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  1. Good. And now NYS should follow and investigate Mrs. Jessica Akshar’s no show job. She brags about how she works less than 10 hours a week and makes $80,000 from the taxpayers of NY.
  2. I hear the wedding is here in Owego. Great... All of my neighbors stay off the roads tonight. Drunk hillbilly Akshar's everywhere!
  3. I'm not a Broome County resident, but we have a property in Endicott, and have received some mail from Mr. Battisti, candidate for DA. He is touting himself as the Chairman of the Board of GHS Credit Union. But if you go to the GHS website, he is no longer chairperson, and no longer on the board of directors. He is listed only as a member of a "supervisory committee." I wonder if Mr. Battisti's $80,000 in federal tax liens caused him to be booted as chairperson from the financial institution, and even booted from the board of directors. And rumor is he was also removed from the Lourdes Hospital board of directors, due to the choices he's made in his life.
  4. Every few years when Mayor Rich David makes Zikuski settle up his bar tab, at South City Publik House, the Zikuski's go into foreclosure.
  5. Ms. Newcomb doesn't like expecting mothers. What did she say to the pregnant girlfriend of her drunk nephew, according to then police reports? I believe she told the young woman to kill herself, and to go jump off a f'n bridge?
  6. If the Akshars were there there's a very good chance Deputy Sam Davis was there. He is the one who lives in Tioga County illegally after the controversy over Broome denying him a waiver to move out side the county. Sam is Fred's best bud these days. Funny it was Fred who demoted Sam years ago for some criminal conduct Sam was never charged with.
  7. It's being reported by the Press & Sun Bulletin, there will be no commercial flights in or out of Binghamton for the month of May. The main airport runway will be under construction, and the secondary runway is too small for Delta's 50 passenger jets. http://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/2017/02/10/runway-project-suspends-delta-service-may/97737260/ The Elmira Airport is 66 miles from Binghamton. Syracuse Airport is 79 miles. Scranton is 69 miles.
  8. owego

    The End to Our Newspaper Reading

    Stovall had a Nazi named Jennifer Fusco working under him. I ended up on the phone with her about a story that was not correct and she admitted I was right, then screamed and yelled at me for calling. I asked to speak to her supervisor or editor and she made it seem like she was in charge of the entire press and sun bulletin, so I couldn't complain. I later found out Stovall was her boss, and left him a message but he never called me back.
  9. How is it that Mark Gorgos of Coughlin & Gerhardt LLP was representing Conklin AND Debbie Preston personally when the credit card fraud occurred? This cannot be legal to be the town of Conklin attorney and the attorney representing someone accused of a crime? I hope Gorgos is also under investigation.
  10. Broome County, you can keep her! Or better yet, vote her out. After viewing Debbie Preston today at a Tioga County ribbon cutting (30 miles outside Broome County) now I know why you all dislike her so much. She's rude to people and is as dumb as they come. It's absurd Debbie can attend an event 30 miles outside Broome County, and try to steal credit in an election year, but that Broome Sheriff's Deputy who wanted to buy a home feet from the Broome/Tioga border can be denied?
  11. Agreed. WBNG is lousy. Haley Burton was the best by far, but they took her bio off the WBNG website. It's a huge loss for local news. WICZ Fox 40 has been getting better, I like it now better than WBNG.
  12. Mollen has been working out at Planet Fitness. He's in the best shape of his life.
  13. I take it she likes white wine?
  14. owego

    Rich David Raises Rainbow Flag

    No, a "conservative" raising he rainbow flag in Binghamton didn't start "way before the last two years". It's none of your business why I picked the name "owego". Maybe I was born there, maybe I have family there, maybe I own a business or property there. What happens in Binghamton is a representation of our entire Southern Tier region. If you are traveling through this area, or are someone from outside the area watching news clips online, there is no difference between Binghamton and Owego. To outsiders, it's all the same. That a big reason why it matters.