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    I, long time faithful contributor Jack McGurn, do hereby tenure my resignation from contributing anything of a political nature on this marvelous site from this day forward. I know when I'm licked. ....it's bigger than me; bigger than you; bigger than a President. My resignation is based on the following socio-political realities, my frustration, and my opinionated belief that this is no longer the same country that I as a Baby Boomer, was reared in: I believe that this country is truly controlled by a well entrenched deep state from within and an entrenched political establishment encompassing both parties that unequivacably counters any threat or opposition to its existence. Trump's Swamp analogy was indeed appropriate....and it inevitably swallowed him. I believe that Trey Gowdy saw it and its power and ran from the utter frustration and futility of doing battle with it, With the belief that this Republic can only truly exist with an informed citizenry, I have now witnessed the demise of investigative journalism, the critical watch dog of government and politics, where journalists have been replaced by blatant partisan lackeys selling fake news to fit the narrative of their owners while withholding real news when contrary to that narrative. Covering up and sitting on a news story that runs counter to the narrative now yields the same reward as what uncovering and breaking a news story used to. I have witnessed a two-tiered justice system whereby obstruction of justice, conflict of interest & grafting, and immunity from indictment and prosecution is standard operating procedure dependent upon position and power within that system. Crimes that history has shown us would've should've and have sent others to the penitentiary or worse....Richard Nixon.....now go without consequence. A seemingly never ending series of highly touted Congressional hearings and FBI/DOJ investigations followed by disappearance into a vast nothingness that went nowhere, I see a country torn asunder where unabashed hatred and anger now reign supreme in both society and within the walls of our government. Where cities explode in riots and violence and are tolerated and explained away as expressions of peaceful civil disobedience. Where a Speaker of the House in a fit can sully the dignity of her office by tearing up a Presidential State of the Union like an errant tantrum child and not be censured for the obvious. Where old time political compromise for the greater good is now dead and the virtue of common sense reasoning in our society is replaced by a double standard hypocrisy and a rabid intolerance that is masked and tolerated as political correctness, wokeness, identity politics, BLM, white guilt, ANTIFA, and now cancel culture. I see the above reflected in our failing educational system where education is replaced with indoctrination replete with an obvious anti American agenda. Students taught with a misguided focus on the short comings of this great and imperfect nation. Where the concept of American Exceptionalism is rendered pure fabrication.....in direct conflict with the reality of history....most especially 20th century world history. The United States is demonized and portrayed to students as an extremely flawed nation rought with "Institutional Racism"....disregarding a black presidency....sports...politics....arts...entertainment.....education...medicine...science....if these so called indoctrinators/educators truly wish to diminish racism, they will need to cease and disist from teaching our children that they're inherently racist....simply by being ....a non minority. Now.....guilty of rambling and as previously declared....frustrated.....I Jack McGurn of sound mind do hereby resign from any future political discourse on this site or any other site where I may have bloviated above and beyond the call of duty. I truly surrender and Thank You for this final reading.
  2. Jack McGurn

    Ex Parks n Rec director Mookie Whalen’s unpaid 318K Restitution

    Nice timing for this thread in light of what many either ignorant or hypocritical local Biden supporters are currently ignoring.....times 1,000. And the same for those same local Biden idiots who refuse to remember their cry for the head of the late disgraced Tom Libous. The bar can't get much lower.
  3. Jack McGurn

    Cuomo book on COVID-19

    After strong arming nursing homes to take in Covid patients amongst the elderly ...arguably the most vulnerable of us......ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING Cuomo said and mandated afterwords was and should've been dealt with as pure political horse shit. In the real world this one act of utter and tragic incompetency should've raised a common sense red flag to every single gutless state legislator who willfully yielded their elected and moral responsibility to this now proven idiot.....obviously in way over his head......much like his mortgage meltdown reign at HUD. With that said .....how sad that our local Republicans could find no one to run againt the automatan Donna Lupardo....who gleefully yielded her sworn responsibilities to her master Cuomo. But then, why wouldn't this unthinking self consumed follower do so after having unquestionably accepted his call to co sponsor the nonsensical no-bail legislation that has allowed criminals around the state to walk free and repeat their behavior???? Hey....their day is coming.....and the same should go for the local Republican candy assed " leadership".
  4. Jack McGurn

