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  1. Michael


    No one cares.
  2. Michael

    District Attorney poll: Korchak or Battisti

    The assumption is the Democratic party will embrace and rally around Korchak. I am a Democrat, and I will not. I think he's an opportunist who will use anyone or any party for his own ambitions. Someone who has been a member of three different parties in three years is not stable. There's a reason no one wants him. And I haven't been impressed with him as DA. Drug overdose deaths are soaring, and Korchak is silent on the issue. Worst of all, Korchak did away with many of the treatment programs instituted by Stephen Cornwell. (This information comes directly from a treatment provider in Binghamton.)
  3. Michael


    If you feel the need to come to BCVoice to tell all of us in detail about your stomach virus... the stomach virus is the least of your problems.
  4. Michael

    Columbus Park

    Ginger is a racist and her comments are very hateful.
  5. Michael

    Columbus Park

    What a terrible thing to say. I know good families who have needed help at thanksgiving and signed up for Toys for Tots for Christmas.
  6. If that 11 year old boy was white, from an affluent family, Korchak would have prosecuted the case personally.
  7. Michael

    Something happened in our town

    That’s because, as others have pointed out, you’re often incoherent.
  8. Michael

    Something happened in our town

    BCVoice member “ginger” is a racist who threatens people when she doesn’t get her way.
  9. Ingrid “Aline” Segrue has deleted her Facebook account.
  10. That screen grab is clearly from Facebook, not Twitter.
  11. If I made that comment, the state police would be knocking on my door.
  12. Michael

    Deputy County Exec. Kevin McManus, who will replace him

    I would like to see Jason Garnar hire a black or Hispanic candidate.
  13. If you think there's drama now wait until Monachino enters the race with his campaign manager... that blowhard Ben Bergman. Bergman has no self control and makes personal attacks on candidates' families. This election is going to be like the movie Mean Girls.
  14. Michael

    Sam Monachino enters Family Court race

    Why would anyone associate with a blowhard like Bergman? There goes thousands of voters who will support someone else.
  15. Jason Garnar should not be pandering to BLM unless he is willing to hire the people he pretends to sympathize with.