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  1. john doe

    Terry “Foreclosure” Ferrell, candidate for BC Leg

    I don’t think he’s in charge. He lives in poverty. Moved from a dump on Main Street to a dump on Helen Street. He’s never even owned. He rents.
  2. Family Court has enough problems right now. Steve Cornwell cleaned up Mollen’s mess and he fought the drug issue harder than anyone. We’ve seen what he can do. He’s the right person for the job, hands down.
  3. john doe

    Coronavirus at Nips

    Nothing to worry about. I’ve seen no studies that suggest woodchucks can catch the virus.
  4. http://www.wbng.com/story/35016672/mayoral-candidate-deletes-twitter-account-after-being-called-out-by-gop This is the best the Democrats have to offer?
  5. Oh god. I remember her when was one of the shot girls, who handed out booze at liquor stores. She was a tramp back then, and it sounds like not much has changed.
  6. Gorman is the most immature attorney I've ever seen. Her appointment as Union Justice is bizarre, seeing as she just registered to vote for the first time in December 2014.
  7. john doe

    Dave Harder decline in mental ability?

    Agreed. Harder should not have run again last time, Zikuski's name wasn't even on the ballot yet the race became a referendum on Zikuski. Harder should not be sheriff.
  8. Hear that? That's the sound of Zikuski Jr hanging around the bus station looking for abandoned drugs. I agree, why warn the drug dealers? This was nothing more than a political stunt by Rich "Beer Chin" David.
  9. Probably one of the reasons the Broome County Sheriff's Association endorsed Steve Cornwell. Mollen is running on his experience, look around, this disgusting county and high crime rate is where Mollen's "experience" has gotten us!
  10. john doe

    Beth Mollen threatening employees at SUNY Broome

    I heard recently from a neighbor who works at BCC, who was displaying a Cornwell for DA lawn sign, that Beth Mollen made a call and demanded the sign be taken down. He also said, the word on campus is, Beth Mollen was walking around BCC with a notary public, ordering subordinates to sign her husband's election petitions. And this thread is causing big problems right now for BCC administration.
  11. john doe

    A New novel Idea

    No matter who Northsider is, his/her point is a good one. Broome STOP DWI can't just take over downtown for a weekend. The city would have to be a big part of the planning.
  12. john doe

    Rich David Raises Rainbow Flag

    I'll tell ya what. Draft up some legislation to change the name of the airport to the "Greater Union Regional Airport". Let me know how you do. Forgot about this one: Greater Binghamton Transportation Center http://www.ridebctransit.com/transit/greater-binghamton-transportation-center The new bus station, or "Greater Binghamton Transportaiton Center" opened and was named in 2010. What were the populations of Binghamton and Union then?
  13. john doe

    Rich David Raises Rainbow Flag

    Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. http://www.greaterbinghamtonchamber.com/ Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study: the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Broome and Tioga Counties. http://www.bmtsonline.com/bmts