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  1. I though Dave Pessagno was a big time concert promoter? Two hours after he’s already supposed to be on stage they announce Billy Currington is on “vocal rest”? Wouldn’t he have been on vocal rest all day?
  2. DJC

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    Surveillance video
  3. DJC

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    So far it’s a total disaster. 2 hour line to get in. Kids stuck in cars with no access to bathrooms waiting on Airport Road. Horrible planning. People are turning around and leaving.
  4. https://wnbf.com/man-charged-broome-violent-assault-police-chase-crash/
  5. So candidate Sam Monachino is surrounding himself with Ben Bergman (sex on a desk in the DAs office), Spero Pines (sex with anyone who isn’t my wife), and Mocca the Entertainer (sex in a car). Great... just what the children in Broome County need.
  6. DJC

    Whatever happened to Debbie Preston?

    She’s still here... she was working at the Price Chopper on 12A in Chenango.
  7. DJC

    John Solak attacked and phone stripped ????

    That was Binghamton City Councilwoman Angela Riley. She needs to apologize for her comments. She is encouraging violence.
  8. Carly Norton was a Secretary for the IDA (the agency) that qualifies her to have this position? Or does being Barb’s niece qualify her? What does it pay? $80,000? This stinks to high hell.
  9. Rich David bitch slaps Jason Garnar.
  10. It was revealed yesterday, Tompkins County was prepared for Covid 19 and had 10,000 tests ready. This is a county half our size. They even have drive-thru testing with no doctor's order needed. Why were they so prepared? Sure they have Cornell and Ithaca College, but I thought Binghamton University was a global leader in research and science? There is no excuse why Tompkins had 10,000 tests ready and Broome County is driving to Albany a few days a week for 100 tests.
  11. How does that explain Broome having more deaths than much larger counties?
  12. OK. Let's say for the sake of argument, there should be more than 29 confirmed cases in Broome County. But look at Dutchess County, they have 100,000 more residents than Broome County, yet less deaths. Look at Albany County, 100,000 more residents than Broome County, but only 1 death. This begs the question, why does Broome have more deaths? Even if the death percentages aren't 100% reliable or accurate, why does a small county like Broome have more deaths than much larger counties?
  13. Just as I thought, I did a search on WBNG and last year they didn't open until April 20. https://wbng.com/2019/04/20/binghamton-zoo-opens-for-the-season/ Talk about lying to the public. This is disgusting.
  14. In the story on WBNG the director says Covid-19 has pushed back their opening date until April 18. As an out door facility in Upstate NY, I can't imagine they open before April 18, most years? I agree with the thoughts above, this seems like them taking advantage of this disaster and the public's sympathy to load up on donations. Here's a wild idea. Get some animals people actually want to see, and people will pay to see them. There is nothing at that zoo anyone wants to pay to see.
  15. https://www.binghamtonhomepage.com/local-news-2/family-of-covid-19-victim-speaks-out/