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    Is it TIME for a NEW Chief of Police in Binghamton?

    Does Mayor David have a black eye????
  2. I don't agree with this.... If you're knowingly going to put heroin into your body, after 20-some (I assume the kid is in his early 20's?) years of education about the dangers of drugs, and all the recent stories of heroin-related deaths, then I have no sympathy for you. (Let alone the fact the kid has a father and step-mom who are both cops, and one happens to be the Police Chief.) My concern is for the other innocent people he may hurt. Last month it was just a few vehicles. This week it was himself. I truly hope his next victim isn't an innocent person who he hits with his car. I wish Zikuski Jr. the best, when he's clean... but until then... I have a major problem with him and those who continue to enable him.
  3. Brendan Whalen is a young cop. This cover-up could cost him his career!
  4. Clyde

    Bomb threat at County Court House

    Because the newspaper is a worthless rag. I'm surprised they didn't try linking the bomb scare to Debbie Preston, the woman can do no right in their eyes. And WBNG is more concerned with the bromance between Dave Greber and Howard Manages, and promoting their weekly Wednesday night date.
  5. Oh my god..... It's not like there's 8 sheets and four are people with connections to Libous/Preston and four with connections to the Fiala's/Democrats. All four are Libous/Preston people. This looks like an organized effort to support a deal between Libous and Fiala.... there was a Republican who ran against Tony Fiala in 2012, I wonder how he feels knowing it was all a fools errand!?
  6. Their kids always get away with whatever unlawful activity they're involved in. Except for when Lisa's daughter went to jail for a couple years. I heard one of Lisa's sons was fired from a liquor store for getting highly intoxicated during his shift and passing out drunk in the store, then leaving it open and unlocked throughout the night.
  7. Clyde

    Broome County to KILL Otsiningo Park Geese

    The Binghamton Airport has a problem from the geese at Otsiningo Park?
  8. Clyde

    Broome County to KILL Otsiningo Park Geese

    I used to live in a neighborhood full of stray cats. Are you telling me I could have rounded them up and killed them?
  9. I think the point is that most people would be CHARGED with hitting (and nearly killing) someone with their vehicle!
  10. What's Lisa Zikuski's phone number? She's now offering a service where she picks perp's up from crime scenes, so they avoid formal charges? I guess Rich David was serious when he said he would expand law enforcement services in the city.
  11. http://www.pressconnects.com/article/20140409/NEWS01/304090010/Binghamton-police-Suspect-may-committed-15-robberies Thank god this SCUMBAG is finally in custody. Holding up respected, longstanding businesses just to get his FIX!
  12. Those that know the family are not surprised and know exactly what I'm talking about.
  13. Clyde

    Rate the Job Approval of Mayor Rich David

    D......................... Monkey Man, my thoughts EXACTLY! You'd think Bucci would step in so his legacy isn't summed by Rich's failures?
  14. Anyone who has gotten a ticket recently in Binghamton should shove it straight up Zikuski's @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. They should be ashamed!!! How much did they spend on the arena naming rights over three years, $225,000, to name a building after themselves but not give out raises to hard working employees?!?!?
  16. So Lehman has 2 years left on her term? If the mayor appoints someone to fill out that term and Pelella loses, it's conceivable Binghamton could have two Republican judges next year? WOW! Party affiliation shouldn't matter with Judges but we ALL KNOW that local judges favor those who are politically connected and contribute to their campaigns!
  17. Clyde

    Copp Family

    Bill: I believe they all work for the Southern Tier Independence Center (STIC)?
  18. Clyde

    Support KEVIN MILLAR for Owego Mayor!

    Congratulations to Owego Mayor Kevin Millar! Re-elected yesterday by the widest margin of all five contests in Owego! SuperSTAR Kevin MILLAR was the ONLY member of the Rebuild Owego Party to win. ALL four other posts were won by members of the other party.
  19. Clyde

    Support KEVIN MILLAR for Owego Mayor!

    BU President Harvey Stenger.
  20. Clyde

    Support KEVIN MILLAR for Owego Mayor!

    I was at the Governor's Flood Seminar at BU yesterday, as was Mayor Kevin Millar. Kevin Millar truly cares about Owego. He could have worked on his campaign all day, but he took time to attend an event that is important to the people of Owego, who got hit hardest by the 2011 flood. This says a lot about his selfless devotion to the people of Owego!
  21. This is exactly who we need fighting for us in Washington! This lovely lady has my vote. Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney is a hard working common sense Republican/Conservative who works diligently as an advocate for the people of her district. She was recently named the Assembly’s most independent member and the state’s #1 Conservative. This distinction is directly related to her voting record in the Assembly and her dedication to the needs of her constituents. Recently, the new 101st Assembly district was created by lining up a narrow stretch of towns and counties beginning in Orange County and working all the way north to Herkimer and Oneida County. While so many people see the district’s size as a logistical challenge, Claudia has welcomed the lengthy stretch as a territory that’s home to people who universally understand the challenges of living, working and doing business in a state that is over regulated and over taxed. Claudia has traveled every inch of the new district and has come to one conclusion: despite where we live, our needs are all very similar. It’s our Republican-Conservative values that serve as a bond that makes us one district. Important issues like keeping taxes down, revitalizing our communities and creating a business and job climate that gives our young people a reason to stay here and invest, are near and dear to all of our hearts.
  22. Clyde

    Support KEVIN MILLAR for Owego Mayor!

    I don't live in Owego but Kevin Millar is a wonderful leader. He and I were both honored for our flood recovery efforts in Owego, following the 2011 flood. Owego may be a small town (and village) but Mayor Kevin Millar has a loud voice, that they hear all the way to Washington.
  23. Clyde

    Preston finally gets busted?

    Your posts are incoherent and the post (I believe?) you were suspended for was filled with vulgarity. You also attacked BCVoice... if you don't like it, why'd you come back?