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  1. This post alone should disqualify Mara Grace from holding public office.
  2. Monkey Man

    Binghamton Devils leaving town

    Now will Visions pull out of the arena name rights contract? I’d imagine hockey was plastered all over that request for proposals.
  3. Great to see you back, Bingoloid! Korchak turns out not to be the guy we all thought he was. Bring back Cornwell or let’s get someone else for 2023.
  4. Monkey Man

    Remembering Prince Phillip

    Where was she...
  5. Monkey Man

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    Wow. I posted that video a half hour ago. YouTube has now deleted it. It was Cuomo saying Trump doesn’t take sexual harassment seriously. And women need to be listened to and believed.
  6. Monkey Man

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

  7. Monkey Man

    Deputy County Exec. Kevin McManus, who will replace him

    Patti Schwartz.
  8. No reputable lending institution would ever finance a business looking to open a satellite location at the Binghamton Airport. So of course they would be the recipient of government grants and low interest loans. Makes perfect sense... And for what it's worth, the owners, I've seen their act. Not at all surprised they failed miserably and screwed their creditors.
  9. Monkey Man

    Legendary Greg Deemie will not seek re-election in JC

    Linda Jackson is doing such a good job in Endicott, let's have her run both villages.
  10. Anyone on a budget this Valentine’s Day, here’s a free gift that will keep your love burning.
  11. On her website https://morelloassociates.blog/morello/about/ Debbie Morello claims to be an Amazon bestseller, for her book “The Power of Friends at Work.” However, if you visit the Amazon listing for her book, it’s currently ranked #1,725,457.
  12. Monkey Man

    Ex Parks n Rec director Mookie Whalen’s unpaid 318K Restitution

    Well, this is special. Apparently for Patti and her husband, toilet paper is not an essential, but condoms and lube are.
  13. Monkey Man

    Ex Parks n Rec director Mookie Whalen’s unpaid 318K Restitution

    Who could forget when Patti Schwartz was boasting on Facebook about a new job she was starting at Binghamton University. Then it was posted here on BCVoice and the job offer was rescinded.
  14. “Thousands line up to vote for Thomas Daniel Quiter for NYS Senate.”
  15. I don’t live in JC, or the JC school district, but just my two cents. Between the tax assessment of the Oakdale Mall, PILOT agreement on the old Sears building, and financial challenges from Covid that will loom over JC for years, now is not the time to take a chance on some kid. I get it, it was a cutesy little Make A Wish project. Two years ago, voters gave him an opportunity to be a young voice for a declining village. Well, it’s run its course, and now it’s time to bring the adults back.
  16. Monkey Man

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    Abel's Pub posted on Facebook several pics of Servpro cleaning the place today. I feel bad for the Abel's owners, they've been through a lot. Knowing what I know about the west side of Binghamton, I think it's entirely possible several Abel's regulars didn't know for days if they were severely hungover, or had Covid symptoms. So they continued drinking. That could explain how it spread in such big numbers.
  17. Monkey Man

    I have Covid-19

    Broome County: here is your new quarantine list.
  18. Monkey Man

    John Solak to retire from Twitter?

    John sees through the bullshit and works day and night to expose the corruption and incompetence in government and public entities. I’m confident in saying he’s done more for this area than most of the elected officials we’ve seen over the last few decades, with a few exceptions. I’ve always been a big Solak fan, but I think his casual viewers have taken him for granted. John is so feared because he has the time and resources to report on the happenings in town, but he also has the quick wit, and institutional knowledge of local history to out-debate pretty much anyone. John, you’re one in a million.
  19. Diane: if I venmo you a few bucks, will you buy Bridget a candy bar?
  20. Monkey Man

    Pay Your Bills Chief.

    Will someone launch a GoFundMe? Joe needs us!
  21. Monkey Man

    Coronavirus at Nips

    There's always been a lot you can catch at Nips, now including Coronavirus.
  22. Monkey Man

    Coronavirus at Nips

    It’s safe to assume Ginny was caught again in the Nips parking lot, Monday night?
  23. Monkey Man

    What are the best out door seating restaurants?

    Where can I find the Gance's food truck? Anyone had their food? Ginny?
  24. Heard from a friend of a friend the Ruby Tuesday at the Oakedale Mall will not reopen. This is sad news, I enjoyed stopping in there, 10-15 years ago, especially around Christmas. They did a nice job there, considering the decline of the mall over the years.
  25. Monkey Man

    Public Service Announcement: Follow John Solak on Twitter

    I’ve stopped betting friends money. Now, the loser has to watch an hour long Debbie Morello podcast on YouTube. People would much rather pay up $50 or $100. The only thing entertaining about Morello’s podcasts is watching to see if she gets so tanked she falls out of her chair.