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  1. Logical Attacks

    Donald Trump running for President in 2016

    Yes, if you take events from the past and ignore any form of change that has come over the years you can do that. It's almost like there is more to history than single events. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy
  2. Logical Attacks

    Donald Trump running for President in 2016

    It's basically the equivalent of nah uh, I'm like rubber, you're like glue out of him. We're not nazi's just because we march in the street with swastikas and think that white people are superior! You're nazi's because you want everyone to have healthcare!
  3. Logical Attacks

    BCVoice is in the bag for Anthony Brindisi?

    Actually, Obama and the other Democrats tried to float single payer, but unfortunately a couple democrats put a squash on that. Lieberman being a prime example. Obamacare arose out of a political necessity of not having the votes to get anything larger in place to expand coverage. There was even a thought that since it was originally a heritage backed (Republican) plan that a lot of Republicans would be able to get behind it and support it. Additionally, veteran care is a different animal, as there is a different plan in place for them that covers different things due to their service to the country, and they have different needs. Mary down the street doesn't have ptsd from having a car bomb go off down the street, nor does she have to worry when 4th of July comes around that she has to hear explosions that remind her of a dark time. I'm really confused why you're bagging on someone trying to help our service men and women, I'm definitely not a war hawk by any means, but feel we owe our veterans more.
  4. Logical Attacks

    Donald Trump running for President in 2016

    Well, he loves it so much, he's leaving it... good riddance
  5. Logical Attacks

    BCVoice is in the bag for Anthony Brindisi?

    Listen confronting facts is very hard for Republicans on this board, I mean look at Wyatt the best he can do is call us cucks, because he's a fucking moron
  6. Logical Attacks

    Kudos to the town of Waverly and others

    We would also, and last year when it was definitely raining a little on and off I still took my son out... I think tomorrow is going to be a bit further than a little rain though
  7. Logical Attacks

    New Assessments in Broome?

    It's called being part of society. There are roads I never drive on, that my tax dollars go to. There are many people on this forum who have internet/electricity because of publicly funded infrastructure. You benefit from children who can read, write and do math.
  8. Logical Attacks

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    And in that state, which is actually a lot closer to 50/50 with a slight lean Blue, they flipped how many seats for the state legislature?
  9. Logical Attacks

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    You guys act like the governor race was the only race in Virginia...
  10. Logical Attacks

    Daily Post Limit

    Whoa whoa man, Antifa is totally going to take over! Just like: Jade Helm is going to take over Texas Millions of illegals were bussed into states that were already going to be won by Democrats but definitely would not be sent to states where the margin of victory was 20-30k votes. Antonin Scalia was murdered. Sandy Hook was staged! Man kid actors these days willing to take any jobs. That Gubbermint has weather weapons that can steer tornados! I mean, we won't send one against North Korea, that'd be fricking dumb, we're going to keep em secret and use them on our own people! Chemicals in the water are making frogs gay man. Government is buying tons of coffins, for FEMA camps! Seth Rich was murdered! Along with dozens if not hundreds of others by the Clintons, the most adept assassins in the world, who can't run Hillary's campaign! There's a secret pedophile ring run in the basement of a pizza shop, that doesn't have a basement! 9/11 was an inside job! Obama is going to declare martial law and not let the next president take over! The new world order is a demonic high-tech tyranny who are using selective breeding to create a supreme race! (Alex Jones said so!) Glenn Beck is actually a CIA operative! Agenda 21 man, agenda 21! Shariah law is going to take over our entire country! Any day now! Especially now that Obama totally took over the government and didn't let an idiot into the white house! We ain't got no guns! Obama took em! Seriously, take some meds
  11. Logical Attacks

    Daily Post Limit

    I don't think conspiracy theories and crackpot craziness is really quality. Yes his posts have more words than Mulligans did, but overall they both post shit.
  12. Logical Attacks

    Another mass shooting - Texas

    Seriously, you are a disgusting pile of shit. 27 people dead and all we get from you is deep state conspiracy theories and craziness. Take your fucking meds and then take a nap, there's something wrong with you, and something wrong with the mods for condoning your shit. I hope you find some good therapy.
  13. Logical Attacks


    So what I got from this is: What about the Clintons, Trump doesn't like pee (let's ignore the rest of the dossier), It's funny, you bring up the W thing, considering 16 years ago that was debunked: -- Now it seems those closely detailed stories were largely bunk. Last week it was revealed that a formal review by the General Accounting Office, Congress' investigative agency, "had found no damage to the offices of the White House's East or West Wings or EOB" and that Bush's own representatives had reported "there is no record of damage that may have been deliberately caused by the employees of the Clinton administration." It's amusing that 16 years later you're still repeating fake news. Here from a source you may trust: To its credit, Fox acknowledged on Friday -- the same day the GAO report became public -- that there had been little evidence to support its vandalism claims. Later "Fox News Sunday" host Tony Snow went even further, apologizing to former Clinton staffers for his error. "OK, I'm sorry," Snow said on the program. "The ex-president's pals have a legitimate beef." -- As far as President Bush, I can't think either of them were to upset with the Clintons, since they voted for Hillary.
  14. Logical Attacks


    Fake dossier, hrm, I mean we know that Clinton paid for it, but how do you know the entirety of it's contents are fake? If Trump had a dossier, that contained that information about Clinton would you have expected him to turn it over to the FBI? Just in case? You guys act like it's the worlds largest crime that one campaign, paid for opposition research on another campaign. Would it shock you if I told you that Trump's campaign ALSO paid for opposition research on Clinton? And that Romney paid for opposition research on Obama, and vice versa? And McCain paid for opposition research on Obama and vice versa, we can keep going, back decades if you want. Again, you are being dense on Uranium One, but I can't expect much from someone who can't understand simple numbers and production levels. Again, investigate her, if she's actually guilty of something, lock her up, that's fine. --- As far as Sessions, he's now been caught perjuring himself 3 times.
  15. Logical Attacks


    Yep, and we log how much goes out, and how much comes back in. It'd also be kinda weird if Canada, the worlds SECOND largest producer of Uranium in the entire world, accounting for 15% of the entire world production decided they'd risk pissing off their largest trading partner, which makes up roughly 75% of their entire trade economy, for what amounts to a few million dollars of uranium. But you keep digging there ginger, I'm sure you have a great grasp on Uranium production and trading.