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    M_Sable has said it perfectly. Today's so called "journalists" have degenerated into advocates of their personal beliefs. Salespeople. Most Main Stream media investigative reporting now exists only as a means to reach a desired predetermined end. Vetting and fact finding have been rendered to option status and many times the facts present an impediment that is either ignored or distorted to reach the desired outcome. Tragically, in most cases the reporter's personal philosophical/ political position is precisely why he or she has been hired in the first place for that particular media outlet. And, this overall lack of pure journalistic savvy has infected every level. It truly is as Sable writes, a glaring symptom of the "dumbing down of America". The failure and indictment of the American education system. Small case in point: A recent Press & local media story covered the construction of a brand new stand alone classroom built I believe on the Chenango Valley High school campus overlooking a beautiful scene of nature. I presume that in an attempt to disarm any critics who might or could perceive it as frivolous spending in this already taxed to death Valley, the principal or District spokesperson tells the reporter that it's construction cost the taxpayers nothing as it would come out of the Capital Fund? Obvious follow up questions: What is the source of the Capital Fund? Costs to maintain? Could it actually pose a distraction to attentive learning? Necessary? Not.
  2. Jack McGurn

    The Hunting of Dan Livingston

    This entire internship scenario smells wonderfully reminiscent of those blissful days when Tarek Abdelazim and former Mayor Matt Ryan filled City Hall with the youthful exhuberance of brainwashed interns (BU, Citizen Action,....) primarily to further their "progressive" agenda......and accomplishing nothing of significance whatsoever for the greater good that comes to mind. In reality, local government is the only level where an immediate impact by the focus and decisions of elected officials can be made and felt. The Binghamton area suffers through having some of the highest taxes relative to property values in the nation; aged housing and spreading blight; increasing crime; lack of downtown parking in conjunction with an unabated BU presence; the traffic flow of a congested major metropolis; crumbling infrastructure, an inanate inability to look at cost saving efficiencies through consolidation, privatization, elimination, and on and on. Local issues. And while the aforementioned sewage treatment debacle is indeed huge, at this level I do not wish nor do I need to hear about my Council person refusing the Pledge of Allegiance (his right), or his stance on climate change (his right), or his discovering that the Mayor might have unintentionally received STAR tax relief not entitled to ( good grief). Address some of the above everyday quality of life issues dramatically impacting our City. Or don't. Let the next person try. And now she will. Good Luck.
  3. Jack McGurn


    What most of the fake news media failed to inform their listener lemmings of was that the "Mueller Team" actually requested the establishment of parameters for the hearing from AG Barr and the DOJ. My uninformed guess is that this disarmed any potential Republican questioning regarding Hillary's personal obstruction machinations, her funded dossier, the FISA court proceedings, and basically the genesis of this entire hoax. Why? Again, my guess is that the ongoing investigations by Barr and the DOJ , as well as that of the Inspector General, will unearth it all without the pathetic interfering grandstanding of a divided and jaded Congress. We'll all see soon enough.
  4. Not surprising. These snowflakes have been indoctrinated not educated. And as such, they comfortably base their opinions on jaded educators, emotion, social media, and main stream fake news. They embrace their flawed perceptions rather than taking the time to investigate and research issues to obtain knowledge to formulate and substantiate an opinion. And sadly depicted here, the level of their brainwashing is evidenced by their reactions upon learning that the quote was attributed to Obama and that his number of deportations actually exceeded those of President Trump during the same time period. What? What should've /could've been a learning moment was ignored and the discussion was simply and quite easily redirected to a general critique of Trump and his moral character.....cognitive dissonance in its purest form; education in it's current tragic state.
  5. Jack McGurn

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    Doesn't Broome County have something like 16 school districts, plus BOCES, all with six figured Superintendents and supporting staffs?? Academia is out of control in NYS, and sorry, the Teachers Union isn't the answer. Like every other union, their primary purpose is to feather the nest of their members....not provide the best greater good product for their consumers/taxpayers. It's why they're vehemently opposed to privatization or Charter Schools. In aging economically depressed Binghamton, merely look to the ever increasing taxes and unnecessary capital projects, then the middle school zoos and HS graduation rate?? Or, the expanded 100+ million dollar flood zoned Mac Arthur elementary school. And by the way, the tax funded SUNY system is now the state's top employer. Nah, everything's fine in the bizarro world of academia. Why shouldn't it be?
  6. Jack McGurn