    Very small crowds for Biden

    An informed citizenship is critical to the health and welfare of our democracy. As such......absolutely EVERYONE needs to read Michael Goodwin's piece in today's NY Post regarding Tony Bobulinski and the dirty dealings of Joe Biden, Jim Biden, and of course Hunter. Most especially needing the read are those head-in -the -sand hate filled delusionals who have already and idiotically cast their precious votes for this filthy lifetime boodler who has enriched himself and family at the expense of this country. As the President has rightly pointed out: he himself was a millionaire who went into politics; Joes Biden went into politics to become a millionaire. He has sold his office and soul to the Chinese. What a travesty of justice and journalism. The fact that this Bobulinski story isn't headline news every day in every single aspect of our media is terrifying for what it means relative to the aforementioned informed citizenship principle and the future of this country. Sadly as per a previous rant on another thread, I don't anticipate any institutional consequences for this miscreant....haven't been any so far for anyone as to the likes of Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lois Lerner, Peter Strzok, etal. Today the blatantly biased Tech leaders testify before Congress to defend their obscene censorship of this critical story..... but again dont expect consequences or the outcry for them from what should be an outraged unbiased media. Tragically, look to the hate filled Democrat leadership to provide protection and solace for them.....offered with a total disregard of the much bigger picture and greater good of this troubled nation. Consequences will therefore be doled out next Tuesday.
  5. Jack McGurn

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    What a sad degenerative state we the people have sunk to in what we expect and are willing to accept as our elected "leadership". A level of hate has overtaken everyday people to the point where they refuse to and/or can no longer acknowledge a blatantly confused corrupted politician standing before them...asking to be rewarded for being so. Joe Biden has proven his characterless unworthiness back in his 1988 presidential run where he was forced drop out for having been exposed for lying & plagiarizing. An obviously different time....with different standards and a modicum of investigative journalism. His later selection as Obama's running mate was nothing but simple political expediency by what then proved to be a scandal ridden administration bent on a course of "fundamental change"...for the worse. So....Hunter ? Joe? Hunter ? Joe? Listen, one has to be completely delusional at this point to ignore his 47 year history in the Swamp and believe the old man isn't involved up to his neck. Greed, money, power..career politician??? Nah. Never Trumpers too filled with an all consuming white hot hatred of a sitting President and willing to elect anyone else....even reward a bumbling corrupt fool who most wouldn't allow run their daughter's lemonade stand.
  6. Jack McGurn

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Im sure that I speak the frustration of many when I say that in light of the fact that the previous dirty Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as Deep State Clapper, Brennan, Comey, etal...appear to have all escaped the long arms of justice, this country needs to see Dirty Lying Joe Biden go down in flames over this undeniable grafting fiasco. CONSEQUENCES! We need to finally witness their application once again on the national stage as Richard Nixon once saw them. If we the people are to ever again believe that this is a principled nation based on the reality that the same laws are applied EQUALLY to EVERYONE......and that Lady Justice is indeed blind.....Joe Must Go. A new beginning.
  7. Jack McGurn

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Listen up....after 47 years in government, Joe Biden, like Hillary too with her highly touted "experience", knew/knows precisely what constitutes a conflict of interest...or..the appearance of a conflict. And besides....this scandal now appears to be growing everyday .....partner corroboration of authenticity and Daddy Joe involvement, DOJ dismissing Russian involvement, FBI investigating money laundering,... These dirty politicians on ALL levels are similar in that they ALL fall prey to the basic frailties of their human nature...greed for power & money and an I'm far too smart to get caught mentality. And its typically a progressing malady that grows and intensifies with the more tme spent empowered in office. TERM LIMITS....not a cure all BUT simply a means to lessen or limit their misguided window of opportunity affording them the time to develop their networking to personally profit from their position of public trust.
  8. Jack McGurn

