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  1. As long as Broome County keeps Betty White’s name out of their letters, we will be ok.
  2. Monkey Man

    Severe constipation following jet ski mishap

    Holy shit!
  3. Monkey Man

    Produce stand recommendations

    The Russell Farms tent on Old Vestal Rd, at the end of Sycamore Street, is pretty good.
  4. Monkey Man

    New guy on WBNG News

    "Slightly"? West Palm Beach is media market #37... Binghamton is #160.
  5. Apparently the reception is.... cash bar. A good friend of mine is one of the movers and shakers in this town. He isn’t close with Akshar, but was invited and attended because of his business interests. He sent me the following text:
  6. I just got a pathetic phone call from one of Fred Akshar's paid staff members, urging me to vote for Paul Battisti Tuesday. It's a beautiful day, shouldn't these people be outside, going door to door? Korchak has my vote. And hopefully next year at this time, Fred Akshar is the one who loses a Republican primary.
  7. Monkey Man

    19 year old JC trustee Benjamin Reynolds hits the sauce

    Remember Toronto's hard drinking former mayor, Rob Ford? This could put Johnson City on the map. Cheers!
  8. This is precious, http://generalcounselnews.com/law-school-with-abysmal-bar-passage-rate-loses-aba-approval/?fbclid=IwAR3--j1x7FsKzM05Op1Vim0-6BmawBxDTHERIC6yQtozxgjuIX7_ujxppgg
  9. Was the television playing video of Mrs Butler engaged in intercourse with another man? These Butlers are something else...
  10. Every few years July Fest comes up on BCVoice, it turned into a running joke. Though I don't recall the original poster of this thread being in on it? There were some legit complaints in previous years, including: organizer Ron Sall using the event as means to promote his business above all else, and Ron Sall using non-profit July Fest money to donate to the political campaigns of the Fialas, which was proven here a few years ago.
  11. Monkey Man

    Horrible accident in Binghamton

    Actually it's you, trying to use the tragedy on Beethoven Street, to attack a reporter, for an unrelated tweet, that is inconsiderate. And shameful.
  12. This is very unfortunate. I caught the story on the 6 PM news. I agree with B-Bill and Diane, Jackson shouldn't be assigned any more cases to prosecute. And he should probably think twice about continuing to practice law. This wasn't a small DWI or criminal mischief case... he failed to provide the required legal documents in a major child sex abuse case, where the defendant faced 25 years in prison. If you can't handle the job, find something else to do.
  13. Monkey Man

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    Battisti is and has been personal counsel to Joe Zikuski and the Zikuski family. A vote for Battisti is a vote to give the keys to the DA's office to Joe Zikuski.
  14. Monkey Man

    #BREAKING: Ginny Weedon returning to BCV 2/14/19

    Did she sleep with Akshar?
  15. Monkey Man

    BinghamtonBill makes return to BCVoice

    Welcome back, Bill! I'm also excited to have BCV back. Any word on Ginny?