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  1. DLord

    John Solak

    John's brother Charlie was in Beggar's Opera and John managed the band.
  2. The developer has backed out because the city was making it difficult for them by their demands. I don't know what those demands were.
  3. Glad your health is better. Cheers to you also
  4. Thank you! It not bad being 57 years old. You also have a great day! Dan
  5. Whatever you feel you have to do! I apologize if you were wronged by mods. It happens and I don't judge them as I don't judge you. We each must seek our own equilibrium to make oneself happy. If that is your way....so be it. Again...I am only speaking for myself and not for the board or BCVoice. It's not the easiest job (moderating) and we each have our own style.
  6. If you do....you do. Like I said....it is what it is. No need for me to be nasty.
  7. Never said you were a bad guy. And I don't have any pre-conceived opinion of you. It's all good.
  8. Can't wait! Hard to wow me....I've seen it all! Have a wonderful and pleasant day!
  9. I don't have the power to ban anyway. Just moderate. But your writing style gives you away everytime.
  10. It gives me something to do.....chase you around the board!