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    No No No. I disagree. It doesn't need to be proven that he was acting on the part of his father...or aka "the chairman" or "big guy". Hunter is a member of the immediate family and even the appearance of a conflict should've been enough to signaled a red flag and halt to the illegal dirty dealings. It would be for ANYONE else in the employ of the Federal Government.....or any level of government. See: Tom Libous. Most especially one entrusted in a decision making capacity. Hey....it certainly was enough initially for the Obama administration to show concern early on but then do nothing. What we are all witnessing is a massive cover-up and a complicit media too far in the tank and too late in the process at this point for the dirty politician that Joe Biden has finally been exposed to be.....all in the name of hate Donald Trump.....country be damned. Back in the far off world of 1988 when some semblence of character just might have mattered, Joe Biden was exposed as the characterless lying plagerizing Presidiential candidate he was and was forced to drop out. The damaged Pelosi led Democrat Party has quite obviously changed for the worse.....Joe Biden HAS NOT. Simply add blatant grafting from position to his public resume. In 47 years, this bumbling horse whipped into submission politician has apparently created one job......for Hunter. Hating Trump will and should NEVER be enough......Biden will inevitably lose. ...and this country will see better times ahead. Bank on it.
  9. Jack McGurn


    And over here our progressive Democratic politicians appear concerned about the Catholicism of a Supreme Court nominee?
  10. Jack McGurn

    OLUMS major layoffs??? 50 let go in last week?

    I have become so cynical that I believe that while this " pandemic" is certainly very real from a medical perspective, it quickly became an opportunistic political tool by the Trump haters and power hungry to deceive those who chose not to observe and question and to destroy Trump's strong suit.....the economy stupid. The World Health Organization ((WHO) just very recently came out with the pronouncement warning that total shut downs could have drastic negative impacts on the economies of countries!!! Brilliant. This is the same lame organization that played in bed with China at the genisis of the pandemic and was first called out and exposed on it by guess WHO? Our President. And as for Olum's and so many other struggling locally based businesses, look no further than to our sorry assed NYS "leaders" like no-bail Donna Lupardo who were astonishingly quick to divest themselves of their individual legislative powers and responsibilities granting Cuomo dictatorial power to reign as he wished. He still does. This, subsequent to his consistently having proven his ego driven gross ineptitude (nursing homes, ventilators, illogical select closings/openings etc..). And these same legislators all continue to get paid-in-full while doing nothing to regain the sworn responsibilities of their elective office. Instead they choose to continue to sit back to watch their state and local communities suffer horribly as they hurdle towards bankruptcy at the helm of a cavalier Governor working unaffected like them at guaranteed full pay. In retrospect, two of the most logical and common sensical positions were put forward very early on. One by former Governor Huckabee who while warning of this being a dark opportunity for the power hungry politicians, stated that this being a contagion type disease based on density....people living in Idaho should not be treated exactly as those living in mid town Manhattan. And Senator/ Dr. Rand Paul who pointed out that the CDC's Dr Fauci was not the end all in this crisis and that history would show that this ordeal be characterized by one bad predicition followed by another .....and as such....the strategic approach should focus on following working models from other areas instead of continuing with a defective prediction based approach.
  11. And with today's NY Post revelation of the discovery of a supposed "smoking gun" computer hard drive exposing his standard operating lying relative to his conflict of interest involvement with Russia on behalf of his off the reservation son Hunter, science may be the last thing the poor fellow needs to follow. I absolutely believe even without the above "smoking gun", that Joe Biden is and always has been a lying, plagerizing, grafting lifetime politician. And Ironically to us locals, and most especially to all of those blinded Biden supporters with the lawn signs, he has committed the very same crime that our very own disgraced former State Senator Libous perpetrated ....only to 100th power. Libous was removed from office....not rewarded by higher office.
  12. Jack McGurn


    As this appears to be a driving topic thread, I would love to take the opportunity to add my number one personal driving beef....most especially in little Binghamton: The preponderance of unneeded unnecessary traffic lights in lieu of stop signs; the lack of timed synchronization of those lights; lights not programmed to flashing from midnight until 7AM; the total & complete overuse of " No Turn On Red" restrictions eradicating its intended purpose; and not temporarily adjusting relative traffic light timing as needed when roadway is heavily used as a detour. Thought awhile ago of starting a listing here of concerns for others to add to.....here are just a simple few to begin with: 1. The unnecessary unsynchronized downtown traffic clogging light on one way Washington Street- Court St intersection by Sall Stearns, 2. The unneeded light at the intersection of Leroy & one way St. John Ave by The Beef....25 feet from the light at Chestnut & Leroy. 3. No turn on red by old Boys Club on Lewis Street/ East Clinton ...but one can turn right on red onto the heavily trafficked speedy Vestal Parkway by old Number 5?? There used to be a Traffic Board...probably still exists. They need to drive more.....and learn to swear. Thanks.....feel better already.
  13. Jack McGurn

    Did Joe Biden just say what I think he just said????

