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  1. Clyde

    BCVoice Poll: Cornwell or Levine?

    I see Christine Battisti has voiced her support for Levine on Facebook 🤣. Sorry, that’s pathetic. Cornwell is going to win big.
  2. Had to work today and couldn’t make it to Cornwell’s fundraiser. But based on the people I talked to and things I hear, I think he will win 60/40.
  3. Clyde

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    A big part of the problem now, as I understand it, in the bar and restaurant industry, is employees are catching Covid and not being honest with the employers that they have it, and not being honest with contract tracers about where they've been and where they work. We saw a lot of "out an abundance of caution, we will be closing for X number of days". But now that more employees are catching it, these places can't afford to shut down for another week. So employees who have Covid are saying someone in their family has it, or they were exposed to it, when they actually have it. That way the employee doesn't work, and the bar doesn't shut down, but it doesn't help all of the people who were exposed to the sick employee, because they won't be contacted by a contract tracer and there won't be a public health alert.
  4. I was at a restaurant within 30 miles of Binghamton yesterday, and encountered many people headed to the Binghamton protest. These people were all from the Albany area. It was obvious they had no idea where they were going. I repeatedly heard “yo, what town is this?” “Where the F are we” and then “we going to burn this shit down!” I did place a call to the state police to report what I heard. I also contacted BCVOICE because I wasn’t sure what kind of media coverage the event was going to get. I should have guessed the newspaper was going to glorify the event. I canceled my subscription years ago. If I think of anything more, I’ll post tomorrow. I’m beat from several long shifts this week.
  5. I will support Kate. I’ve worked at events with her over the years and gotten to know her. She genuinely cares, and is respected in law enforcement. Fred Akshar at the head of a county wide law enforcement agency would breed the worst corruption Broome County has ever seen.
  6. I was never a big Marty Smith fan. For years I would hear stories about him falling over drunk at Tom and Marty’s, and cops showing up at his house to have search warrants signed, when he was so drunk he had no idea what he was signing. I agree Cornwell is the right person for Family Court.
  7. I was working in Tioga County tonight and was asked if I had heard about Thomas Quiter, a Libertarian candidate who has made the ballot to run against Fred Akshar for NY Senate. I haven’t had a chance to do much research on him, but here is his website: https://tomfor52.com/ I’m inclined to vote for anyone over Akshar.
  8. Clyde

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    I’m glad to hear Beverly is home from the hospital and doing well.
  9. Clyde

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    Depending what shift I’m working, I listen if I’m awake and able. John Solak is by far the best caller. I wish he called more often. I also enjoy Carol from Johnson City. Beverly, from the Town of Dickinson, referenced in the last post, I also enjoy. Anymore though I feel bad for her, she’s constantly talking about getting back to her volunteering gig, which she’s been away from since March.
  10. I don’t live in Endicott, but I need to chime in here. I work a lot in Endicott, but with the shut down during most of Linda Jackson’s term, I haven’t had the chance to meet her yet. What amazes me about Jackson is, she was so arrogant and rude during the battery incinerator debate. She told her constituents, and a man with a PhD in Chemistry, they didn’t know what they were talking about. And they needed to do some research. And she did her own investigation. Now she is claiming she endorsed something on Facebook she didn’t understand. Which is it, mayor? On one hand you’re talking down to people saying they don’t know what they’re talking about, and on the other hand you’re claiming ignorance now that you’ve been accused of racism.
  11. I haven't had a chance to see the Twitter video yet, but I'm told John Solak announced he will be a candidate for Binghamton School Board next month. Everyone should get out and vote for John. Though, I'm sure the school officials will find a way to rally their employees and their families to get behind other candidates to prevent John from getting on the board. They did this years ago, when Steve Garlock ran for school board, at the last minute school officials talked John Burns Jr. into putting his name on the ballot.
  12. Clyde

    Remembering WNBF's Tony 'Russell' Ricciuto

    Take a needle, fill it full of bleach, jab em in the neck and watch them twhich. Take a needle, fill it full of bleach, jab em in the neck and push em in a ditch.
  13. No, Spero Pines turns 70, which is mandatory retirement in NY.
  14. Clyde

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    Steve Cornwell said on WNBF that four years later Mollen hasn’t spoken to him once and never conceded the 2015 election.
  15. Clyde

    BPD Alex Legos crashes car drunk, runs from scene

    Alex is a very nice guy, I’ve worked with him many times over the years. The other accident, Hoover, I think it was? Has a serious serious problem.