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  1. Pinky

    What happened to Tony Russell from Talk with Tony

    The Riccuito's are alive and...well alive at least and enjoying life on Sunset Drive
  2. Pinky

    Bijoy Datta - Where di he come from????

    If you think that Datta and the three other commissioners decided o. Askar after some exhaustive series of interviews youre delusional. This is Tom Libous handpicking the candidate in an effort to keep his staff gainfully employed and shame on Askar for going along with it. Datta is nothing but a water toting sock puppet who is every bit as ethically challenged as his former boss.
  3. So, if he's terminal and not running for reelection and recuperating in Fla and has over a half million in his campaign coffers then why would he be having a find raiser this weekend.
  4. Not a rumour. That info is indeed correct.
  5. According to eye witnesses he was taken from the scene in a Tioga County Sheriff car. Draw your own conclusions.
  6. Pinky

    Arrogant Press & Sun reporters

    It wasn't his son, it was him, the twice convicted murderer doing the finger shaking.
  7. Guess he didn't like the fact that the class was discussing his third murder trial in front of his daughter. How did this go unreported since March 5, are there NO reporters in this area at all?
  8. mr. mayor, how does a parolee get hired in parks department. i would like your answer. thank you
  9. Pinky

    Corppration Counsel appointment

    So Ziikuski, Datta, Preston, Libous, Ryan Webb, Cochiola, Rennia, Massey, etc. are all fair game but the questionable appointment of the Corporation Counsell by the new Mayor who promised change is taboo? Doesn't make much sense to me.
  10. Not trying to start anything but why has the discussion regarding the appointment of Ken Frank been deleted? It occurs to me that the appointment of the Corporation Counsel by the new Mayor would be a legitimate topic for debate. Perhaps you could enlighten me.
  11. regarding original post/poster...would you be so kind as to cite your source?
  12. Pinky

    Ed Crumb

    bwaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaa what a flippin loser. just like his buddy Ryan. couldn't happen to a bigger DELETED that this turd.
  13. Pinky

    THe tulip is gone!

    How did they know which tulip was Jiv's ?