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  1. SouthSider09

    Southside Pet Hospital closes after 44 yrs.

    Sad to hear about this was a GREAT place to take the pets
  2. It wasn't even a full roof. There was 4 walls up and maybe a quarter of the roof supports, those are the part that fell. Definitely need to look into the building process it if it's already having issues, dunno that I would trust being in that building when it's fully completed.
  3. SouthSider09


    If it's near the ravines which is the north end of Broad Ave there are plenty of wooded areas where people would sight in their guns for hunting. There are people that sight in their guns in the woods on their property right across the street from the Binghamton Sports Complex
  4. SouthSider09


    Lot of people sighting in there guns for hunting season
  5. SouthSider09

    The Greater Binghamton Airport

    From what I understand they did the runway project to try and attract more flights to the airport, but that time has long come & gone. There are too many other options within reasonable driving range that people will go to instead of Binghamton. Elmira / Syracuse / Scranton-Wilkes all have been flight options, and better costs. Soon the Binghamton Airport will turn into something similar to Tri Cities
  6. SouthSider09

    Wasteful Government Spending-COVID insanity

    I wonder if they really looked into this person actually having COVID or not. I mean that would be a pretty simple way to extend your freedom if you think you may get charged. Simply walk up and state you have had contact with a COVID person and prolly shouldn't be here. Most businesses now will just turn you away in "fear" of it all so that will be a new stall tactic for those not wanting to appear in court. But as mentioned before, a simple Zoom setup could have served the same purpose. IF you have had contact or need to quarantine and cannot be in the building than you must report that and sign into a Zoom session. They can easily setup that session in a matter of minutes (while watching that horrendous video they make you suffer thru) and the defendant can see and ask questions just as if they were sitting in the court room with them.
  7. That 4 foot snow storm we got hit over night ... I cleared my walk and driveway at 10:30 pm for the last time, woke up to almost 4 feet of snow. What are you supposed to do then? Stay up all night to snow blow while pissing off your neighbors for being too loud?
  8. Exactly - it was hard enough clearing that snow with a 2 stage gas powered machine .... electric will take twice as long due to charging and with the increasing rates of NYSEG it will probably cost 3x the amount per snow storm.
  9. #2 will now probably make Gas powered Lawn Mowers / Snow Blowers and other yard equipment illegal. Just like they did in California
  10. SouthSider09

    Court St. CVS to close

    CVS owns that building and the parking lot
  11. SouthSider09

    SHAME on Ascension. SHAME on UHS

    They are also now removing people from the organ donors list if you refuse to get vaccinated. I heard this locally and also appears to be going on nationwide now...
  12. SouthSider09


    you could check out the Spectrum Mobile - hear it's pretty decent and only $45 month per line
  13. SouthSider09

    Broome County covid map

    it would be great if they would break it down farther to see how many people infected are actually from Broome County. With the colleges coming back, one has to assume that is part of the current jump. But we all know they won't ever break it down that far, everything is just classified as Broome County
  14. SouthSider09

    New JC Trustee appointed

    Nobody else signed up to run as a trustee so it was automatically appointed to the only person who registered.
  15. let the Vaccine mandates begin Not more than what 30 minute? NYC Requiring all School staff and helpers to be vaccinated .... aren't schools already short staffed as it is? no testing option is available, MUST be vaccinated by 9/27