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  1. There's been lots of talk about the sleeping Dave picture. I've known Dave for decades, and he's a nice guy. But it's true, he has been slipping for a few years now. I've heard of him dozing off during meetings, waking up, and rambling incoherently about something off topic. I think people do genuinely like Dave, but the conscious is it's time for a new sheriff.
  2. Lots of talk going through the public sector saying Binghamton DPW Commissioner Terry Kellog and Deputy Commissioner Jon Yeager were fired this morning. If true, they will take the fall for the bad snow removal last week in this election year for Rich David.
  3. Pleus has lost her credibility. She had an audience for about a year, but most of her supporters have distanced themselves from her. Her name came up with a group of first responders last week, the general consensus was she started with good intentions, but now she's veered off into her own Citizen Action agenda.
  4. This is a true statement. Even with heroin being so prevalent, alcohol abuse is still a much bigger problem.
  5. Clyde

    Garnar way late with his State of Emergency

    My sources inside the EOC say Garnar wasn't going to declare a SOE at all. The governor's office had to strongly suggest he do it. That's why it came so late yesterday.
  6. Clyde

    Garnar way late with his State of Emergency

    If you saw the WBNG interview with Garner earlier he said he was shoveling at 6:00 this morning. He should have been at the EOC already at 6. It's times like these when being County Executive is 24/7. Again... Debbie was a moron, but her staff would have been camped out at the EOC last night.
  7. Clyde

    Garnar way late with his State of Emergency

    Obviously Garnar was busy raiding the sheriff's uniform closet, and missed the SOE call until it was too late. Seriously- I've been in emergency services for 20+ years, and a local SOE was a no brainer, it should have been issued last night. From what I've heard at the EOC today, Garnar is incompetent and has no idea what he's doing. As bad as Debbie was, she and Bernardo and Marinich would have done a much better job at handling this. Garnar, Kevin McManus and Mike Ponticello get an F.
  8. I don't have a problem with Christmas, and I've known Dave Harder for almost 30 years. My friends at the sheriff's office tell me Dave is preoccupied with this toy elf they post all over Facebook. I don't have a problem with some festive posts on Facebook, but when it preoccupies a police force, while every 10 minutes there's a drug related call to dispatch... the sheriff needs to put the toys away and get back to work. These are serious times. If Dave isn't interested in being a full time serious sheriff, we need to bring in someone who is.
  9. Clyde

    Binghamton Mets mascot working in Garnar office

    I'd agree with that. I've worked my share of Binghamton Mets games during my career. "Gatesy" was one of those people who didn't get it. There had been many complaints over the years from businesses and groups trying to do business with the Mets about his attitude and rude demeanor. His hot dog character was ridiculous. There's a difference between family fun entertainment and stupid and embarrassing. His character was embarrassing, even for Binghamton, but he thought it was the greatest character in sports history. He just doesn't get it.
  10. Clyde

    The End to Our Newspaper Reading

    Three reasons the local newspaper is much better today than five years ago. 1. Nancy Dooling is gone. She was best buddies with people she was supposed to be objective when covering. But she wasn't. 2. Calvin Stovall is gone. He was a liberal activist disguised as a newspaper editor. 3. Sherman Bodner is gone. As the publisher he never got to know this area outside of art walks or wine tastings. I met him at an event I was working at, told him my background and work in emergency services, but he would only talk about Lee Iacocca, who I know nothing about. Others I've talked to agree, he's clueless. I canceled my subscription for a while, but I'm a subscriber again. I think there is a marked difference between the newspaper from 2008-2014 and 2014-current. As far as your newspaper delivery, you just have a bad delivery person. That sucks.
  11. This is very vague. Other than "wait to see".
  12. Let's hear it from you. What can be done about the areas drug problem?
  13. More education for students and teachers. Rumor has it the sheriff just pulled his resource officer out of the schools. Placement of deputies on the highways, especially near the county line. Less spending on things like brand new take home Tahoe's for his favored employees, and more funding to add more deputies. Work with police agencies in the city's where the drugs are coming from.
  14. Broome has a serious drug problem. I see it first hand. But the sheriff's priority is playing with toys.
  15. Clyde

    County employee last night?

    He announced the arrest of his own son...
  16. I dealt with Schofield a little 10+ years ago. He's a guy who will say anything to your face, make you feel good about a situation, then you walk away and he goes back on his word and makes fun of you.
  17. Clyde

    County employee last night?

    Cornwell doesn't cover anything up.
  18. Anyone know what's going into the structures being built on the Parkway at the old Ken Wilson site? It looks like three separate structures.
  19. Intake at the jail is a joke. Nurses don't speak English and accuracy is based on inmates self reporting their medical history. I think there's a TB test and they make you take your own blood pressure. No wonder they're all dropping dead.
  20. After I posted, someone in the know called and informed me Lorraine Emmons was actually demoted several months before this all was alleged to have happened. And this is all documented. I personally had one interaction with her. I was working an event, talking with the owner of the business. Debbie Preston came up and said hello, and she was with Emmons. After a few minutes Emmons came back without Preston to ask the business owner about a job for one of her kids. I thought it was very unprofessional, and came across as trying to use the influence of the County Exec's office to get favors for her kids. The business owner said he was going to say something to Preston about the conduct of Emmons, but I don't know if he ever did.
  21. I'm not the biggest Preston fan, but I know there's much more to this story. Lorraine Emmons had been going through disciplinary issues for many months before her heart attack. There were many written complaints against her. She was fired because she had her friends calling and threatening Preston and her employees. A good friend of mine was a manager for Preston when this was all happening. They told me Emmons is so arrogant, she thought she was going to be the next director of the Office for Aging, instead she was fired. That's how clueless she is.
  22. Apparently Cornwell actually announced his son's arrest, what a change of pace from the cover-ups of Mollen. Cornwell handled this very well, and I wish his family the best.
  23. Once the case is reassigned, Cornwell has nothing to do with it. Who is investigated and who is charged is up to the special prosecutor.