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  1. Former Democrat

    Akshar goes on feel good media tour

    The rumor is, someone who has never been accused of sexual assault, and has never broken up a marriage, might primary him. He can’t even fundraise like he used to be able to. He’s incredibly weak compared to his last election.
  2. https://wbng.com/news/top-stories/2019/08/14/residents-upset-over-letter-sent-by-broome-county-wrongly-addresses-dead-loved-ones/ Basically the county sent out these letters. Many of them to parents of young children (according to the comments on Facebook.) But the county won’t even apologize. They are hiding behind a law firm. If Mr. Garnar can’t even handle sending out letters to the right people (who aren’t dead) how can he run the county?
  3. Who are the other officers in the Broome GOP who allow this to happen? As far as I’m concerned they are culpable in Datta’s unethical and perhaps illegal pay to play schemes.
  4. Former Democrat

    Mayor, City of Binghamton

    Bob Murphy should be the next mayor.
  5. Former Democrat

    Steve Cornwell to make an announcement on Tuesday, July 2nd

    I don’t think calling someone creepy is a smear, or a very personal attack. And I think a majority of people who have met George would agree, he’s creepy. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start a BCV poll.
  6. Former Democrat

    Steve Cornwell to make an announcement on Tuesday, July 2nd

    Very personal attack?
  7. Former Democrat

    Steve Cornwell to make an announcement on Tuesday, July 2nd

    I voted for George Phillips in 2008 and 2010 without having met him. They weren't votes "for him", but votes for the GOP and against Hinchey. Since 2010, I have met George and seen him on several occasions, and I find him extremely creepy and awkward. His main constituency seems to be a group of high school kids, and former students. I'm not sure that he has any adult friends.
  8. Former Democrat

    Cornwell calls out Harder- challenges him to debate on WNBF

    Good thing Binghamton Now on in the morning from 9am-Noon. Harder is usually asleep by 1:00pm.
  9. Endorsing Lea Webb by the Independence Party is unacceptable and Battisti has a lot of explaining to do. Lea Webb is as far left as they come.
  10. Former Democrat


    Jason Garnar ran for county executive saying Preston was out of touch on several issues, technology being one of them. If the IT data breach happened, and it is this widespread, the IT director needs to go, and Broome IT needs a complete overhaul. If the county knew since January, and no one has been notified until now, Garnar should not be re-elected. For four months, personal data and HIPPA records have been in the hands of hackers, and the victims haven't been able to protect themselves? Totally unacceptable.
  11. Former Democrat

    Rich David for Congress

    How can Rich David run for anything with the widespread sexual harassment at city hall? He brought back Chief Zikuski after a sexual harassment lawsuit from a female officer. There was reported sexual harassment in the planning dept. And there was reported sexual harassment in the clerk's office.
  12. Former Democrat

    Rich David for Congress

    Steve Cornwell is running and I’d take him over Rich David.
  13. 11 am on a work day. Get back to work! This is embarrassing.
  14. Seriously Jason? Get back to work. Our taxpayer dollars at work... I thought we were done with these foolish games when the court jester (Debbie Preston) lost her job.
  15. This is ok with Democratic Party Chairman Tim Grippen? This is ok with Jason Garnar? This is ok with Donna Lupardo?