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  1. Yes, why did it take two weeks and a few days of media pressure for the city to send this letter?
  2. Was that long line at Best Buy to get into the store or into Ginny's car?
  3. Clyde

    BHS Thanksgiving Dinner - John Solak

    For someone who doesn't pay taxes, Solak is way too rough on everything having to do with the public sector. $100 to anyone who can provide information on the last time he was employed.
  4. You don't beat a 28 year DA by accident. Cornwell ran a flawless campaign, everything was spot on, his message, timing, everything. Congratulations to Cornwell, the right man won.
  5. Clyde

    BCVoice is investigating Fred Akshar

    Unfortunately I'm very aware of this situation. I knew it would come out one day, we all assumed when Akshar ran for Sheriff. Akshar should have been charged and fired from the sheriff's department. But it was his girlfriend (current sheriff's captain) whos behavior was worse. And Mollen covered the entire thing up. Screaming "I hope you die, go jump off a bridge" to a pregnant woman who was the victim, and driving her loser drunk boyfriend away from the crime scene, instead of getting the pregnant woman help, is inexcusable. There's a special place in hell for those involved in this, and Mollen for covering it all up.
  6. Just saw PEF endorsed Cornwell. PEF is big, they come with money, boots on the ground and votes. Cornwell got the Sheriff's Union too. This is exciting, finally the end of Mollen's lackluster career. Way to go, Steve! Someone had to do it.
  7. Clyde

    Steve Cornwell powerful TV commercial

    It is an excellent ad and I look forward to Cornwell as the new DA. Mollen is tired and needs to retire, he was OK 15-20 years ago. And most of his assistant DAs are lousy. Of all the elected offices in Broome County, the DA is most in need of change. Cornwell has my support and support of nearly all local law enforcement and first responders.
  8. Clyde

    Fiala Campaign: Cuomo = Out, Citizen Action = In

    I've seen and heard many comments about Barb Fiala deleting legitimate questions from her Facebook campaign page. Not a good way to win support. Whoever is in charge, Citizen Action, or Tim Grippen's daughter, is doing a lousy job. From the people I talk to, in my profession, it's not a matter of if Akshar will win,but will he hit 70%.
  9. I heard a piece of her interview on WNBF earlier, I thought it might make BCV. I was surprised when she said "the only thing I know about Bill de Blasio is he's very tall." Really? I don't follow NYC or State politics closely, and off the top of my head I can tell you de Blasio is an ultra liberal, former NYC Public Advocate, he was a long shot in the Democratic primary when he ran for mayor- but won, he's had a bad relationship with the NYPD, battled with Cuomo, he supports universal pre-K, and he was involved in controversy over charter schools. And I'm not running for State Senate. Shouldn't the woman running based on her experience and resume know a little more about the mayor of the biggest city in NY (and the country) than he's "very tall"?
  10. Clyde

    Gerald Mollen now THREATENING Cornwell Supporters!

