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  1. I agree with that. Any that case is a prime example. That case should have been prosecuted by one senior attorney (20+ years experience) along with a younger attorney as his second chair. That is how young prosecutors learn. You don’t throw two young kids in to prosecutor a murder trial.
  2. Watching the video of the meeting it was painful to see Legislator Susan Ryan (Democrat) try to defend Korchak. It’s important to note, her son did an internship for Korchak. Also, Korchak never answered the question on the legality of operating the program without authorization under the law. This is a local law, not a resolution. Acting outside the law is criminal.
  3. Even Erica Kurtz, who appeared in a television ad for Korchak in 2019, is outraged by this outcome.
  4. Did Smith mention in his endorsement, prior to moving to Pennsylvania, he rented office space from Mara's husband, Chris Grace, at 99 Collier Street? Because that's worth mentioning. And he would always park his truck right up on the sidewalk, in a non-parking zone. Arrogant asshole. Since he's been in PA, I haven't heard a single person say, "I wish Marty Smith was still around!"
  5. From what I know about the DA's Traffic Diversion Program, I estimate they process 100-125 tickets a week. Multiply that times $200 or $400, and we're talking big money. It's my professional opinion, as an attorney admitted to practice in NY, all that money must be returned for the year 2021, and the second, third and fourth quarters of 2020. The program became invalid when Korchak failed to file financial reports for the first quarter of 2020. Say what you will about Korchak, good, bad or indifferent. This will be his legacy. Korchak inherited a Lamborghini Veneno from Steve Cornwell, and he turned it into a Ford Pinto.
  6. To further answer Ginger’s question, no it’s not a lot of work. All of the evidence is stored electronically. The DA just uploads the documents and videos and emails a link to the defense attorney. This system was actually built and implemented by Cornwell when he took office. Prior to that, Mollen had his DAs handing over boxes of documents. Cornwell built that virtual system which has been a godsend. Yet Korchak still can’t get the job done.
  7. Discovery reform isn’t even being enforced. DA’s have 35 days if the defendant is released before trial, and 20 days if the defendant is in jail. Not 15 days. Ultimately it’s up to the judges to enforce this. And to my knowledge no judges in Broome County have enforced the new discovery timeframe. Nothing has changed in Broome County. DAs are still taking months to hand over discovery.
  8. F. Lee Bailey

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    Yes, and if employees couldn't commit to working on the Korchak re-election campaign in 2023, they were replaced.
  9. Here's the most expensive roll of toilet paper Mark Loughran ever purchased. It should be noted, John Perticone flat out LIES when he says "no complaint that is actionable exists". We have information that interviews are being scheduled right now for a complaint against the DA's office, which names Loughran.
  10. This morning BCVoice owner Garo Kachadourian filed a complaint with the New York State Attorney General over corruption in the Broome County District Attorney's Office. Garo included a sworn affidavit from a witness, corroborating the corruption.
  11. This evening BCVoice owner Garo Kachadourian received a cease and desist letter from process sever Thomas Tynan, written by LG&T attorney John Perticone, representing Mark Loughran. As you remember, Tynan was Chief Investigator, in the District Attorney's Office, under Gerald Mollen. And Perticone is a Broome County Democratic Party hack. What's hilarious about this toilet paper letter, is, Mark Loughran and all his cronies at the DA's office, never had any problem with what was posted on BCVoice about other individuals in Broome County, they even contributed, attacking their enemies, from the DA's office, using county time and resources. So, Loughran and Co. can attack Paul Battisti, Ben Bergman, Tom Jackson, and Ronnie Gorman from the WiFi at the DA's office, but once Loughran is named, it's time to threaten legal action? Mr. Tynan, remember when you and your boss, Gerry Mollen, demanded Garo remove posts and reveal identities on BCVoice, when YOU worked at the DA's Office? And Garo told Mollen to "GO SHIT IN A HAT, AND PULL IT DOWN OVER YOUR EARS!" ... you can deliver that same message back to John Perticone and Mark Loughran.
  12. F. Lee Bailey

    Broome Corruption County

    Now that I think about it, how could Cawley have even been assigned to Garo’s case, let alone hear a bench trial, when he had ultimate authority in the verdict? Garo was a very loud and vocal supporter of Mary Anne Lehmann, when she ran against Cawley in 2007. Garo called out Cawley and his dirty campaign, when they hijacked the Working Families Party, to defeat Mary Anne. If Cawley was honest or had any integrity, he never would have heard Garo’s case.
  13. F. Lee Bailey

