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  1. GTO

    Jc middle school field trip drowning

    kiddo is apparently doing pretty well, there was a facebook post
  2. GTO

    This is what Upstate ny needs

    Fla baby....
  3. this is absolutely just disgusting wtf is wrong with people - just behave if nys does not get tougher on crime and do away with this nonsense bail reform (in addition to about forty other moves) we are all screwed twelve, she was fucking twelve disgusting
  4. Imagine the haul he could have taken as comptroller !
  5. GTO

    Bloodbath For The Democrats-"The End Of Our Country".

    it is gonna be glorious
  6. GTO

    VIDEO: Binghamton nurse assaults child

    This woman is an absolute scumbag who deserves whatever misery she gets in prison. If she could have pleaded that down and didn't she is as stupid as she is abhorrent. She will probably find a guy that will try and exclude the video. It needs to get as viral as possible ... reprehensible piece of garbage...
  7. GTO

    Doctor's and Ivermectin

    Unfortunately for all of us, this is a non peer reviewed article that is published in a "journal" of a group that was (not so coincidentally) founded by its lead author. Who, incidentally, "resigned" from his professorship at an accredited US Medical school. Believe me.... I would love to think that Ivermectin was a miracle fix, but also believe me.... physicians are ABSOLUTELY NOT conspiring to avoid a treatment that would save lives. I don't always trust Big Pharma either but I can tell you this, there is no conspiracy amongst the nations medical force to make money for pfizer and not for the company that makes the antiparasite drug. The inflammatory effects offered by ivermectin are well described but the medication is not an antiviral per se. We were able, once understood, to decrease the inflammation of the disease (when appropriately timed) with steroid and people really started living through their disease with anticoagulants and monoclonals etc etc etc. There is little question that the vaccine decreased the severity of the disease in those who partook. It did not erase the disease but people who were exposed and contracted the disease had some innate immunity that helped. I wish ivermectin had saved millions of lives but it did not. What I can say without question is that your doctors did not conspire to keep it from you.... at least the doctors around here.... https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/96522
  8. ... also taken out of context, he just agreed with what I said. No endorsement for or against the DA, no comment really. Just that the original quote from the DA did not anywhere mention or imply anything about those two groups of individuals. He only said that people who had broken a law should not be given preferential funding over those who have not. I have no real opinion of the DA but the statement had zero to do with racism or nationalism etc. Just, again, regarding preferential funding for folks with a record of breaking a specific law/ set of laws. And on this thread, like most places, its easy to misquote or imply something (either by accident or nefariously) that was not intended. JMHO
  9. No opinion at all on the DA BUT... no where at all in this exchange did he discriminate against a group of people based on the color of skin or national heritage. He only said that preferential treatment should not be given to prior offenders of the drug laws existing at the time they were arrested. The article has a single sentence that states that two groups, statistically, were more commonly arrested for those offenses. That was not brought up by the DA. This thread shows extrapolation facts that are not within context...
  10. GTO

    Doctor's and Ivermectin

  11. do a little google search, dude is also a high school teacher.... chew on that for a minute
  12. This seems pretty cut and dry, I do not know the law - but if its legal, he is good. If it is not, he is not. Maybe I am oversimplifying ....