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  1. there is little question that the vaccine causes a decrease in the severity of the disease (taking all comers, all variants). There is little question that vaccinated people can still transmit the disease. The catch is.. if you are vaccinated are you less likely to "catch" the disease" - that answer is also yes statistically. Therefore, the vaccinated are less likely to be a vector for spread. These statements are all three pretty much without question. Again I don't really care if someone gets vaccinated or not, the numbers of antibody positive citizens is currently quite high, Omicron will likely expose the others and can thereby greater increase that number... with any hope this means continual decrease in the disease. My biggest fear, we have created a generation or two of "anti-vaxxers". Trust me when I tell you, this is a bad thing. We really do not need to have a generation of deaf kids from viral disease, people in iron lungs, people dying of small pox... etc etc etc. That my internet friends, would be a travesty.
  2. NYS mandated health care workers to be vaccinated, the reason: to decrease transmission in the facilities CDC has stated that vaccinate persons are still transmitting the disease, so, on one hand... there is no reason for the HCW to be excluded from work for the absence of a vaccine any longer. Problem is, it is not all omicron, there is still some delta out there. At this point most of the disease is of the omicron variant which does not seem to cause the severity of symptoms that previous variants have; and thus may well serve to expose many many people who can and likely will create antibodies (think chicken pox). The one issue, there is still some (a small but reasonable amount) of Delta out there according to what is published. Those folks, if unvaccinated, are more likely to end up pretty sick and perhaps worse should they become exposed. If delta variant is passed in the hospitals to people with co-morbidities (which ... hey you are in the hospital, chances are right?) then those folks are at a grave risk. I think it's likely time to begin to decrease the vaccine rules for HCW and certainly mandating a booster is ridiculous in my opinion. We may not be at the point of ending this nonsense yet be we are close. Politics and medicine don't mix and when they do, medicine suffers.
  3. GTO

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    I would say with some confidence (no direct knowledge but confidence), that with the NYSP, Feds, and State AG all absolutely aware of this situation, there is NO WAY this gets swept under the rug. There will likely be a bombshell indictment and these fukkkkkers will be perp walked on public display for what they did (assuming truth to the allegations). I don't always have faith in the government but this one... this one is gonna be a hammering. There is no rush to indict so every duck will be aligned. This will not simply go away, no question in my mind. JMHO
  4. GTO

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    Assuming there is a milli-ounce of truth to any of this... they are going to have a long rough term in the clink... even prisoners don't care much for dudes that drug and assault minor children....
  5. GTO

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    They would need more than an HR firm if it was one of my daughters that was attacked.
  6. GTO

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    I can't imagine there is any chance that these establishments survive. And, assuming there is a shred of truth to the allegations, they should not. Anyone who has taken an introductory business class would advise the owners and real estate owners / title holders to sell the whole thing asap. No chance these businesses ever make money again. And, that's the least of their worries I suspect...
  7. GTO

    Transgender dominate females in sports

    The NCAA could fix all of this; easily and cleanly. No more "Men's / Women's" athletic programs and competitions. Simply XX and XY no one is discriminated against, no one is given an advantage and its over before it begins. It it too easy and makes too much sense for the NCAA and woke universities to follow through. Shameful really.
  8. GTO

    Broome Sheriff recommends shopping in numbers?

    Broome has been reported as the #1 crime per capita county in the State. source NYUPSTATE.COM (Sep 2019) Binghamton was #1 city for 2021 source ROADSNACKS.NET (Jan 2021) cue: "We are the champions, we are the champions....."
  9. GTO

    Fall foliage over Vestal. Stunning!

    that is extremely cool !
  10. GTO

    ME Football Controversy

    Dan !!! u da man Stay tuned, more to come methinks.... the kid is getting boned. I am not directly involved in any way, but in the words of Ice T ... "Hey don't look at me, I just know stuff"
  11. GTO

    ME Football Controversy

    If they played by all of the rules, which it appears they did, then they have a case. If they did not, then they don't. I have more than a casual knowledge of the situation and honestly, to my eval, they played by all of the rules and pre-empted - or appeared to have - the issue. Again, I will be shocked if the player is not back on the filed. In the immortal words of my boy Monk (Randy Newman actually)... " I could be wrong, but I don't think so"
  12. GTO

    ME Football Controversy

    Now reading it is in front of a judge... if he/she reinstates the player(which I suspect will be done), the section is really going to have some crow to eat. Either way, if this was handled a little more professionally, this would not even be an issue.
  13. GTO

    ME Football Controversy

    what he said 👆
  14. GTO

    ME Football Controversy

    That section 4 official should go on record as the source, if not... he / she should resign. This was handled EXTREMELY poorly by them from minute one. I don't agree with their ruling but it is their ruling. Making a public spectacle out of it just makes things reprehensible. The whole thing was / is bush league and many of these "administrators" (whose job primarily is to protect kids) will have their careers forever admonished. I firmly don't believe it matters which camp you fall in (let him play, don't let him play) it should have been handled way better. Really was low ball BP elevating again, I knew I should have stayed off
  15. GTO

    ME Football Controversy

    I am going to bail out on the convo and my blood pressure is elevating. I will leave you fellas with the hope that everyone stay above board. The kid(s) involved here are GREAT KID(S) and it is a shame that it wasn't handled differently. ✌️