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  1. Jack McGurn

    Draft John Solak to challenge do-nothing Donna Lupardo

    Used to make sure that I was home for the Solak and Garlock show on Friday nights. Whether one likes the man or his style or not.....John from Binghamton provides what real investigative journalism used to......before the advent of Fake News and blatant journalistic indoctrination. As for Lupardo, this tin plated phoney is nothing more than a boot licking follower pretending to be a "leader" in government. The poster woman for term limits and the evils of one party rule. Can one imagine her giddiness when Cuomo's office approached her to cosponser the no bail legislation? If Cuomo came out for smoking being healthy.....she'd probably leap to sponsor a bill to provide state vouchers to acquire tobacco products. Being the follow orders political coward that she is, remember that she refused to condemn Sleazy Sheldon Silver until Boss Andrew told her that it would be OK to. Without a doubt both her and Brindisi are out of touch in the more conservative upstate NY and need to be challenged and replaced. Let's hope.
  2. Jack McGurn


    And so it begins. A citizen movement has begun in a few eastern counties of Oregon to secede from that state and become a part of adjacent Idaho. It seems that the more conservative citizenry in these counties have become frustrated and generally fed up with the doings of their liberal state government. It has been my belief for awhile now that owing to what appears to be the irreconcilable division between liberals and conservatives in this country and the overall hostility resulting in the loss of political middle ground and compromise, this splintering of states could soon be the norm.....no matter the difficulty involved in its enacting. Let's examine the well known division here at home in our very own New York: In the last Gubernatorial election, Andrew Cuomo LOST 55 out of our 62 counties and easily won his reelection; Donald Trump won 46 of the 62 and lost the electoral votes to Clinton. And........it could indeed become far more serious. Should President Trump be reelected (and at this point in time it's a pretty good bet,) take into consideration the very real existence of Trump Derangement Syndrome......we could possibly see a Blue state actually attempt to secede from the Union!! My odds on favorite: California.....or at the very least..... Hollywood.
  3. In the end, this is about human nature and TERM LIMITS! Did not the Sherrif have an issue with selling chairs years back? And the late Tom Libous with his Steak Roast - NYS stationary mailings, etc., etc., etc.. It would be safe to say that after continuous years in office, on every level of government, certain politicians become more prone to believe that a gray area exists between what is proper and what isn't.......and as such, what they're "entitled" to through the almost narcotic like power of their position. Can't recall, but I'd bet a Burger King Whopper that the vast majority of these abuses didn't and don't occur during their FIRST terms in office. And while there's no stopping it altogether, term limits unto themselves would limit the window of opportunity for those given to such improper activities.... and shorten the "nurturing" incubator time for their development into first class Boodlers....I love that old fashioned term.
  4. Jack McGurn

    Pardon Them NOW!!!

    Great article by Bob McManus in today's NY Post: Attorney General William Barr's Righteous War on Sanctuary Insanity. "By law and custom, the power to regulate immigration resides in Washington, even when Donald Trump is president, and Andrew Cuomo is Governor of New York." Apparently yielding to sanction pressure, i.e. expelling all New Yorkers from Global Entry and other expedited travel programs, Oligarch Andrew Cuomo is finding it necessary to go to Washington tomorrow to plead his meritless case. Of course, after conveining a news conference to announce his filing of a lawsuit against the Federal government over the expulsion. I guess that we'll just have to wait and see the results of this long overdue confrontation.....or supplication by King Cuomo. Love McMaunus's conclusion: " Sanctuary policies offend reason, undermine respect for the law, disrupt civil tranquility, and endanger innocent people." Common Sense......a basic trait lacking in liberal progressives.
  5. Jack McGurn

    Pardon Them NOW!!!

    Using localalized governmental power to selectively ignore and/or impede federal law that those empowered disagree with is a very slippery slope....and sets a very dangerous precedent. I would like to ask these self righteous "leaders" such as our NY Governor and Senator Gillibrand that in the same vein what would then prevent a local community from declaring itself a "Sanctuary" for those wishing to ignore the federal Affirmative Action laws?? No Fair Housing; No Federal set-asides in governmental construction projects; No minority based educational benefits; No equal opportunity employment benefits, etc.. etc. Or from a different approach, a "Sanctuary" for 2nd Ammendment proponents where firearms are readily allowed free from licensing restrictions or public safety concerns.....free from governmental regulatory controls? As per my previous post, nowhere is the power given to these political oligarchs to allow them to selectively pick and choose which laws of the land "they" intend to enforce or ignore.
  6. Jack McGurn

    Pardon Them NOW!!!

    It appears that the Trump Administration is specifically targeting New York State with its opening salvo in a renewed attack on Sancuary Cities. This is primarily as a result of the recent passing of its Green Light law allowing illegals to obtain driver licenses. Consequently, New York residents will no longer be eligible to participate in Federal programs such as Global Entry, NEXUS, or Trusted Travelers which allow easier and accelerated border crossings......Canada...Mexico. Small step but I'm sure more is coming our way. Of course our drop out Presidential hopeful Senator Kirsten Gellibrand's predictable response is to say that it's punishing New Yorkers for having a climate of "diversity and inclusion". No Kirsten, New Yorkers are being punished because of NY politicians such as yourself and Andrew Cuomo. We are a nation of laws and you have taken a sworn oath to uphold them. If you believe a law to be unpopular or unjust you work within the system to change it or repeal it. See: Prohibition 18th Ammendment. Nowhere are you afforded the power to simply ignore it and create impediments to its enforcement.
  7. Jack McGurn

    Iowa - dem disaster

    Really nice to see that Dirty Joe The Boodler Biden performed so well?? And this tin plated Swamp Conman had the gall yesterday to inform the 26 or so people at his rally that this election is all about CHARACTER!!! Ain't that precious? CHARACTER! From a guaranteed corrupt politician presently dodging questions about his blatant unethical financial dealings with foreign countries (Ukraine, China, Afghanistan) and the sordid history of having had to withdraw from a previous Presidential campaign (1988) because of lying about his academic record and having plagiarized an entire speech from a British politician if memory serves me??? But it's about CHARACTER says Joe?? He's toast. And deservedly so. But what is most telling about the degenerative standards of today's Democrat Party is that his run will NOT end because of the stain of his blatant corruption having been exposed; but that he's simply not radical enough for their extremist pie-in-the-sky socialist agenda!!
  8. Jack McGurn

    Pelosi goes for the handshake. President Trump having none of it.

