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  1. Jack McGurn

    Rec Park "renovations" ? More like wasted money

    True? Angry Whites? As in White Supremacists? And is that my former accidental Westside Councilman Dan Livingston? Who had his mother going door to door campaigning in his stead? Who refused to stand & recite that dastardly "liberty & freedom for all" Pledge of Allegiance at Council meetings AFTER having been afforded the liberty & freedom to run for office and get elected? The purported stealth ninja Fith Column PLOT member? The classy fellow who would sit alone for hours with his trusty laptop in The Shop restaurant after having ordered a free glass of water? The local globalist-activist drummed out of office after his radical status outing during his one term/15 minutes of fame? Oh....can't be same guy...out of character!!
  2. Jack McGurn

    Phase 2 of reopening starts today (5/29)

    Human nature 101.....I Got Mine. He's been getting paid and haircuts....everything is and has been just fine with him and his mindless lemming advisors during his "PAUSE". Now imagine if you will...the idiot who ordered Covid patients into nursing homes still allowed to lecture us and make strategic economic decisions...all with the now well evidenced assurance of ignorance Look for a wave of grassroots revolts throughout the state if he follows through on this blatant attempt to continue his power grab.
  3. Jack McGurn

    Andrew Cuomo - America's most prolific serial killer

    Hillary Clinton'so is border line evil. Her self consuming hate blinds her. Her arrogance prevents her from recognizing how much she is truly disliked by so many......it allows her to continue to believe that she should've been POTUS and that reasoned informed people wish to listen to her daily self promotions and fabricated public relations nonsense. And as to her reference to Cuomo's "making responsible decisions to keep people safe"......rest assured my friends, had she a loved one in one of the now infamous downstate nursing homes, she would've received top priority early notification of her friend Cuomo's "responsible decision" to move Covid infected patients into the facility so as to provide ample time for her to relocate her loved one out of it. It's how these empowered miscreants work and then work together with their complicit media allies to validate the myths which fly in the face of factual reality.
  4. Jack McGurn

    Joe Biden is mentally ill

    Very soon when Joe Hiden becomes or has to be become more exposed publically, it will be simply a matter of time before he commits the fatal campaign ending gaffe....or irreparable damage. By the way, what a pathetic clown. Just like shallow patronizing Hillary, he attempted to take on black language traits while addressing the black radio host. Couldn't be more white. If he speaks to an Italian American media host can we then expect a forgettaboutit? Because Crazy Joe can indeed forgettaboutit!
  5. Jack McGurn

    Andrew Cuomo - America's most prolific serial killer

    Yes....in the true fashion of the cowardly bully that he has now shown himself to be, Cuomo, still without anything close to a sane or rational explanation to offer, attempted to place the blame on Trump for the thoughtless decision to place Covid patients into nursing homes. And so now like an errant child, he points the proverbial finger away from himself for an abject travesty that has his name written ALL over it. Blaming the President is easy, especially in light of the the Hate Trump fake news media and the overall lack of respect atmosphere that our country has degenerated into. It also saved him from having to lay it at the feet of any one of his unquestioning unthinking inner circle lemmings who would've been more than willing to take the hit for him. A true leader like "Give 'Em Hell" Democrat President Harry Truman and his "buck stops here" philosophy would've called him precisely what he is.......and it ain't America's Governor. So here it is for those who still need to believe in Cuomo's nonsense: As a gold card carrying member of the Resistance movement the Governor now wants us to believe that for the very first time in 3 plus years.....he decided to listen to a Trump directive?? Right. Uncle Jack has now become so cynical that I actually want to believe that Cuomo refused requests to utilize the US Navy Comfort hospital vessel simply because it was ordered there by the President. Maybe...maybe not. But certainly not within the realm of impossible given Cuomo's character..or lack thereof. Hope that the lawsuits from the now grieving soon turned angry begin to fly right in this tin plated phoney's face.....as they should.....the guy truly needs to feel the sting of serious consequences for the first time in his silver spooned well stained life. Enough of his pompous lectures. In this time of crisis he has repeatedly shown his inept hand....and for the sake of what's left of this dying bankrupt state stuck "On Pause"....he really needs to go.
  6. Jack McGurn

    Andrew Cuomo - America's most prolific serial killer

    Never thought of the church response angle .... but since Ginger broached it....looking to the Catholic hierarchy for a moral response to Democrat Cuomo's outrageous endangering of the elderly is like looking for bones in ice cream as the saying goes. History has shown that the Catholic church plays the political expediency card extremely well and probably always has. From Pope Pius XII and his assistance with the legitimacy of Hitler because of the later's hatred & war making on godless communist Russia to the tolerance of all those Catholic politicians with their pro choice/abortion stance ....the Church has obviously settled on a self serving political strategy to selectively and conveniently pick and choose when to act.....and .....when not to. And in that light....recall just how quick and willing they all were a few years back to pile on and jump ugly from the pulpits and media outlets with Republican Trump over the supposed kids held in cages at the Mexican border??
  7. Jack McGurn

    Andrew Cuomo - America's most prolific serial killer

    NYS Dept of Health...American Medical Directors....it doesn't matter!! The basic concept of forcing nursing homes to accept Covid infected patients is insane! It defies common sense. It defies reason. The idea should NEVER have been broached let alone enacted upon. For the first time in his tainted career... Cuomo needs to now be held accountable. He has shown that he has absolutely no logical answer or response to this absurd decision that led to a needless tragedy for over 5,000 families.... more NY nursing home deaths than total deaths in any other state except NJ.
  8. Jack McGurn

