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  1. GOP Insider

    Family Court Race

    This is a good point. And yes, according to recent polling, right now Korchak would lose the DA race to Paul Battisti in a landslide.
  2. Next month Garnar will likely use early voting, so he doesn’t have to go to his former voting precinct in Port Dickinson, to avoid obvious voter fraud. But Garnar providing his former address (756 Chenango St) is still voter fraud.
  3. Another piece of useful advice for Newcomb and Ellis. You don’t want the cameras pointed towards the empty parking lot behind you. It’s hard to claim your event was well attended when there’s proof it wasn’t.
  4. GOP Insider

    Korchak mocking drug users (text message included)

    Korchak isn’t just a horrible District Attorney, he’s a sorry excuse of a person. He and his employees mock disabled people and those with drug addiction. It was also his staff member who posted death threats to the Cuomo family. After the next DA election, the new DA needs to clean house.
  5. Despicable, unethical and some of it sounds illegal. He also had another fake Facebook account “Paul-Frederick Benjamin-Jackson” where he would attack Paul Battisti, Fred Akshar and attorneys Ben Bergman and Tom Jackson.
  6. It should also be noted, in addition to the physical altercation posted here by someone else, Wagner also has a history of harassment against women. He started an internet fight with former DA Cornwell’s wife. And he spread rumors and gossip about a young female who worked in the DA’s office, causing Korchak to not offer her a position in his office.
  7. Jeffrey Wagner was also the proprietor of the website anyonebutpaul.com, a website made during the 2019 DA race that attacked Paul Battisti’s supporters. And Wagner was the person behind the “Flem Hackley” Facebook account, an account that leaked documents from the DA’s office, and trolled the Battisti campaign all over social media. It seems like he has dozens of online identities. Is that appropriate or ethical for an investigator in the DA’s office? I don’t believe so.
  8. GOP Insider

    District Attorney poll: Korchak or Battisti

    Why is Nadine Korchak a Republican? There’s text messages going around of her insulting Fred Akshar, Rich David, Dave Harder, Dan Reynolds, Rick Balles, Rick Miller, Joe Angelino, and Paul and Christine Battisti.
  9. GOP Insider

    Biggest mistake made by Broome County voters

    It's important to recap the circumstances around Korchak's raises. During Covid the courts were shut down for several months. His staff was not working, only in emergency situations. But he gave out raises. On the other hand, the Director of Emergency Services, who was literally working around the clock, nights and weekends, was denied a raise, because the county couldn't afford it, given the pandemic. The Democrats voted for Korchak's raises because he will be their candidate for DA in 2023. Republican Steve Flagg is the chairman of the finance committee, he is supposed to be one of the fiscal watchdogs for Broome County. But he gave in and voted for the raises because his father and Korchak's #2, Mark Loughran, are friends. The other two Republicans, Baldwin and Shaw, made a big mistake. Hopefully they regret it. The answer to this poll is Korchak. Preston did some good for the county, before she started playing dress up and selling jewelry from her office.
  10. Ahead of next month’s five way Democratic Party primary for Family Court Judge, Korchak has been running his mouth about Josh Shapiro and Tim Thayne (his own employee). Korchak and his staff are all in for Mara Grace. I would love to see Shapiro or Thayne primary Korchak for DA in 2023, when he runs as a Democrat.
  11. For an entire year, wherever Weslar went, including government meetings, he wore Pete Buttigieg for President buttons. How is that any different? As others have said, Weslar only cares about himself and his own free speech.
  12. The Korchak’s are in complete damage control mode. Trying to make it seem like everything is ok. In reality they are in crisis. Even many of Korchak’s longtime supporters, senior attorneys who were brought back to the office under DA Steve Cornwell, have retired because they want nothing to do with Korchak’s DA’s office anymore. The more talented young attorneys have taken other jobs. They don’t want to go down with Korchak’s sinking ship. There are many unfilled positions because no one wants to work for Korchak.
  13. Korchak will officially join the Democratic Party by the end of the year. That’s three different political parties in three years. Republican, Libertarian, Democrat. Korchak is not stable. And the liberals in the Democratic Party will never support him.
  14. Because the Libertarian Party received so few votes in NY in 2020, it no longer has ballot access. Meaning, it is still a party in NY, but their candidates do not have a spot on the ballot. Same goes for the Independence Party. Right now there are only four parties with ballot access in NY: Democratic, Republican, Conservative and Working Families. Korchak would have to run on one of those party lines.
  15. It’s safe to say Korchak will be beat in a Democrat or Republican primary in 2023. It looks like he will run as a Democrat, but it’s still possible he tries to run as a Republican. No Republican officials are planning on endorsing Korchak for reelection.