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  1. Shame on Michael Korchak for using delay tactics to prevent the release of information on the expiration and illegal operation of the Broome County Traffic Diversion Program. On 5/1/2021 BCVoice FOIL'd for documents and emails regarding the program, its expiration, and the communication that followed between Korchak and his employees. Nearly FIVE MONTHS have passed, and not a single document has been released. Korchak continues to DELAY DELAY DELAY, coming up with excuses every few weeks why not even a single document has been turned over, in response to our FOIL. Korchak's incompetence, leading to the expiration of the Traffic Diversion Program is one of the biggest failures of an elected official in Broome County history. And his illegal operation of the program, after it expired, in violation of NYS and local laws, is criminal.
  2. I spoke to BCVoice owner Garo Kachadourian last night, and he is beside himself Michael Korchak would continually exploit police officer deaths and anniversaries on his Facebook page, to gain social media followers, as he has begun campaigning for re-election. Garo was a close friend of Port Dickinson Police Officer Aldo Rossi Jr., and finds that post in particular to be in very poor taste. Why doesn't Michael Korchak use his Facebook page to promote all the great things going on at the DA's Office? Probably because Korchak's office is the most corrupt DA's Office in the nation, and there's nothing good going on there.
  3. During the 2019 DA election, Jeffrey Wager was so abusive and belligerent toward so many Broome County residents, several defense attorneys expressed major concern to Korchak, about Wagner working for him, if he won, because of his undeniable bias against so many individuals. At that time, Korchak and his people said that win or lose, Wagner wouldn’t work in the DA’s office, because he planned to move to Western NY. Now, two years later, Wagner works for Korchak, and appears to be more abusive and belligerent than ever. Another blatant lie from Korchak to win votes and curry support from attorneys.
  4. F. Lee Bailey

    District Attorney poll: Korchak or Battisti

    Looking back on it, it's sickening how this all went down. This should have gone to trial, and the defendant should have received a more harsh prison sentence. But Korchak instructed ADA Rita Basile to settle the case in a hurry before the election, so he could openly speak about the case during the campaign.
  5. F. Lee Bailey

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    In the legal community even Korchak’s supporters are saying this is all politically motivated. Also the word coming from the DA’s office is Korchak is starting to regret it, as the discussion turns to him being criminally charged for this abuse of power. And then there’s the civil suits, that could cost the county tens of millions of dollars.
  6. F. Lee Bailey

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    Korchak says he doesn’t have a conflict. And he would only need a special prosecutor in the case of “a close family member”. This year Korchak has $300,000 budgeted to pay for special prosecutor cases. Clearly Korchak is lying through his teeth. He needs to keep this case because any other prosecutor would dismiss the charges in the interest of justice.
  7. F. Lee Bailey

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    Yes, I have seen emails that confirm at least one of the people Korchak charged today is a witness in the sexual harassment investigation into the DA's office.
  8. F. Lee Bailey

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    If this was truly a big government corruption investigation, like Korchak claims, it would have been conducted by the Attorney General or FBI. No DA can investigate and prosecute his former boss, and his former employee. And no DA can investigate and prosecute alleged criminal acts that occurred while they also worked in the office. These charges won't withstand Grand Jury review, and will likely be dismissed. The conflict of interest alone is enough to dismiss the charges.
  9. F. Lee Bailey

    The harassment of Emily Jablon

    BCVoice has learned shocking details regarding several government agencies harassment of Emily Jablon, monies owed to her, and threats that have been made to Emily, her business and her family. We're learning more details today, and will cover this story in its entirety as more details become available. This would be a good time for those harassing Emily to STOP.
  10. F. Lee Bailey

    “Actionable” - Korchak

    Is recommending a few employees of a local government office get fitted for their orange jumpsuits sooner rather than later good “actionable” advice? I heard it was a very “actionable” week regarding the local scales of justice.
  11. F. Lee Bailey

    Fred Akshar announces his candidacy for Broome County Sheriff

    Judges appoint defense counsel for indigent defendants, when there is a conflict with the public defender, and special prosecutors, when there is a conflict with the DA. The sheriff has nothing to do with it. That said, Jackson Bergman do receive the most appointed cases, because Bergman worked for Joe Cawley when Cawley was in private practice, and both Jackson and Bergman worked to get Dooley elected.
  12. F. Lee Bailey

    Biggest mistake made by Broome County voters

    The following voted in favor: Bob Weslar (Democrat) Mary Kaminsky (Democrat) Suzy Ryan (Democrat) Kim Myers (Democrat) Karen Beebe (Democrat) Steve Flagg (Republican) Jason Shaw (Republican) Greg Baldwin (Republican) The following voted against: Dan Reynolds (Republican) Scott Baker (Republican) Kelly Wildoner (Republican) Matt Pasquale (Republican) Cindy O'Brien (Republican) Matt Hilderbrant (Republican) Mark Whalen (Democrat)
  13. I agree with that. Any that case is a prime example. That case should have been prosecuted by one senior attorney (20+ years experience) along with a younger attorney as his second chair. That is how young prosecutors learn. You don’t throw two young kids in to prosecutor a murder trial.
  14. Watching the video of the meeting it was painful to see Legislator Susan Ryan (Democrat) try to defend Korchak. It’s important to note, her son did an internship for Korchak. Also, Korchak never answered the question on the legality of operating the program without authorization under the law. This is a local law, not a resolution. Acting outside the law is criminal.
  15. Even Erica Kurtz, who appeared in a television ad for Korchak in 2019, is outraged by this outcome.