    Embarrassing. But sadly deserved. For three very long years this lady has shown nothing but utter contempt for him as a person along with a total and complete lack of respect due the office of the Presidency which he holds. To remain empowered she caved to the radical elements in her party ignoring all the serious issues facing this nation choosing instead to focus all on unduing a legitimate election. On the other hand, I can't think of another President in my lifetime who would've had the onions to do what he did on the greatest stage in America: dole out well deserved consequences for egregious behavior. The Speaker of the House of Representatives just got spanked by the President of the United States on national TV. Is that an impeachable offense????
  9. Jack McGurn

    REAL OBSTRUCTION !! Arrest Him.

    Earlier today at Wegmans I ran into an old acquaintance whom I hadn't seen for quite some time. After a few initial pleasantries and small talk about mutual friends and family, she felt the need to inform me that she gets physically sick to her stomach over Trump and more so now realizing that the impeachment proceedings may NOT result in his being removed from office. Reading her emotional bearing I backed off....not wanting to risk instigating a scene or worse, a possible gastronintestinal moment for her! And as I drove home I began to realize that for me this is a first hand case of Trump Derangement Syndrome manifesting itself from the psychological over to the physical.....mind & body being one. But more to the point......the consuming destructive power of unabashed hatred. My old friend, not Donald Trump, is making herself sick over something that in reality she has no control over whatsoever.
  10. Endwellian and Hank Mitchell....at the risk of hijacking this thread and turning its theme into a bash Lupardo thread..... I couldn't possibly agree more with both of you. Lupardo is nothing more than a follow the leader political hack pretending leadership. She needs to go. She is the poster woman for term limits and the damage to this area that reelecting the same ineffective timid politicians has caused. Leadership?? I distinctly remember her having to wait for King Cuomo to give the green light before she had the onions to condemn the obviously dirty Sheldon Silver. Didn't DARE buck the power and take a responsible ethical stand before receiving permission. Effective? Needed change? Look around our area people. TWO TERMS AND OUT. EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL. Apologies for the hijacking.
  11. Jack McGurn

    REAL OBSTRUCTION !! Arrest Him.

    This entire farsical impeachment fiasco will soon go away. At the heart of the matter however is still Joe Biden and his dirty self serving dealings. This will not nor should not go away. Whether you be Democrat or Republican or Independent or Baptist, if you wish to consider yourself a reasonably informed thinking functioning human being, there is no way one can disregard the outed "dealings" that he manufactured for himself and his family and Delaware friends to enrich themselves. Unfortunately for Mr Biden (and so many others), the unthinkable occurred.....Hillary lost! Consequently, he is now simply the most current "unfortunate" Washington cockroach that the light shined on. Rest assured, his sh...t is ahead of him.....and he knows it. And, the panic stricken less radical Dems know it as well as they begin to circle the wagons for him. Dropping out of the race will be and should be the least of his consequences.
  12. Jack McGurn

    Death to America

    Susan Rice? Benghazi Video Susan Rice? Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction Susan Rice? Spying on political oponents under the guise of National Security intelligence gathering Susan Rice? The lady proved herself to be nothing more than a political Charlie McCarthy with credentials....who sold her integrity and what credibility she may have once possessed ..several times .....to blindly serve her Master. An outright embarrassment. An automaton simply following orders without question like any good Nazi beauracrat would would have done decades ago. The fact of where she still maintains any semblance of credibility whatsoever tells the much broader picture of just how bad the unthinking liberals of country still need to be duped by the Hate Trump fake news outlets.
  13. Jack McGurn

    MacArthur School

    Happy New Year to all. I took my first walk of the new year this AM and as I passed by the 100+million dollar new and improved MacArthur School I was stunned at how terrible its exterior appearance is "aging". It almost looks dilapidated. And......most alarming were the wooden areas where it appears that black mold is growing! Has anyone heard of a mold situation or is it just part of the natural discolorization for the type of wood used??? Either way....looks awful.
  14. Jack McGurn

    Will (can?) Someone Explain This To Me?

    Couldn't agree more. Absolutely no need for the redundant sub categories....social , criminal, etc....the simple principle of justice should prevail in every scenario.......it doesn't need to be a source of multiple causes for the liberal grievance industry to champion. "with liberty and JUSTICE for all"
  15. Jack McGurn

    BCVoice is in the bag for Anthony Brindisi?

    As a still able to reason Democrat......this is to ALL of you blinded faithful of any party who have indeed stopped reasoning: The current phrase that has become the reality is that if you choose to ignore the pathetic partisan Democrat and biased media's non stop three year attempt to overturn an election; the outing of fake news disguised as journalism; the outing of the existence of the Deep State and their arrogant operatives; the IG report on the tragic corruption of the FBI; the Mueller Report; the quite blatant corruption of dirty Joe Biden/ Hunter Biden and family; the fantastic job market including the return of manufacturing to our shores; record Stock Market gains; more equitable trade & military agreements; the more effective dealings with terrorist states & groups; the renewed focus on law enforcement and veterans....THEN YOU QUITE SIMPLY HATE TRUMP TOO MUCH.