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  1. Maurice Hinchey was clearly at the end of his career in 2010. I’m genuinely not sure he was all there in 2010... he made some major gaffes. He visited a fire house I was at, and it seemed like he didn’t know where he was. Also keep in mind 2010 was the Tea Party year. So that life’s Phillips in certain areas of the old district.
  2. Hopefully Steve is running for Congress. George Phillips seems like a nice, well intentioned guy, but he just can’t win.
  3. Clyde

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    All these predictions are about where I think it will turn out. But I’ll go with Korchak by 10, so 55/45.
  4. Fred Akshar recently sent out an attack mailer on Korchak/Cornwell on the opioid crisis, saying Battisti would do something about it. I've talked to about 15 people who received the mailer, and it backfired big time, for two reasons. As an EMT who follows government policy and programs closely, I can tell you the current DA's office has done more to fight the opioid crisis than any other office in Broome County. People I work with, and talk to, all agree with this. Cornwell implemented several programs and the number of overdoses are way down. What has Akshar done about the opioid crisis? No one can point to anything. One person said he held a big meeting at Binghamton University. Okay, he held a meeting. That's it? Yup... The other major error in Akshar's attack mailer comes from his printing company. All 15 people I've spoken to who received it, all received a copy with Akshar defaced in what seems to be a printer error. His eye, lips, and shirt are all marked up. It looks like he got beat up. And I won't comment on the white substance on his lips. Good try, Fred. But this mailer has actually made more people question you and Battisti, because it's blatantly false, and you look like a clown.
  5. Clyde

    Battisti fundraiser tonight... EMBARRASSING turnout!

    Based on my conversations and own experience, I’m convinced Battisti doesn’t have even half the support he wants you to think he has. I have neighbors who never asked for a Battisti yard sign, yet one magically appeared. Same thing happened with a coworker. Out of the Republicans I have talked to, 60-70% are supporting Korchak. And the people supporting Korchak are enthusiastic. The few Battisti supporters I’ve encountered can’t express why they’re behind him. Korchak also out fundraised Battisti in their recent public filing, and Korchak collected 1,000 more signatures when petitions were submitted.
  6. Clyde

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    We still get home delivery of the press and sun, mostly for obituaries. Twenty years ago, it was a heck of a paper. Ten years ago, it was decent. Today, it is best used to wrap valuables or potty train a pet. There were a couple days, about two weeks ago, there wasn't a single local story in the entire newspaper. For me, that was the final straw. There's no coverage of local events anymore. And news stories run two or three days after the news actually breaks. We will be canceling our subscription as soon as our current discounted promotion runs out this summer.
  7. No local law enforcement union has endorsed in the DA's race. The last local endorsement was for Cornwell in 2015, and before that for Korchak in 2007.
  8. Clyde

    Garnar's version of the Data Breach

    According to the AgZeit Facebook page, Dutcher handles the Facebook posts. And if you look at the posts, most of them are during the work day. So is Dutcher running his business on County time?
  9. Clyde

    Garnar's version of the Data Breach

    It would seem to me, being the head of IT for Broome County government, and the other public agencies they service, is more than a full time job. But James Dutcher seems to be growing his business, "AgZeit Indoor Farms", and receiving quite a bit of government money to do so. The grant process itself can be a full time job. I'm not saying that you can't have two careers. But starting and growing a business is often an 80-100 hour a week job. How does he have time to oversee Broome IT?
  10. It’s the job of a defense attorney, but not someone actively running for District Attorney.
  11. This is based on my 20+ years as a first responder, working with law enforcement and prosecutors. Steve Cornwell was a change agent. What was going on in the DA's officer under Gerry Mollen was unacceptable. Broome County was way behind the eight ball dealing with the obvious drug epidemic, without any real plan or direction. Cornwell quickly reorganized the office, hired the best prosecutors, went after drug rings, and put addicts into treatment. And it worked. Mike Korchak has an impressive resume. He was part of the "Cornwell curve" when drug use and drug deaths decreased. He has prosecuted some of the biggest cases in county history. His experience, along with the new direction of the DA's office, are exactly what Broome County needs. Paul Battisti is a flashy DWI lawyer. He has never prosecuted a single case. All of his businesses have been disasters. His personal life is a disaster. Republicans like Bijoy Datta, Dave Harder and Fred Akshar are behind him for two reasons, 1. Battisti will give them a free pass, and not prosecute them or their friends, they want a DA they can control. And 2. Battisti has spent years buying support to run for office, through big campaign contributions. Battisti would be x100 worse than Mollen. You will literally have corrupt politicians deciding who is prosecuted in Broome County. He doesn't have any experience relevant to being the top prosecutor, or running a business.
  12. I'm not a police officer, but my understanding is after a certain number of years it expires, you would have to be recertified by going through a police academy. And, I believe there's age limits on the academies (maybe 35?). So in Akshar's case, if it expired he's not getting it back.
  13. Clyde

