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  1. bballcoach

    We will not be HOODWINKED by Mara Young Grace!

    This is a picture of Ingrid Segrue I got from Korchak’s Twitter page.
  2. bballcoach

    We will not be HOODWINKED by Mara Young Grace!

    I see one of Korchak's dirty investigators Ingrid Segrue has a Mara Grace sign at her house, at 2 Highland Ave, right around the corner from Beethoven St. This was all I needed to see. I will not vote for Mara Grace.
  3. bballcoach

    Family Court Race

    Rita Basile was the prosecutor who handled the case involving Harper Stantz's killer. I have heard from from one of Marty's sisters. They now feel used and betrayed by Korchak and Basile. Korchak instructed Basile to settle the case ASAP before the election, so Korchak could use it as an election issue. Basile also went out of her way to write Paul Battisti's name in the reports, even though Battisti wasn't defending the killer. Basile and Korchak conspired to tie Battisti to the case then used the grieving family to attack Battisti. They regret it and they are now friendly with Battisti.
  4. bballcoach

    District Attorney poll: Korchak or Battisti

    I think Korchak has been a horrible DA. But I don’t respect how he used the grieving Stantz family and Harper’s death for his campaign. Marty and Patti now know they were used. According to Patti’s sister, Korchak didn’t even have the balls to ask them himself, he had his campaign team visit them to ask them to appear in a commercial. For this disgraceful use of a girls memory, and taking advantage of her grieving parents, I’ll vote Battisti over Korchak next time.
  5. bballcoach

    Deposit Lumberjack Festival

    Did anyone make it to the Lumberjack Festival? One of the truly unique summer events in our area. We never used to miss it, but it was canceled last year, and we decided not to go today because of the forecast. Curious how it was this year?
  6. I genuinely feel bad for anyone who is negatively impacted by this incompetence. If Korchak is knowingly operating this program after it expired, that is criminal. If he is doing it unknowingly, he is too incompetent to hold office. Whatever the case is, it’s unacceptable. And I feel bad for Marty and Patty Stantz and Nick Bucci, who went all out for Korchak to win that election. All for this? What a total waste.
  7. I didn't realize she works for Korchak. She tells everyone shes a cop, so I assumed she works for Binghamton. A lot of people on the west side stay away from her. She's very rude and confrontational. She was part of that huge Abels Pub Covid spike, and you would have thought she was diagnosed with a terminal disease and 24 hours to live. Last time her kids got beat up she running her mouth saying it was by a gang, and she was calling in the FBI. The lady is absolutely nuts. I'm not at all by surprised by what she wrote on Facebook. That's the kind of person she is.
  8. bballcoach

    Binghamton Devils leaving town

  9. bballcoach

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    The documents posted here are pretty overwhelming. There’s a major problem at the DAs office and it all involves Loughran. I feel bad for Nick Bucci and the Stantz family who were so dedicated to Korchak’s campaign. For what it’s worth, I remember seeing Nick Bucci walking his dog after the primary race that Korchak lost to Battisti. I asked Bucci what happened, and remember him complaining about one person several times. I couldn’t remember the name for the longest time, reading it now I remember it was Loughran. Bucci knew there was a problem with Loughran back then.
  10. bballcoach

    WBNG’s Chloe Vincente leaving for Birmingham, AL

    Whether you agree with John or not, he knows how to create a buzz, and gets people talking about what's on his mind. He's a pretty good promoter. And I think Chloe looks great. Sorry to see her go.
  11. So according to the people involved with the "store", it is failing because people with transportation, who are not food insecure, are not shopping there? Because for 20 years we have been told a grocery store is needed there for people who are food insecure without transportation? What a waste of everyone's time and all the taxpayer money.
  12. Every time I look on Facebook, a special night at the Otsiningo light show is being canceled for one reason or another. Tonight the balloon glow is canceled due to “the wind”. 9mph winds? Seriously?
  13. Wondering where are the best places to go for holiday lights displays? We are headed out to Tall Pines this weekend, and went to Otsiningo last night. Are there any neighborhoods with lots of decorated houses worth driving by? Are there any other businesses or parks that are doing displays? With a couple weeks to go before Christmas, my family is trying to see some lights every few days. Otsiningo was OK. Probably 2.5 out of 5 stars. The cancelation of the balloon night glow really annoyed my kids. This was the second cancelation. Last weekend was canceled because of wind, last night was canceled because of snow. Aren't these normal conditions for December? We went anyway, because my kids were excited all day. We finally heard news of the balloon glow late afternoon yesterday. $15 isn't bad for one vehicle for admission. Once you get in, it's a pretty quick couple minutes. But there's a lot more land in the park that isn't used. What I don't understand is why is the money going to "Spiedie Fest"? My understanding is Spiedie Fest supports charities. So is the money going to the Spiedie Fest bank account, or for Spiedie Fest to distribute to other charities? When there was a lights show at Otsiningo years ago, it went to a pretty good cause involving handicapped individuals. I'll write up a review of Talls Pines after we go this weekend.
  14. bballcoach

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    Middle aged- yes. I’m not sure if he works another shift somewhere else, but he’s always at Abels
  15. bballcoach

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    We heard the other day a Union bartender has Covid and they deliberately covered it up so they could stay open as long as possible. I know who the person in question is, and our neighborhood is pretty sure his entire family does have Covid and he does work at Union a few nights a week. If even one person contracts it from the Union they could have a major lawsuit.