    90-95% of police, fire and EMTs are supporting Cornwell.
  11. Mollen is a 20+ year elected official, he should be able to handle some public scrutiny. He should have retired a long time ago.
  12. John Cordisco is a good guy, I urge everyone in that district to vote for him. He's not owned by anyone or beholden to anyone but the residents of the district.
  13. I haven't seen Mollen at a crime scene ever. I've worked in emergency services for a long time. But in other counties, it's probably not unusual to see District Attorneys at crime scenes. And those other counties probably have a much higher conviction rate than Broome County.
  14. Is she a friend or a prostitute?
  15. This is interesting, and not good for Rich David's future career. It's not just on BCVoice, but Bighamton in general. I've found that when you come across someone who didn't like, or even hated, Matt Ryan as mayor, they hated his politics, not him as a person. I don't think I ever came across a person who attacked him as a person. But if you talk to someone who doesn't like (or hates) Rich David, it's all about him as a person. I'm not trying to say Matt Ryan is a saint, or has perfect moral character, but his critics were different than Davids. When you run into someone who dislikes David, watch out... because they loathe him as a person.
  16. This will be Rich David's legacy when he loses re-election. He stood by one of the biggest scumbags in Binghamton history, and made a last minute deal to prevent a State investigation from moving forward. It was revealed in another thread Zikuski even harassed David's girlfriend, and he did nothing. http://bcvoice.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54192
  17. I heard whispers about this over the weekend, but just officially heard Brett Chellis, Broome County's Emergency Services Director and Fire Coordinator, who led Broome through major flooding and other storms, over the last decade, is leaving for a NYS job. This is a major loss for Broome. Brett is the guy you want calling the shots when there's an emergency. He had expressed some frustrations to me, about his job in Broome, but I won't get into that. Brett will be greatly missed.
  18. I've been reading this thread, and I have to comment. Based on the criticisms of last years trip, and how it was funded, he had to know people would be following the money this year. But instead of making a realistic plan and figuring out the financing, he left without a plan, figuring, what the hell, people will give me money. Somewhere along the way there was a Hard Rock Hotel sponsorship, which turns out not to be true... And now, less than 1/3 through the trip, he's run out of money and needs donations. He subtly suggests that if people don't fund the rest of his trip, the youth organizations will suffer. At first, I didn't think all of the criticisms of him were fair, but now I agree, this kid is a very bad con artist. A decent con artist would've made it through day 50. And I have to agree with above, if this was really about charity, he wouldn't constantly be at baseball games, eating weird foods and drinking beer.
  19. What do you base that assumption on? Kids are going to drink. I work locally as an EMT. Over the years I've been to hundreds of alcohol related accidents. The ones with kids don't discriminate along gender, race, ethnic, economic or any other lines. A very wide cross section of kids drink and drive. The local Stop DWI program is ineffective. I was outraged when I was at a local event not too long ago, the Broome Stop DWI program was handing out key chains that doubled as BOTTLE OPENERS. What the hell are these people thinking? It's bad enough kids drive after drinking, this just promotes drinking while driving. Paid for and distributed by our Stop DWI program.
  20. I tend to agree with this. If "personal" issues like end up in court, they're not personal any more. Many of the people I work with in the emergency services community can't stand Preston, stemming from first hand experiences with her as Conklin Supervisor and County Exec. My take is, she's abused her power since she was elected Conklin Supervisor, and the Preston we're seeing now is the real Preston. It would be interesting to FOIL the hours the County attorneys have spent defending Preston in the Shafer case, and her other ethics issues (jewelry sales, sheriffs uniform, etc)
  21. http://www.twcnews.com/nys/binghamton/news/2015/05/11/states-human-rights-board-reviewing-sexual-harassment-claims-against-chief-zikuski.html Is this a joke? The city is trying to interfere with the NYS Human Rights investigation of Zikuski, by asking no action be taken? That is criminal!
  22. Clyde

    Mayweather vs. Pacquiao - Who wins?

    Pacquiao by split decision. People who don't care, why bother responding to say you don't care? Do you reply to every thread you don't care about?
  23. This is outrageous. For anyone who doesn't know, politicians don't just randomly show up at senior centers for lunch with a camera. These details are worked out weeks in advance: everything from who will be there, to whats for lunch, to anything important they should see while they're there, or anything about anyone they should know. I've done this a dozen times with Libous' office over the years, when he would visit a fire house. I once knew about a month ahead of time Libous would be visiting a fire station in Broome (it was just a photo-op, but we're ok with that) and I told him one of our members would be celebrating their 50th year with the fire company right around that time. Libous showed up with a certificate and small gift. These things are extremely choreographed, it's not like she didn't know the sex offender would be there.
  24. I agree, I've never agreed with people who criticize use of Greater Binghamton terminology. "Binghamton" is more recognizable than "Broome County" so it makes sense. Generally only in the rural South are County names used as geographic identifiers.