    BREAKING: Battisti promises to bring back Gerald Mollen

    I'm willing to bet this would happen, if god forbid Battisti ever becomes DA. Mollen has no business being anywhere near the DA's office, he was asleep at the wheel for the last 10 years of his terms as DA. Mollen is currently collecting a $101,000 pension. That's right, $101,000.... but, yeah, let's pay him even more to ruin Broome County again.
  14. She looks white to me. Regardless, I think the OPs Point is a good one. Pleus attacked law enforcement in a black verses white manner. I dont see any African Americans on her board.
  15. I know some people who used to support her, but now have distanced themselves from her and Truth Pharm. It would be interesting to see the bank statements, and where the money actually goes, not where she says it goes. I've got to think she's supporting herself from the donations. She claims to be an engineer, but I don't think she's been a paid engineer in many years. As far as local cops being racists, she's lost any credibility she once had. There are problems in local law enforcement, but the racism she suggests, is not one of them.
  16. http://www.wicz.com/story/36304042/broome-county-reports-432-total-overdoses-since-january-1st Jason Garnar reported 432 total overdoses this year? I can tell you I personally administered narcan, in response to dispatch calls, atleast 10 times in January. But for the entire month of January Garnar lists only 20 overdoses? I'm one of aprox. 1,000 professionals (police, fire, EMT) trained to administer narcan in Broome County. If I did it 10 times in January, there's no way the total number was 20. That 432 number is very very low. Garnar isn't proving to be much of an improvement over Debbie Preston.
  17. Clyde

    JC mayors race - primary next week

    I think Balles has the right resume. And being retired he has time to dedicate to the job. I'd vote for Balles if I could.
  18. Lots of angry people in the medical community. Yesterday Judge Joe Cawley sentenced the UHS rapist to only 10 years. According to this story he could have received 50. http://www.twcnews.com/nys/binghamton/news/2017/08/30/brandon-corey-rape-attack-johnson-city.html I've heard a few theories Cawley delayed delayed and delayed sentencing until it was too late for anyone to run against him this November. Cawley is up for reelection and unfortunately is unopposed.
  19. The judge sentenced to only 10 years... Battisti trying to throw it back at the DA? Pathetic. From what I can tell the DA's office did a great job with 50 years as a possibility. The problem is with the judge.
  20. Clyde

    Everything Chris Marion touches fails & arena and forum are next

    I find it hard to believe they couldn't find sponsors for the Thater races.
  21. Clyde

    Aaron Powell - He's Back

    Thanks a lot, Gerry Mollen. http://www.binghamtonhomepage.com/news/local-news/aaron-powell-to-appeal-guilty-verdict/189056041
  22. Talked to several law enforcement officers tonight. This BCV thread was discussed, most feel it's accurate, and there is a pregnancy. Also discussion of Akshar losing support of many in law enforcement for supporting Cuomo's Raise the Age program, which a super majority of law enforcement are against. I've known Akshar for 10+ years, I would agree with everything said in this thread. I was hoping he would be a little more humble as a state senator, but his phoniness in unbearable.
  23. Harder is in the same place Mollen was before he was beat in the election. He's too old, out of touch, can't keep up with the job anymore. I said it about Mollen then and I'll say it about Harder now. It's not a political issue or Democrat verses Republican. It's a matter of someone well beyond their useful years, not knowing when to retire.
  24. Not very impressive. http://www.twcnews.com/nys/binghamton/news/2017/07/22/person-behind-the-badge-binghamton-no-show-broome-county-sheriffs-office.html