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  1. A freedom of information request was forwarded to BCVoice revealing Michael Korchak just gave Mark Loughran a $15,000 raise, bringing his salary from $101,000 to $116,000. Did you get a $15,000 raise at work during Covid? This is your money folks! Taxpayer money!
  2. Here you have it folks! An affidavit from a witness swearing Loughran threatened going to the Probation Department to cause trouble for Garo Kachadourian, because Loughran was criticized on BCVoice.
  3. BCVoice is sending a copy of the affidavit to the NY Attorney General, calling for an investigation into Mark Loughran and his threat against Garo.
  4. BCVoice received a signed and notarized affidavit stating Mark Loughran, the Chief Assistant District Attorney, vowed to cause trouble for BCVoice site owner Garo Kachadourian, using his power and the resources of the DA's office. The affidavit was received by Garo yesterday. We are currently reviewing the affidavit and will post it here within a few days.
  5. BCVoice received this bombshell sexual harassment complaint filed this week. We are told the person who filed the complaint has PROOF to back up the complaints. In addition to sexual harassment, the complaint also includes racism and discrimination against overweight and special needs individuals.
  6. BCVoice has obtained a SECOND sexual harassment complaint filed with the Broome County Personnel Office against the Broome County District Attorney's Office. We will have this complaint posted here within 48 hours.
  7. Here is the complaint sent to BCVoice, which was filed with Broome County Personnel in January 2020. Much of the information had to be redacted to protect the person who filed the complaint.
  8. BCVoice has obtained a sexual harassment complaint IN WRITING filed against the Broome County District Attorney's Office. It was filed last year. We are currently having the complaint reviewed to see what must be redacted before we post it. The complaint mentions one senior employee of the DA's office. The person who sent us the complaint tells us NO CHANGES have been made since the complaint was filed. And they feel Michael Korchak worked to cover up the complaint, rather than address the issues brought up in the complaint. The complaint was filed with Thomas Behan, Broome County Personnel Officer.
  9. BCVoice

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    Today BCVoice received an affidavit regarding Mark Loughran and his alleged abuse and corruption. We can’t post it yet, as we’ve been informed it’s part of a lawsuit against Broome County and Loughran. But the statements in the affidavit back up many of the things posted here in this thread. The affidavit alleges criminal conduct from Loughran.
  10. BCVoice

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    BREAKING: an employee of the Broome County District Attorney's Office, who's employment BCVoice has verified, emailed us to confirm, sexual harassment complaints (plural.. more than one) against a high ranking member of the DA's office were made to the Broome County Personnel office. The employee tells us the complaints were not made directly to Korchak, because the person in question is very close to Korchak, and the employees feared retaliation. The employee also stated in their email Korchak and his crew have been mocking and making fun of former DA Steve Cornwell, referring to him as "baby Jesus" because Cornwell was recently baptized, and his wife posted pictures of his baptism on social media. This is sickening and makes me 100% change my personal view of Korchak. I thought he was a religious man, very involved in his church, St. Michaels? Apparently that was all for show, just for the election.
  11. For those who can't see the above images:
  12. Monica Silas, who has lost multiple bids of local elected office: three? four? has been outed for her stupid little Facebook blog. I won't name it, because we refuse to promote it. We generally don't comment on what is going on elsewhere on the internet, but this needs to be said. Monica Silas attacks people on her blog, then emails the entries around to the local media. Here is a recent example: She tries to create news by including screen shots from her blog (on her fancy iPad). I blacked out who this particular email was sent to, because it's none of Moncia's business which media outlets we are regularly in contact with. Usually she attacks Republican officials, but today she attacked Lena Bishop for "liking" a Facebook post. Seriously, this is what Broome Democratic politics have come to? It turns out, Monica's post wasn't even accurate. Monica, you're pathetic.
  13. BCVoice

    SEX ADDICT Rich David

  14. BCVoice

    SEX ADDICT Rich David

    See above.
  15. BCVoice

    SEX ADDICT Rich David

    This isn't your website. If you don't like it, don't read it. Things will be done the way Garo wants. BingBill said he will post the first document on Friday.