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  1. SouthSider09

    Welcome to Broome County BLACK BEARS

    WoW ... didn't realize they left 9 years ago. would have never guessed it was that long
  2. SouthSider09

    Welcome to Broome County BLACK BEARS

    is this league lower or higher than what the BC Icemen were a few years ago?
  3. sure that's what he "says" but it will never be enforced. People will simply say "I cannot live off the job I was offered...." and say but they have other interviews coming up. Their unemployment will get extended and the cycle will continue.
  4. SouthSider09

    $500 for a ticket to the Dick's Open

    Thank you
  5. SouthSider09

    $500 for a ticket to the Dick's Open

    What I don't understand is, if you need a Vaccine or Negative test to get in, then why do they still have all the screening stuff at that front gate? Temp Check / Full Questionnaire etc... wouldn't the above eliminate the need for those since if you don't have either you can't get in Pete - Where did you find the Ticket Costs?
  6. SouthSider09


    My assumption is people that have already been buying / selling it illegally will continue to do so. Just because it's "legal" doesn't mean the dealers will go away, it just means they can get caught with it and not go to jail. Unless the products they start selling in the stores are a lot higher quality and the same costs people will still go to their dealer they've been using for years and avoid any of the NY State taxes. The biggest differences we will see is when they start opening pot bars and such for people to hang out at and smoke. They will be on every corner just like your standard bar is today Businesses will still test for it and people will prolly get fired if pop positive. It is still illegal on the Federal level and that's what a lot of companies follow. So if you work in a warehouse and crash a forklift you will get tested, if it's in your system you will be held responsible, same as if you tested positive for alcohol. Those that smoke should understand it's in your system longer and that unfortunately is a risk you take. I'm sure there are many that smoke now and just hope nothing happens at work where they need to get tested ... again, no changes
  7. SouthSider09

    NY Legalizes Marijuana

    My only issue with it is, this is a substance that can effect people near you. Just like cigarettes you can get 2nd hand smoke issues (over time) but with weed you can get contact buzz from being near it too long. I was at a few places last year when the outdoor dining was going on and people near the tables were smoking, and it was STRONG. People at other tables got up and left because they had young children with them and who wants that smell when you are trying to eat.
  8. SouthSider09

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    they just said Aksar is NOT voting to remove Cuomo, how is that??? after all the things he did to try and get rid of his executive powers now he bails....
  9. SouthSider09

    Legendary Greg Deemie will not seek re-election in JC

    Who should / will replace him? thoughts??
  10. SouthSider09

    People are Freezing to Death in Texas

    People who don't use generators a lot probably don't think about it and put them in the garage or basement to run their equipment.
  11. SouthSider09

    Companies Pull ‘My Pillow’ Off Shelves

    I also read they want to edit Trump out of Home Alone 2. What is the point of that??? The movie is from 1992 first of all, secondly ... what does that accomplish at all??? Just stupid IMO
  12. SouthSider09

    When are we getting our stimulus checks

    IF this goes through, will people get an additional $2,000? or will they get $1,400 on top of the $600 they already received
  13. SouthSider09

    Dec 2020 record snow storm. Your stories

    I had about 8-10" of snow when I went to bed about 10:30pm .... woke up at 6:30am with over 4 feet ... that's a lot of snow to fall overnight
  14. SouthSider09

    Dec 2020 record snow storm. Your stories

    This was a record snow fall of 40"+ in just a few hours ... most of the trucks in this area cannot handle that type of snow in such a short period of time. They did the best they could with the equipment they had, and they also admitted they needed help because their trucks could not handle it. The roads were truly not cleared until they brought in Front End Loaders with snow blowers and dump trucks, that right there proves how much snow we got and no room to put it. People are soo quick to judge without looking at the entire picture
  15. SouthSider09

    Holiday lights- Otsiningo, Tall Pines and others

    You will enjoy Tall Pines ... because of the Virus they don't have Santa's Workshop this year which was pretty neat. They had Santa there where you could talk to him, they had small craft / gift tables for XMas ideas, a small food section (popcorn, soda, candy etc..) and a firepit where all the kids got a free S'mores Kit .... but that's all cancelled from the Virus 😞 There is another golf course doing it as well, it's called Stonehedge (1 hour drive) Always in Apalachin on Maryvale Dr they have neighborhood lights, Also Rosewood Terrace in those neighborhoods had some nice lights setup