    John Adams supposedly is quoted as once saying that for this country to succeed, it would need a constantly informed citizenry. With that in mind, today to even consider a vote for Joe Biden one would need to be living cloistered amongst monks or in the darkest deepest recesses of a rain forest. An informed citizen would immediately recognize that after nearly half a century Biden is unequivocally the poster boy for ALL that has been wrong with what Trump aptly labeled The Swamp Washington. And yet, it is both fitting & proper, that this all new Democratic Party and those "useful idiots" who continue to blindly subscribe to the Party's irrational hate filled message and actions would select this characterless, corrupt, lying, plagiarist as their candidate. Their pathetic ignoring of his obvious mental degeneration and the outing of his blatant and obscene level of corruption is testimony to the white hot hatred burning in their souls fogging what reasoning and common sense they might otherwise possess.....and to John Adam's dismay.......their ability to remain informed.....of the truth. Ironically it would be safe to presume that today not many of these very same Biden supporters would be foolish enough themselves to afford this corrupt and mentally challenged man management of their personal financials, or careers or enterprises, or to maybe even watch over a loved one. Yet......they have insanely allowed themselves the delusional luxury to believe that he would make a fine President....leader of the free world?? White Hot Hatred.
  14. Jack McGurn

    $25 mm budget hole?

    Under this incompetent out of touch Governor.... tax paying responsible people continue to flee the state and NYC in great numbers. The latest census will undoubtedly reflect the mass exodus which will thereby continue to reduce the number of NYS electoral college votes typically awarded to the Democrat presidential candidate.....nice. I believe tha presently ....before the 2020 census results....NYS has the same number of votes that it did in 1816!! And.....one can begin to get the sense that Cuomo is aware of this political reality as well as the economic disaster looming ahead by his recent attempt at making light of it all by calling out to those having fled to return and he'd buy them a beer or something to that effect......the very same people who he initially had told to " not let the door hit you on the way out". Tragically....with him in the Governor's mansion and the clown running NYC....that isn't going to happen. The guy is quite simply incompetent and in the standard fashion of the arrogant non leader he has shown himself to be, continually lashes out when confronted and finds the need to always, always, always place the blame elsewhere.....and in the case of this population exodus...our weather.
  15. Jack McGurn

    $25 mm budget hole?

    Get ready people. NYS is in very serious financial trouble. Very very serious.....and chaos ravaged NY City will lead the way for us to bankruptcy with DeBlasio's unbridled nuclear buffoonery. This BS pandemic in conjunction with Cuomo's 2 plus terms of irresponsible financial lunacy has sealed the fate of our once glorious state. Everything and every where Emporer Cuomo has been he's screwed up...from HUD to NYS...to his recent tragic nursing home debacle....the guy has gone above and beyond in proving his incompetence. Hey.....three billion in the red BEFORE the pandemic.....free college tuition...."foreign aid" to Puerto Rico....healthcare for non citizens.....boondoggle self serving economic development projects.... on and on .....all in a one party ruled state lacking any semblance whatsoever of responsible checks and balances. See Nancy Lupardo. Can one even imagine the loss in sales tax revenue alone?? Imagine a NYC without tourism, restaurants, Broadway, sports venues, etc....Now add to that the hemorrhaging of the top tax paying population to greener pastures. These tax and spend Democrats have refused to be proactive in seeing and acting upon the very obvious fiscal decline of our state , countries, and cities, and now blindly refuse to be reactive and acknowledge what the BS pandemic has exposed relative to oversized government and the number of unneeded non essential governmental workers.....on every level. We are in serious trouble readers and arrogant Cuomo's fatal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome will only deepen the hole he has dug us into by destroying any future hope for what is sadly....unwarranted federal assistance...especially after November.