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  1. SouthSider09

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Is it official now that Korchak won? I thought they were still waiting on Absentee Ballots.
  2. SouthSider09

    Kudos to the town of Waverly and others

    I remember back in the day we would still Trick or Treat in the rain or snow on Halloween ... nobody ever even considered moving the day. It's hard enough now to find houses that hand out candy, now switch the days on them and how many more houses will have the lights off because they didn't get the memo.
  3. SouthSider09

    Possible 40 Million Dollars On Arena Upgrades???

    It's funny that you are so against parking for the arena and that is probably one of the biggest issues the arena has.
  4. SouthSider09

    Fred Akshar spraying girls with hose

    It was the splash game wasn't it?
  5. SouthSider09

    $40,000,000 upgrade to Floyd Maines Arena

    Yes there are other ramps downtown, none of which are close to the arena. Which like I said, make it difficult in the heavy rain / snow ... especially when bringing children Unless you have multiple shuttles from the NYSEG stadium to the arena that lot isn't even an option. My suggestion would have been to build their own parking years ago across the street before it became SUNY & Housing buildings, but that option is long gone They could look at putting a ramp between Susquehanna St & North Shore drive, and as part of the arena remodel build a sky bridge from that ramp to the arena (like the Syracuse Dome has)
  6. SouthSider09

    $40,000,000 upgrade to Floyd Maines Arena

    The first upgrade they should make is parking ... absolute nightmare trying to get to the Arena during the winter, or heavy rains.
  7. SouthSider09

    Shooting in Apalachin

    Guy was flashing around TONS of cash the day before the robbery / shooting on Facebook ... if the people that killed him knew him, they probably knew it was an easy score. Drive 3 hours, get their money and take off out of town. Would have been hard for anybody to figure out it was them if they made it back home
  8. SouthSider09

    FBI Van

    The 'FBI Van' could be a couple things. 1. It could just be a funny named WiFi like people already mentioned, and it comes and goes due to a weak signal 2. it could also be a personal MiFi or Hotspot system somebody is using that they also named funny. These systems get turned on / off all the time so that could explain why you see it, then don't see it.
  9. SouthSider09

    Jones Champ Again!!!

    Annnd he's NOT the champ again .... Jones was just stripped of his title after testing positive for steroids
  10. SouthSider09

    only 7 years behind

    I believe they make the ice more than you think. Especially if there are a lot of events going on. Yes they can cover the ice but the temperature isn't the same
  11. SouthSider09

    Congrats UE Little League!!!

    Long road in front of them .... hopefully they do well. Would be awesome to see another local team make it to Williamsport this year
  12. SouthSider09


    I would guess monthly web hosting fee not domain fee .... typically domains are purchased yearly or multi-year. And with all the people that don't like this site I could see somebody jumping all over the domain name as soon as that registration expires so they could do whatever they wanted with the name.
  13. Name and Looks doesn't mean he's 100% a terrorist .... could have a mental issue, could be pissed off at his job ... could be anything.
  14. Where in the post or video did it say he was an "Islamic terrorist"?? from what I heard in the video they said they are still investigating all ties to groups and travel
  15. SouthSider09

    Restaurant Restrooms

    When I was in NYC a few years ago the public restroom in the hospital had a sanitizer that sprayed on the handle. I though it was a pretty good idea. Those who don't wash their hands and still touch that handle it sprays the handle and cleans it for the next person. I always thought having a handicap type button in there would be a good idea. You see them on all the entry doors for the handicap people, why not put them in the bathroom as well. Not only does it help the handicap people get in / out of the bathroom it helps with the not having to touch a door handle