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    Finally, Real Political Comedy Again

    where is David Letterman when you need him?
  2. JoeTheDrunk

    ME/Norwich Game

    Nice to see kids getting to play some football games.
  3. JoeTheDrunk

    Prince Harry and Meghan

    Harry is the normal one in the family.
  4. JoeTheDrunk

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    not defending Cuomo by any means but why do people wait so long to speak out?
  5. JoeTheDrunk


    Want a good sub locally go to Guiseppe's in Chenango Bridge.
  6. JoeTheDrunk

    When are we getting our stimulus checks

    As long as you made less than 75k in 2019.
  7. JoeTheDrunk

    Impeachment 2021

    If everyone would have worn their muzzles covid would be no more.
  8. JoeTheDrunk

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    Trump made America Great again and now he is destroying it.
  9. JoeTheDrunk

    Could WBNG news be any worse?

    What happened to Ann Sparaco?
  10. JoeTheDrunk

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    Hope you get feeling better soon. How do you think you contacted it?
  11. JoeTheDrunk

    Broome County covid map

    no longer in yellow zone but deaths are climbing rapidly.
  12. JoeTheDrunk

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    What will he do if he loses?
  13. JoeTheDrunk

    Joe Morgan RIP

    brings back lots of memories from my years growing up and loving baseball.
  14. JoeTheDrunk

    Will the NFL have a season this autumn

    I see no MLB season this year. I do think there will be an NFL season starting on time or not much later. I have a feeling there will be no local high school fall sports. Very sad for a young man like Lucas Scott from Forks.
  15. JoeTheDrunk

    Local Hospital Update

    Thanks for asking. So far so good. Isolation ends on Thursday. No issues with any of them.
  16. JoeTheDrunk

    CDC: use bandana if no masks available

    Went to Maine’s on Front St at 7am this morning. Sign on the door stating no mask no entrance. A guy walked away all pissy when employee wouldn’t let him enter. AWESOME
  17. JoeTheDrunk

    Cuomo ordering all New Yorkers to cover their noses and mouths in public

    your choice, mask or death.
  18. JoeTheDrunk

    NY Governor Cuomo and his daily COVID-19 Briefings

    They all lie whenever they open their mouths, especially the man called Trump.
  19. JoeTheDrunk

    Local Hospital Update

    I posted this last week. Mother, father and baby came home on Saturday. Just when you thought all went well my daughter just got a call from the BC Health Department letting her know she was exposed while in the hospital. She has to quarantine for 2 weeks now. All we can do is pray that all is ok.
  20. anyone who isn’t wearing a mask out in public is showing their dumbness.
  21. JoeTheDrunk

    Bailing Out Cruise Lines

    So true
  22. JoeTheDrunk

    Rate the COVID-19 Response of Trump, Cuomo & Garnar

    Trump is evil also. The man has anger management issues. They are all evil.
  23. JoeTheDrunk

    Local Hospital Update

    Our daughter is having a scheduled c-section at Wilson on Thursday. Sure hope they have plans in place to keep her, her husband and new baby safe.
  24. I heard a few the other day. We are scared to death. Our daughter is scheduled for a c-section there the end of the week.