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  1. bballcoach

    WBNG’s Chloe Vincente leaving for Birmingham, AL

    Whether you agree with John or not, he knows how to create a buzz, and gets people talking about what's on his mind. He's a pretty good promoter. And I think Chloe looks great. Sorry to see her go.
  2. So according to the people involved with the "store", it is failing because people with transportation, who are not food insecure, are not shopping there? Because for 20 years we have been told a grocery store is needed there for people who are food insecure without transportation? What a waste of everyone's time and all the taxpayer money.
  3. Every time I look on Facebook, a special night at the Otsiningo light show is being canceled for one reason or another. Tonight the balloon glow is canceled due to “the wind”. 9mph winds? Seriously?
  4. Wondering where are the best places to go for holiday lights displays? We are headed out to Tall Pines this weekend, and went to Otsiningo last night. Are there any neighborhoods with lots of decorated houses worth driving by? Are there any other businesses or parks that are doing displays? With a couple weeks to go before Christmas, my family is trying to see some lights every few days. Otsiningo was OK. Probably 2.5 out of 5 stars. The cancelation of the balloon night glow really annoyed my kids. This was the second cancelation. Last weekend was canceled because of wind, last night was canceled because of snow. Aren't these normal conditions for December? We went anyway, because my kids were excited all day. We finally heard news of the balloon glow late afternoon yesterday. $15 isn't bad for one vehicle for admission. Once you get in, it's a pretty quick couple minutes. But there's a lot more land in the park that isn't used. What I don't understand is why is the money going to "Spiedie Fest"? My understanding is Spiedie Fest supports charities. So is the money going to the Spiedie Fest bank account, or for Spiedie Fest to distribute to other charities? When there was a lights show at Otsiningo years ago, it went to a pretty good cause involving handicapped individuals. I'll write up a review of Talls Pines after we go this weekend.
  5. bballcoach

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    Middle aged- yes. I’m not sure if he works another shift somewhere else, but he’s always at Abels
  6. bballcoach

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    We heard the other day a Union bartender has Covid and they deliberately covered it up so they could stay open as long as possible. I know who the person in question is, and our neighborhood is pretty sure his entire family does have Covid and he does work at Union a few nights a week. If even one person contracts it from the Union they could have a major lawsuit.
  7. bballcoach

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    The health dept just announced a case at the Union Hotel, last Monday from 4-8:30pm. That is their wing night, there’s usually a wait for a table and it’s packed.
  8. bballcoach

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    30 positive results in the last few days
  9. bballcoach

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    We live within walking distance of Abels Pub near Rec Park in Binghamton. Several of our neighbors are saying Abels has at least 30 confirmed Covid cases, but the media reported only one case. One neighbor we know is confirmed, he was there earlier this week. And he wasn’t the case that the media reported. I recommend west siders be extra cautions for the next few weeks. I’m going to the grocery store in Vestal, instead of price chopper, no kidding.
  10. I voted for Korchak because he was better than Battisti, and I know Marty and Patty Stantz personally, and their testimonial was powerful. It had nothing to do with Judge Smith. I think it’s pretty arrogant on his part he thinks he can come out every year now and try to influence an election. I was impressed with Cornwell as DA. Our family will vote Cornwell.
  11. bballcoach

    Coronavirus at Nips

    😂😂😂 Seriously though, is there any way we can get the Nips customers to quarantine all year long? That would be a great boost to the Binghamton area.
  12. bballcoach

    Rec Park "renovations" ? More like wasted money

    Well, I hate to say I was right. Now it will cost hundreds of thousands to rebuild. What happened was absolutely terrible. But the playground never needed to be so elaborate. It’s Rec Park in Binghamton, not Disney World.
  13. bballcoach

    Binghamton Rifle Club shuts doors, in lock step with Cuomo

    I read this in a news report the other day. Makes sense to me. “When there’s a national emergency, people are looking for food, water, shelter — that part is important to the survival of our nation,” said Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works in Austin. “They are also looking for the Second Amendment to protect their families.”
  14. If the Stanton family wants to allow Battisti signs on their Riverside Drive properties (the obnoxious 15 signs all in a row) we don't need their shitty coupon books. My family and many families on the west side won't buy SAVE AROUND books ever again.
  15. Paul Battisti rushing down to the police station to interfere with this case is absolutely appalling. Battisti then using the story in a TV ad for his campaign is even more appalling. And even more appalling he now has clients and family members attacking the Stantz family on Facebook. The Battisti's and Butlers are disgusting, vile people.