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  1. Mirella, don't waste your time with McBob. His boss is Kate Newcomb and he has been ordered to defend her.
  2. Anyone who thinks this is unfair, or one sided. Fred Akshar does have a BCVoice account, and he had no problems attacking Chris Bracco here on a regular basis during the 2014 Sheriff's race. Fred Akshar is free to sign on at any time and defend himself.
  3. The victim went to the State Police in fear for her safety, and they refused to do anything to protect her.
  4. It is now being reported Akshar used steroids and the victim has him recorded admitting it.
  5. For those who can't see the above images:
  6. Monica Silas, who has lost multiple bids of local elected office: three? four? has been outed for her stupid little Facebook blog. I won't name it, because we refuse to promote it. We generally don't comment on what is going on elsewhere on the internet, but this needs to be said. Monica Silas attacks people on her blog, then emails the entries around to the local media. Here is a recent example: She tries to create news by including screen shots from her blog (on her fancy iPad). I blacked out who this particular email was sent to, because it's none of Moncia's business which media outlets we are regularly in contact with. Usually she attacks Republican officials, but today she attacked Lena Bishop for "liking" a Facebook post. Seriously, this is what Broome Democratic politics have come to? It turns out, Monica's post wasn't even accurate. Monica, you're pathetic.
  7. Jeffrey Peacock

    SEX ADDICT Rich David

  8. Jeffrey Peacock

    SEX ADDICT Rich David

    See above.
  9. Jeffrey Peacock

    SEX ADDICT Rich David

    This isn't your website. If you don't like it, don't read it. Things will be done the way Garo wants. BingBill said he will post the first document on Friday.
  10. Jeffrey Peacock

    SEX ADDICT Rich David

    You're about as pleasant as your mother-in-law...
  11. Jeffrey Peacock

    Rich David on date last night. Not with Ericka.

    Garo, you must be talking about the Binghamton Fire Department Captain, who was made an Admin. leading up to the 2013 Binghamton mayor's election, and subsequently registered 8 other accounts for himself. I'm glad he's gone too.
  12. Jeffrey Peacock

    Tom Libous LIED to Bob Joseph on Binghamton NOW.

    Congratulations to BinghamtonBill who broke this story last year. Now making headlines: http://polhudson.lohudblogs.com/2015/06/15/sen-libous-postpones-return-to-albany/
  13. Jeffrey Peacock

    We're Back Online, sorry for inconvenience.

    We don't promote other local internet message boards here.
  14. One of our hosting companies had been trying to contact via an old email address we don't use any more. Everything is fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.