    Akshar and David save the Rumble Ponies

    I simply wonder if baseball as a sport isn't dying a slow death? Our local stadium attendance sure would point in that direction. Maybe just not exciting enough for today's programed thrill a minute video game society? And to further that possibilty, when was the last time (pre pandemic) anyone passed a park and witnessed a non organizational or non sponsored simple game of pickup hardball? As a boomer, I can most certainly remember when it really was considered America's Pastime. Couldnt wait to get to the park every hot summer day. Everyone had a favorite team and knew all of the players & positions. Also remember playing a game called "scrub" biding the time until enough players showed up to field two teams for a game...which usually happened. The World Series and little transistor radios smuggled into school....time brings change..jest sayin.
  9. Jack McGurn

    Vote John Solak for Binghamton School Board

    Really admire Solak's courage and ability to confront & question our leaders & newsmaker o get to the heart of an issue.... And just how did the East Middle School so called "strip search" law suit play out? Never heard anything about the outcome?
  10. Jack McGurn

    Vote John Solak for Binghamton School Board

    Right on the button. Beginning his "NY Pause" the guy was in front of the camera every single day lecturing and pontificating to his peasants....the picture of sound leadership. Even some of his most ardent detractors right here on this site praised him. The new darling of the liberal media, they quickly labeled him America's Governor......a possible Sleepy Joe running mate. Soon.....however....his arrogance bred stupidity came shining through......a "vendalator" shortage blamed on Trump until it's discovered that he refused them originally having chosen to spend the money elsewhere and now has them on back order from CHINA!! Yes China. ....but in the mean time just strong arm them away from upstate medical facilities.....a mask mandate but not enough of the simply made devices made available even for the front line healthcare workers.......his daily Shelter in Place/stay home lectures then photographed walking around mid town NYC without a mask & shaking hands?....not quickly restricting needless travel to and from COVID hot spot NYC.....whining about not seeing his mother.....reminding everyone that he is an eligible bachelor?? ....and of course....the most irrational decision that should haunt his remaining days: forcing Nursing Home facilities to accept COVID infected patients thereby exposing the most vulnerable of the population to the disease causing needless deaths and suffering. This Ivory Castle charlatan with a now exposed and hopelessly flawed decision making capability now decides for all of us just when and who and what can return to some semblance of normal??? So at this point who of us could possibly doubt that unoriginal arrogant Andrew Cuomo would ignore working successful models from other states and decide to look to California for ideas and best practices??? Not me. God help what's going to be left of this dying bankrupt state with three more years of this guy and one party rule.
  11. Jack McGurn

    Profile in Courage: Georgia?

    This scenario is precisely what Dr. Rand Paul was referring to in his much publicized give and take discussion yesterday with Dr. Fauci. Namely.....that history will show that this pandemic was one bad prediction followed by another. And consequently, it's now time to begin to focus on actual working models where the actions are producing real results to be considered in decision making. My goodness....common sense.
  12. Jack McGurn

    Vote John Solak for Binghamton School Board

    John Solak has to be the very last person in the entire community...in the entire world... who the status quo Kings & Queens of entrenched Academia want to have in their decision making operations. Think 100 + million dollar mold laced MacArthur School.. rebuilt in a flood zone....for a dwindling population. Sound about right?
  13. Jack McGurn

    Maines Paper and Candy What's going on???? Sold???

    Too bad....as a kid I remember their humble beginnings in our downtown Binghamton neighborhood on Sherman Place (Columbus Park East). Maines Candy & Paper Company.....the old green strucuture still stands there all alone behind St Mary's Recreation Center. Feel for the workers. Oh......and I nominate that the Arena NOT be named after Tom Libous. Or any other local politician for that matter. Look around at what's happened to this upstate community in the last five decades under ALL of their watches!! No local politician has made a significant difference....certainly not one of any long term consequence....and especially not one of greater good tax relief to spur private sector business/job growth.....homeownership. Look around.
  14. Jack McGurn

    NY Governor Cuomo and his daily COVID-19 Briefings

    PI'm actually stupified and still finding it difficult to understand his rationale behind his decision to send Covid patients to vulnerable nursing homes and then forcing the facilities to accept without question......and ........not using the Navy Hospital vessel that Trump ordered sent to NYC.....or the Javits Center that was specifically converted to a medical facility for that purpose?? Has he provided an explanation?? According to a Michael Goodwin editorial in the NY Post the other day, our Governor appears to be hard pressed with an answer. I mean, what the hell? It makes absolutely zero sense....it's so irrational I'm now having difficulty looking at the guy. Am I missing something? Somebody want to help Uncle Jack here with some kind of palatable explanation? Help.
  15. Jack McGurn

    Joe Biden is mentally ill

    Tara Reade. So.....cut through the chase. Here is what we have: this Joe Biden fellow......with 50 plus years of Washington Good 'ol Boys empowerment and it's corruptive destructive addiction.....who has a proven flawed character of lying, fabricating, and plagiarizing.....with a well known history of inappropriate touching, smelling, and vocalizing.....with hair plugs, cappped teeth, and probobly some face work......denying Reade's corroborated accusation. The guy is or was a snapper hound. Plain and simple. He had the power to do it.....and he did. And most reasonably thinking people (voters) probably believe that he did. OK? Now add to this his quite obvious mental decline. I now believe that this will inevitably be used by the powers to be in his Democrat Party to prevent his presumed nomination.