercials

    This happens to me every once and a while. I believe it is the cable box. The image will freeze for a good period of time while the audio will continue as normal. Flipping back and forth between channels will soon unfreeze the image. This is just one of the glitches that my big cable boxes exhibit.