    Broome Corruption County

    Let’s take a look at the corruption here in Broome County, as it relates to Garo Kachadourian. Garo was prosecuted by Joseph McBride (of Chenango County) for a simple error, something any other defendant would have had the opportunity to pay back, or make right, rather than be prosecuted. ( The Case had been in Mollen's hands for over a good year but Garo's supported Cornwell for DA. When Mollen lost the election he ran to his friend Judge Cawley asking him to put Joe McBride in charge of Garo's case. If that was the case then why didn't Mollen do it from the beginning because of the direct connection Mollen had with Garo over a long period of time? Good question isn;t it!) Mollen had contact with Garo many time's over the years so how could he be objective in this case to begin with! It all stink's to high heaven. Gerald Mollen had a conflict with Garo, over Garo’s boisterous criticism of Mollen and his DA’s office. So Mollen hand picked his longtime friend McBride to prosecute Garo. It is well known and documented Garo was one of the biggest critics of Mollen. This stems back to when Mollen’s son-in-law, a Scranton fireman, was arrested for inappropriate contact with a minor (In the Scranton Newspaper only not covered in the Binghamton Press). The information was posted here on BCVoice, and Mollen demanded Garo remove it from this site. Garo refused, citing free speech, and the poster’s right to share the information. In Garo’s case the prosecution withheld discovery (evidence) and Garo and his attorney had no opportunity to review it before trial. Judge Joseph Cawley allowed it to go on. After the trial the withheld (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brady_v._Maryland) evidence was found by Garo's lawyer in which he made a Motion of new found evidence to the judge it was denied. Cawley is part of the same corrupt system as Mollen and McBride. Cawley would even admit he had ex parte communication with one of the prosecution’s witnesses in Garo’s trial. Cawley communicating with one of the witnesses outside of court, off the record, is highly inappropriate, and should have caused a mistrial. It didn’t stop there, when Garo was told to take the stand after the trail was over by Cawley, Cawley acted as the prosecutor and inappropriately questioned Garo. It is very clear Cawley was working for the prosecution. But why? Cawley, Mollen and McBride are all part of the good ole boy network in corrupt Broome County. They want control over everything. They cannot control Garo, so they conspired to discredit him. After Garo’s trial, county DSS workers celebrated with a cake on county property that said “Kachadourian pays”. Again, how could these county workers be objective and fair witnesses? A celebratory cake? Paid for by taxpayers, during work hours. They all should have been fired. Mollen never got over his loss in 2015, and vowed to take it out on Garo. Mollen was also upset his corrupt sidekick Veronica Krouse Gorman (now running for Family Court Judge) wasn’t offered a job by the new DA. Cawley is a dear friend of Gorman, they are part of the BC Bagpipers group. Together, Mollen, Cawley, McBride and Gorman worked nonstop to discredit any of their critics. Garo never got a fair day in court. His case never should have made it to court. This is the corrupt system in Broome County. It isn’t going anywhere. They have their people in nearly every office in Broome County working against those who can’t be controlled and speak out against injustice. Is it illegal to hide evidence? Tampering with evidence is illegal under both federal and state law. The crime involves altering, destroying, or concealing physical evidence with the intent to affect the outcome of a criminal investigation or court proceeding. ... Tampering with witnesses is also a crime. What are the consequences of a violation of the Brady rule? Consequences of a Brady violation can include having a conviction vacated, as well as disciplinary actions against the prosecutor. There are three components to establishing a Brady violation. First, the prosecution must have suppressed evidence or information, meaning that something was not turned over to the defense.
  14. Saying this candidate is “the most qualified” for Family Court Judge is a slap in the face to every attorney in Broome County. I don’t have a favorite in this race, but my understanding is Tim Thayne bounces from job to job, and works there right until he’s about to be fired. Calling him the most qualified is pissing a lot of people off. He needs to stop using that, and apologize for that statement.
  15. Lots of rumors in the legal community lately suggesting Broome County Court Judge Joseph Cawley will resign his position within a year due to personal issues. Many are suggestion it happen sooner rather than later to mitigate the number of cases that must be reviewed or can be appealed because of Cawley's current issues.