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  1. Bringing back a couple threads from FOUR years ago. I guess that's what happens when you sit at home all day on the computer because you're milking the system. Maybe you should take come online civics classes so you actually understand what's going on in the world of politics.
  2. Yeah, since I have to work to pay taxes to support slobs like you I can't spend all day on this website looking like a fool like you. Those people actually managed to Impeach him. It's clear that you and your ilk have no clue what the impeachment process is like. You should have paid attention during civics class.
  3. Hey stupid, he was Impeached, just because he was not removed by the Senate does not mean he wasn't Impeached. Take a civics class before you show your ignorance you dipshit.
  4. binghamtonian

    Gov Cuomo Now Requires You to Buy a Permit to Look At the Stars

    Because sometimes they're fun.
  5. He may have been acquitted, but he will forever be Impeached. One of only three President's to be impeached. That will follow him around forever.
  6. binghamtonian

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    Not just Trump, but any President going forward. Passed 18 years ago, the AUMF could have been used by any President. It needed to be rescinded.
  7. binghamtonian

    Gov Cuomo Now Requires You to Buy a Permit to Look At the Stars

    Gateway Pundit, not surprising since that site is one big garbage fire that's known to spout it's stupidity on a daily basis. One site posted it, now all those fringe right-wing nut job sites are posting about. The Stargazing Permit is not new either, it's been around for a little while now, and like a couple others have said, it's to give off-hours access to state parks and other facilities.
  8. binghamtonian

    BCVoice is in the bag for Anthony Brindisi?

    I love this narrative that not wanting to go to war is choosing Iran over America. Also, what's the real reason he chose to kill Soleimani, because we all know the imminent threat claim they made is now a lie that's been debunked. “Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said.” - https://www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-new-national-security-team-made-fast-work-of-iran-strike-11578619195 He doing a little quid pro quo action going on to make sure some GOP Sens cover his ass?
  9. binghamtonian

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    It's so easy to trigger you, sniff, sniff.
  10. binghamtonian

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    Hard to hear over all that sniffling, btw why can't that man say tolerated? Can he go through a formal speech without butchering the English language? Then again, I'm sure you ate up his drivel.
  11. binghamtonian

    Death to America

    What's the all the sniffing? Why does he sniff so much when he gives speeches?
  12. binghamtonian

    Death to America

    I thought it was stupid then as well. It created a very difficult situation on the ground and most of Libya is still trying to recover from it. Obama made a number of terrible calls when it came to the middle east, he also escalated drone usage and gave Saudi's waaaay to much money and military equipment to use in Yemen.
  13. binghamtonian

    Death to America

    Lol, if I post Ilhan Omar, Hillary or Pelosi seizures would be occurring here, some of you guys are that bad.
  14. binghamtonian

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    Ehh, i don't think '75 is a woman.
  15. binghamtonian

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    Nope, don't believe it. Your posts are eerily similar to his.