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  1. The great irony is Mike Korchak IS a flaming bag of dog shit.
  2. The people supporting Kate Newcomb are the outcasts of Broome County: Nick Libous, Jason Ellis, Mike and Nadine Korchak. They’ve bounced from party to party desperately looking for support. The best candidates for elected office are the ones who have to be begged to run. Not the ones who will flip flop and change parties just to try to fulfill their delusions of grandeur.
  3. Legs Diamond

    Korchak mocking drug users (text message included)

    People who suffer from addiction aren’t just numbers, Mr. Korchak. They have names, and families. They have talents, many of them have contributed to society and helped others. I’m sorry that someone with drug addiction got more time on TV than you. And I’m sorry they don’t have a great dental plan like you (paid for by us taxpayers). You are lucky you don’t suffer from addiction, Mr. Korchak. I bet the person you are referring to didn’t ask to suffer from addiction. Calling someone a “one toothed drug addict” is unconscionable. You owe an apology to the entire treatment community in Broome County. And you need to resign.
  4. Legs Diamond

    Dick’s Open doesn’t hire any people of color

    The original post is right, if you look back at their social media posts since April or May. Not the volunteers the week of the tournament. Their paid staff looks to have very little diversity. For a liberal like Kim Myers who gets on her soap box and preaches to all of us about diversity and inclusion, her own family doesn't practice what they preach, when it comes to DSGO.
  5. Legs Diamond

    Family Court Primary results

    One of the things I noticed was Thayne had a lot of signs out, but most were on public property, not private property of actual supporters.
  6. Legs Diamond

    Red Barn Computers being sued by Muckle's

    Layish is big time scumbag who exploits nonprofit organizations. Layish sells tshirts for organizations, exploiting their name and their cause, and they get only 20% of the sale. TShirts in bulk cost about $4-5 to be printed. Selling for $25 $5 for shirt cost. $20 margin $4 kick back $16 profit for Layish All in the name of charity? SCUMBAG!
  7. But can he spell “experience”? No, no he cannot...
  8. Today at the office a co-worker shouted “Thayne’s Facebook page is up, and he’s running on the issue of experience!” I shouted back “Thayne can’t even spell experience.” Then we shared a hearty laugh. Unfortunately, I was right. Tim Thayne can’t even spell experience.