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  1. Monkey Man

    Horrible accident in Binghamton

    Actually it's you, trying to use the tragedy on Beethoven Street, to attack a reporter, for an unrelated tweet, that is inconsiderate. And shameful.
  2. This is very unfortunate. I caught the story on the 6 PM news. I agree with B-Bill and Diane, Jackson shouldn't be assigned any more cases to prosecute. And he should probably think twice about continuing to practice law. This wasn't a small DWI or criminal mischief case... he failed to provide the required legal documents in a major child sex abuse case, where the defendant faced 25 years in prison. If you can't handle the job, find something else to do.
  3. Monkey Man

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    Battisti is and has been personal counsel to Joe Zikuski and the Zikuski family. A vote for Battisti is a vote to give the keys to the DA's office to Joe Zikuski.
  4. Monkey Man

    #BREAKING: Ginny Weedon returning to BCV 2/14/19

    Did she sleep with Akshar?
  5. Monkey Man

    BinghamtonBill makes return to BCVoice

    Welcome back, Bill! I'm also excited to have BCV back. Any word on Ginny?
  6. Monkey Man

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    Cornwell has done an excellent job as DA. Even if Korchak wasn't the most qualified, he should be elected, because of all the good work Cornwell has done. They attacked the heroin epidemic and didn't give any elected officials, or their kids, or relatives a free pass. They did more in 4 years than Mollen did in 20+. Look at this video from Mollen's 2015 campaign. Funny, all those attorneys, including Paul Battisti said Cornwell shouldn't be elected because he owned a few thousands in taxes. Battisti owes $86,000! Where are those attorneys now? These are the same people behind Battisti's current campaign for DA. Tom Jackson, Benjamin Bergman, Chris Brown, Michael Garzo, and of course, Paul Battisti. First 3 minutes of the video says it all! "We feel the District Attorney of Broome County should not have unsatisfied tax liens pending."
  7. I nominate this bad little kitty. The one and only Patti Schwartz.
  8. Monkey Man

    Donna Lupardo not running again?

    I see what she was going for...
  9. Monkey Man

    If I were an Administrator of BCVoice

    Bring back Ginny Weedon!
  10. I don't really have an issue with firing these guys, but I take issue with how it was done. Calling the media to announce you're fired two people is absolutely classless. That may happen in Washington DC, but this is a small city. We all see each other at grocery stores, events, and restaurants. It's pretty damn cruel to hold a press conference to publicly humiliate two people, unless they were stealing city funds or committing horrible crimes. Maybe these guys never should have been in these positions. Maybe they were bad at their jobs. And maybe the snow removal was terrible, but they didn't reserve this...
  11. Monkey Man

    Garnar way late with his State of Emergency

    Yeah, let's crowd up the roads so plows and emergency vehicles can't get though. Also, there have been instances of insurance companies denying claims for motorists who incur damage while driving during travel bans.
  12. Monkey Man

    Garnar way late with his State of Emergency

    I just heard from someone who is stranded at work because of the late State of Emergency. Their boss made them come in, because no SOE was declared, but now they aren't allowed to leave because of the travel ban. Yeah, Garnar was 3-4 hours too late on the SOE announcement. Garnar wearing the sheriff's gear... it's not as bad as Preston in the full uniform, but I agree it's not proper.
  13. Monkey Man

    The many accomplishments of Patti Schwartz, in her own words.

    Her "services"? Oh, yeah. Wait, I get it. In the United States, 31 percent,or 133 billion pounds, of the 430 billion pounds of the available food supply at the retail and consumer levels in 2010 went uneaten. Food waste is a growing epidemic. Plus, why should restaurants spend unnecessary money on expensive garbage services? Restaurateur: "Patti, I've got 50 pounds of creamy, delicious, mouth watering, cognac kissed garbage waiting for you. I need your services." Patti Schwartz: "I'll need a knife, fork, bib, 5 gallons of diet soda and unrestricted access to a toilet."
  14. Monkey Man

    Local coverage of Womens March

    The inflated attendance figures must have been provided by esteemed accountant Patti Schwartz.