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  1. KrisG

    mandatory overtime

    I no longer work for the state.
  2. KrisG

    mandatory overtime

    I know what you mean about all the overtime. I worked there too. To me it seemed like nobody cared so I decided to quit. I'd rather have a life and be happy than be miserable there. I have found a new job and like it even though it doesn't pay as much there. I don't have any ideas of what you could do but I wish you luck on finding a solution.
  3. The Ice Girls don't do much of anything. The only thing I've seen them do was just show jerseys that are for auction for that game night. I rarely see them on the ice.
  4. KrisG

    Need help finding a new psychiatrist

    Thank you so much. It makes me feel a little better as I feel I am in a down stage. @
  5. I have bipolar disorder type 2 and go to a psychiatrist that seems to care more about herself than her patients. I am wondering if there are any other good psychiatrists around here.
  6. KrisG

    Fire in Conklin

    My husband was one of the firefighters that responded to the call.
  7. KrisG

    Fire in Conklin

    I think a bathroom fan caught on fire.
  8. KrisG

    Happanin now car theft

    If I was home when it happend I could have given some info about it because it went right by my house. But I was gone camping for the weekend.
  9. KrisG


    Good Luck to you too. @
  10. KrisG


    I hate taking them too but I'm most likely stuck taking these for the rest of my life
  11. KrisG


    Nope doesn't make me feel sick at all.
  12. KrisG


    I have been on a few different antidepressants and Wellbutrin seems to be the best one working for me. It did take a little time to start working. But just hang in there everything will get better.
  13. KrisG

    Venus Fly Trap

    I have seen them at Lowes
  14. KrisG

    Ethnic food?

    Little Venice