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  1. Heard from a friend of a friend the Ruby Tuesday at the Oakedale Mall will not reopen. This is sad news, I enjoyed stopping in there, 10-15 years ago, especially around Christmas. They did a nice job there, considering the decline of the mall over the years.
  2. Monkey Man

    Public Service Announcement: Follow John Solak on Twitter

    I’ve stopped betting friends money. Now, the loser has to watch an hour long Debbie Morello podcast on YouTube. People would much rather pay up $50 or $100. The only thing entertaining about Morello’s podcasts is watching to see if she gets so tanked she falls out of her chair.
  3. Monkey Man

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Yup. There she is.
  4. Good call, Diane. The severely obese are among the people most 'at risk' from coronavirus https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/coronavirus-severely-obese-warned-among-21704686
  5. Monkey Man

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    “Totally fat and disgusting!” Right, Diane from Endicott?
  6. Monkey Man

    Hitler finds out about the DA's race (video attached)

    How much would it cost to run this as an ad during the local news? This is outstanding.
  7. Monkey Man

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    Wait. Can we get more info on this?
  8. Monkey Man

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    I saw the video of the story last night on WBNG.com. This morning the video has been removed.
  9. Monkey Man

    Broome County's Biggest Loser of 2019

    No matter who wins this poll, Battisti will demand a recount.
  10. Monkey Man

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    😦 I wasn't able to follow this DA's race as closely as I would have liked, but I was surprised no one coached Mrs. Battisti. Or, if they did, they didn't do a very good job. Every time she was on TV, she had a scowl or look of disgust on her face. She came off as very unlikable and arrogant. This begs the question, what are the educational requirements to work for the Crime Victims Assistance Center? These people are working with rape victims, and families of murder victims. They should have degrees in social work, internships at hospitals, and some real work experience before they get to CVAC. Pouring shots at bars and "fetish parties" should not be a pipeline to working with crime victims... John from Binghamton should question the lady who runs CVAC. I'd love to see her response.
  11. Monkey Man

    Advice on the DA election

    Two votes for Korchak in my house for four reasons. 1. The current DA's office has done a great job. That's indisputable. 2. Korchak has the experience. And he seems like a good family man. 3. Battisti is a scumbag. That's indisputable. 4. This sends a strong message to Bijoy Datta and Fred Akshar. You're not as powerful as you think you are.
  12. Monkey Man

    Gerry Mollen gives indorsement to Paul Batistti????

    Who signed Mollen out of the nursing home for the press conference?
  13. As long as Broome County keeps Betty White’s name out of their letters, we will be ok.
  14. Monkey Man

    Severe constipation following jet ski mishap

    Holy shit!
  15. Monkey Man

    Produce stand recommendations

    The Russell Farms tent on Old Vestal Rd, at the end of Sycamore Street, is pretty good.