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  1. Former Democrat

    Vote John Solak for Binghamton School Board

    John has a wide range of knowledge and is committed to open government and transparency. He would be an excellent school board member. For the last several years, the Binghamton board has had activists on it, first Tina Archie-Brown then Korin Kirk. John would be a breath of fresh air.
  2. Former Democrat

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    I see Action Jackson has deleted her "Linda Jackson, woman of action" Facebook page. Maybe because she knowingly used the page to spread lies and misinformation on the battery incinerator.
  3. Former Democrat

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Did anyone hear Endicott Trustee Pat Dorner on WNBF this morning? Apparently Action Jackson was so confused following Monday’s public hearing, she thought the zoning ordinance was approved, and everything was over with? And she even said to in a video interview on Spectrum News?
  4. Former Democrat

    Remembering WNBF's Tony 'Russell' Ricciuto

    I was very disappointed WNBF didn't mention Tony's death today...maybe they're waiting for an obituary. But given Tony was an employee for 30+ years, you would think they could speak to a member of the family ahead of time, and report the story. Quite frankly I expected a 3 hour tribute to Tony today. Not even mentioning his death was shocking. But maybe Tony didn't leave WNBF on good terms. I think he only called into the Bob Joseph show once or twice after he left the company? Perhaps the most respectable thing was Tony was, his show was his show. He didn't care who you were, a random caller or Tom Libous, play by his rules or don't play at all. God, after Bob Joseph took over, he had those almost weekly segments with Matt Ryan, listening to them together was like listening to a high school couple flirt on their first date. I'm sure those segments made Tony sick. May he rest in peace.
  5. Former Democrat

    Remembering WNBF's Tony 'Russell' Ricciuto

    Tony represented the public sentiment in Broome County 15 years ago. That was the time of a rising Doug Drazen, and the City Council regular speakers. He always liked the underdogs and stood up to the establishment elected officials. You would be far more likely to hear the dark horses of their parties, like Garo, John Cordisco and Tony Massar for the Democrats, and Chriz Kuzel for the Republicans, on the show. Tony was also a leader in the fight against Binghamton's growing sex offender population. He wasn't afraid of saying what what he believed, even if it alienated some viewers or elected officials.
  6. Finally after 171 confirmed cases, the Health Dept. has announced someone working at Mirabito in Chenango has Coronaviarus. According to the county website. How is it that none of the other 170 cases either were at work or in public while they had symptoms? I don't buy it for one second. If you want to believe the Health Dept. we have 170 people in Broome County who were completely quarantined, and no where in public for two weeks. We have a Health Dept. in Broome County that is completely incompetent.
  7. Former Democrat

    Garnar says drive by birthday parties/parades not legal?

    Here is Jason Garnar is his own words, outlawing drive through parades and parties: https://www.weny.com/story/41994813/broome-county-executive-drive-around-birthdays-parades-banned-under-nys-on-pause Rather than check with Albany on these seemingly harmless celebrations, Garnar continued his fear mongering and made irresponsible public announcements. This is the same guy who couldn't get any significant number of Covid-19 tests from Albany for a month. But Tompkins County had 10,000 tests. Then Rich David, seeing the absurdity in Garnar's irresponsible announcement, actually reached out to Albany to clarify. This is what a leader does. Sure enough... Rich David was right and Garnar was wrong. Right now we have a County Executive more concerned with making headlines at his daily media updates than providing accurate and important information to Broome County residents. Case and point, last week when he announced the absurd even/odd day driving schedules, he teased in the morning he had an announcement, but we would need to watch him at 3pm for the information. If this is really about getting safety information to the public, release the damn information. And he better make sure it's accurate. Jason Garnar releasing fake news is not helping us, he is hurting us.
  8. Former Democrat

    17 Covid-19 cases in Broome, not one person was in a retail shop?

    According to NYS, Broome County is up to 65 cases. And NOT ONE of those people were in a retail store? I find this very hard to believe. Broome County Health Department? Silent? I thought so...
  9. They have more confirmed cases because it’s easy to be tested there. You can’t be tested here.
  10. Former Democrat

    Clueless Aviva Friedman- Binghamton councilwoman

    Aviva Friedman is a radical liberal Democrat. She is so concerned with counting "historically undercounted populations" she doesn't even understanding the basics on the census. This is the problem when you have someone who is blinded by their political ideology in charge of something with actual consequences.
  11. Former Democrat

    Was the Binghamton St. Pats Parade a good idea?

    Maybe our local leaders (Lupardo, Brindisi, Garnar) should have been working on emergency plans, rather than stumbling around with beers in their hands. Wasn’t there a picture somewhere of the three of them on parade day? I hope they’re proud of themselves.
  12. Former Democrat

    17 Covid-19 cases in Broome, not one person was in a retail shop?

    Now we're up to 29 cases. Not one of those people were in a public place? I don't buy it.
  13. The Broome Health Dept. has stated if a person confirmed to have Covid-19 was in a public place, retail shop, etc., while they had symptoms, they would make an announcement to the public. I find it very hard to believe with 17 confirmed cases, not a single person had been in a public place or retail store. Is the Health Dept. understaffed, lying or incompetent?
  14. It's not like there's been 100s of cases to track. This is only Broome County's third case, and we find out not only didn't Broome County know, but the person is already dead? This isn't good... at all. What is going on at the Broome County Health Department? What is their procedure for confirming cases of Covid-19? This needs to be called into question, after the county embarrassingly missed a case... and the person is dead. I had higher hopes for Garnar, but this is like Debbie Preston all over again.
  15. Former Democrat

    Covid-19... What has Donna Lupardo done for us?

    Here’s a 2018 story where Lupardo touts everything she and her colleagues and the governor have done for breast cancer. https://spectrumnews1.com/oh/toledo/in-focus-shows/2018/10/06/donna-lupardo-breast-cancer-awareness-month# Breast cancer is very serious. We all know someone who has fought it. But if she can brag about what has been done in response to Breast cancer, why can’t she take responsibility for the state and her district not being ready to fight a virus like Covid-19? Instead she blames the President? Pathetic.