    Columbus Park

    Thank you WolfMan for the info. Alas, it is as I presumed: The 'ol run it up the flag pole to see how it flies. The genisis of the entire Columbus School/ Columbus Park scenario is that the 20th century center city 7th & 10th wards were composed for the most part of Italian-American families & businesses...much like the northside of Endicott. It made sense. It was at the time a reasonable and honorable attempt to celebrate our rich Italian heritage in our predominately Italian neighborhood.. This was obviously prior to today's accepted new "discovery" that Columbus was probably not the man we were led to believe he was. And in the main, the counties, cities, and communities across the nation have reacted by cancelling Columbus themed events, renaming, and in the extreme as here in Binghamton, desecrating & damaging public displays of the man. We Italian Americans are now asked to step back on the one day in the year that we are given to symbolically celebrate our rich heritage. We are a proud people with a noble & worthy culture to back it up.....but we will undoubtedly be made to step back on this issue. We will adjust & we will survive. Here locally however, what we Italians.......or the community at large....should never have to accept is seeing this as an opportunity by a few misguided individuals with an agenda to name a park after a convicted murderer.....that which they claim Columbus to have been over five centuries ago.
  7. Jack McGurn

    Columbus Park

    As a lifelong center city resident & current property owner, I returned home the other day to discover a "flyer" notification regarding a 2019 Juneteenth Celebration. Along with describing the typical fare of Free Food; Giveaways; Music; Basketball Tournament; etc... it notifies the reader that the event is to be held in ASSATA SHAKUR Park (formerly Columbus Park)?????? Now....did I miss something? Was the name of the park officially changed via Council legislation? Was there a Public Hearing or Comment Period? Or is this merely an attempt at feeling out the water so to speak?
  8. I see where the left wing main stream media went through with their typical Sunday morning dog & pony shows in support for the tin plated phoney Donna Brazille and her magical mystery book selling tour. The lady is positioning herself as having tried to save the DNC from the Clintons and thus the country from Trump? And per the Washington Post, she claims in her book that she doesn't recall sending the Town Hall questions in advance to the Clinton campaign people nor could she find any records herself of ever having sent them. But she later confessed to having done so? After first denying having done so and evasively proclaiming her honorable Christian womanhood. And as to be expected, nowhere was this blatantly contradictory and perplexing reality pursued by the so called news " journalists". Imagine that? She also claims to now be in fear for her safety....especially in light of the unsolved Seth Rich murder. Now that might be the single most honest point in her entire book.....which should easily make the blatantly left leaning NY Times best seller list.......in the category of fiction.
  9. Jack McGurn


    No. The death of this nation will result from the denial of truth and the failure of a free press to act as watchdog instead of lapdog. And per your "collective downfall" warning, the real " torch and pitchfork parade" as you refer to belongs primarily at the moment to the left in thier riotous refusal to allow precisely what you refer to as the "ability to discuss and debate". Need I refer to the recent uprisings on the college campuses and other various forums where persons with conservative viewpoints are shouted down and harassed and denied their rights of free speech? But that aside, here indeed is the salient point of my post which you apparently missed: As you say..."Berdahl got off way to easy". I say Susan Rice and Barack Obama again got off far easier in the Court of Public Opinion dominated by the now outed Trump hating main stream media. BOTH Rice and Obama were selling a blatantly political product in lieu of the truth.....which they had to know......and which was later expressly exposed with a Bergdahl guilty plea.....and the main stream media once again in true biased fashion, ignored the obvious to sell their faulty product.
  10. Still having trouble getting my hands around the recent Donna Brazile expose of Hillary Clinton's dirty workings during the recent presidential campaign. Help me here. Brazile claims that Clinton basically hijacked the Democratic Primary, primarily at the cost to Bernie Sanders, thru financial shenanigans, intimidation, and so on. Was it not she herself who was outed through WikiLeaks as having supplied candidate Clinton with the questions in advance of a Town Hall debate with Mr Sanders?? Am I missing something here as she now tries her hand at "whistleblower" in the attempt to whatever.....sell her book? Help.
  11. Jack McGurn


