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  1. Hunter

    Welcome Back to BCVoice!

  2. Hunter

    Congratulations president elect Trump

    I am just so happy that the Hilldabeast lost.
  3. Hunter

    Barney Frank

    Well, now you know. I am also pleased to report that I am White and verticle.
  4. Hunter

    Barney Frank

    In a rumour being widely reported by your's truly Barney Frank resigned only after he was seen stopping off at a gay funeral home for a cold one. This rumour has been somewhat confirmed by the gay field marshal at Penn State university. Where is all of that gay pride at now ya'll?
  5. Hunter

    President Obamas Speech

    Obama and those who voted for him are certified idiots by any and all standards. I reckon that is about it.
  6. Hunter

    Amazing Grace

    I loved it and was glad to share it.
  7. Hunter

    Amazing Grace

  8. Hunter

    Pick a song...any song

    Great post!!! Thanks for sharing it.
  9. Hunter

    Will This Be Us?

    Obama has no values as he is a condemed liberal heading straight to the gates of Hell along with most politrikins.
  10. Hunter

    Done And Done

    Never forget that all of your alleged suffering is for a purpose. You seem like such a failure to me that I might even drink a few beers tonight and then light a candle for you. On the other hand, I don't suffer fools well at all. Boot straps.....get em' and pull em' up!
  11. Hunter

    We Need To Know

    We need to know Read this question, come up with an answer and then scroll down to the bottom for the result. This is not a trick question, it is as it reads. No one I know has gotten it right. Few people do. A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing. She believed him to be her dream guy so much that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister. Question: What is her motive for killing her sister? Give this some thought before you answer, see answer below. Answer: She was hoping the guy would appear at the funeral again. If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American psychologist used to determine if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly. If you didn't answer the question correctly, good for you.
  12. You make village idiots look good and you utterly disgrace our military.
  13. Hunter


    Very nice thoughts. May the Lord Bless you.
  14. Hunter

    Jesus H. Christ:

    You sir are the joke. Please don't be offended.