    And just where is the main stream media on another now infamous Susan Rice press conference claiming get that Bergdahl served his country with "honor and distinction"???? Plead Guilty to Desertion? Plead Guilty to Misbehavior in the face of the enemy? Or, former President Obama's Rose Garden photo op, with Bergdahl's parents at his side speaking in Arabic, claiming that his release was a "great day for America"??? This...subsequent to his knowing first hand the human cost to the US military that Bergdahl's desertion caused and his decision to release the Dream Team of Taliban terrorists in exchange for his release?? Great Day for America? Just whose America was he referring to is what every common sensical American should now be asking. But all this never happened to all you hopelessly blinded Trump hating followers of the left who refuse to acknowledge the absurdity of what is reality and what you are being led to believe, or worse, simply need to believe. Just keep watching CNN and MSNBC, etc.... and never find it within yourselves to rise above it all to connect the dots or acknowledge the brutal truth of what is right before your eyes......all to just feel good and allow for the continuance of your beliefs based on absolutely nothing anchored in reality....or the truth.
  12. Jack McGurn

    Susan Rice....Again

    Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. Not one of the fake news organizations from the main stream media showed the video of the foolish robot Susan Rice once again following orders (Benghazi video) stating at one of her pre programmed news briefings that Bowe Bergdal served his country with " honor and distinction". Or for that matter, the White House press conference where then President Obama, VP Biden, and Bergdahl's Arabic speaking parents ...called Bergdah's very very costly return "home"....."a great day for America". Stunning......absolutely stunning.
  13. Jack McGurn

    Columbus Day

    Out of hand is an understatement. Consider that the African Americans get an entire month. The Irish three days: a grand parade day plus the actual holiday plus a "hooly" at the six month mark. The gays, transgendered, etc., a flag raising as well as the Ukrainians and Armenians., etc. The local Italian Americans gratefully get Columbus Day to celebrate their proud heritage replete with a flag raising and a three hour parade window that's primarily about local high school bands competing for excellence. And the Tournament of Bands might now present controversy after more than a half century of wonderful successful celebration? It's more than Christopher Columbus Day at play here and to the vast majority of logical thinking Americans, that simple fact is quite obvious. So, with that said, it should now prove quite interesting indeed next month to witness which politicians and schools find the "nerve", or courage if you will, to participate in light of this latest issuance of politically correct "pressure compounded by the left leanings already rampant throughout NYS politics and most certainly academia. Weak minds very seldom find the ability to measure a man in relationship to his own times rather than theirs. We are now witnessing this on a tragically grand scale......fueled by mass ignorance and the deafening silence of clear minded real leaders with the bully pulpit to make a difference.
  14. Jack McGurn

    Columbus Day

    And so it begins. Local mental midgets have reared their ugly heads, followed their national hypocritical fascist brethren, and defaced the Columbus statue by the Court House in downtown Binghamton. Simpleton lemmings. Cowards.....working their protest magic at night...like the night crawling criminals they really are. That statue is not so much representative of the man but more so of the hard working local Italian American community who paid for it and have truly assimilated themselves into the fabric of this wonderful country. When caught, he she or they should be sentenced to choice of at least a month of cleaning public facilities......or a year of incarceration.
  15. Jack McGurn

    Columbus Day

    Well....as we enter September and quickly work our way towards early October, it should prove very very interesting to see the local political machinations as they pertain to the annual Columbus Day Parade & celebration. Being a homegrown Binghamton Italain-American, I can frankly tell you less informed on BCV that there is a mile wide gap between the "heritage spirit" of the Italian community of Binghamton and that of neighboring Endicott. The huge size of the Endicott Sons of Italy lodge membership vs that of Binghamton is merely one yet significant Indicator to my point. My personal opinion is that with this being an election year, Mayor David will probably not attempt to offend any potential voting bloc this year. However, with that said, it would also be my learned opinion that if he, or other powers-to-be, should propose cancellation or back off from supporting the event, the fractionalized Binghamton Italians would put forth little resistance to the current lunacy of attempting to erase or rewrite our history. An attempt at same in Endicott on the other hand, would be an entirely different dish of pasta. Like I said, gonna be very interesting......right Donna Lupardo?