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  1. In my several decades of living and working in Broome County, I’ve never seen the public so resoundingly question or reject an announcement from a DA or police agency. 

    I work with police and the residents of Broome County everyday, and its obvious Korchak now has a major credibility problem. And this comes at a time when drug overdoses are up, and crime is increasing.  This is a potentially very bad situation for all of Broome County. 

  2. I do know when aircraft like an F-18 fly at the airport, they need to create a flight box of the surrounding neighborhood, who must leave their homes during the show, per Air Force safety rules.  I believe the county actually pays these homeowners off, and the hold-offs end up getting more money at the end.  If they don't agree to vacate their homes, the F-18's cannot fly.

    But I don't believe there is anything from the Air Force saying certain roads must be closed.  That is all county greed.  They don't want spectators on the sides of the road, they want to force you to pay to come to the air show.

  3. 3 hours ago, CCColt said:

    We should eliminate the County Executive position and have the legislators hire a county manager. Someone with public administration credentials that could actually do the work, making the deputy executive positions unnecessary.

    I agree with that. 95% of the county Exec job is ceremonial (ribbon cuttings, press conferences) and running for re-election. 

  4. I’m at a loss for words. I have to put this up there with Tim Grippen’s 42% tax increase as the biggest failures in the history of Broome County government. 

    Unfortunately Mike Korchak, nice guy or not, well intentioned or not, does not have the abilities needed to serve as District Attorney. In the interests of moving the DA’s office forward, and best serving the people of Broome County, Korchak should resign and let someone who can handle the job serve as DA.

  5. 1 hour ago, Evening Sun said:

    He has an internal HR person named Pamela Memos. I know folks in the Chenango County DAs office who used to work with her in Broome. Terrible reputation. Does whatever Korchak tells her, whether it’s lawful and ethical or not.  Worked on his campaign to secure her job in the office.

    I thought she worked at the jail?

  6. Yeah, this is inexcusable. I work with a lot of different local government agencies, and I guarantee no one else in local government got a $15,000 raise. 

    Dozens of local businesses closed. And I know many friends who lost jobs. The audacity to give a raise, let alone a $15,000 raise, is enough for me to go door to door against Korchak when he runs again. And I had a Korchak lawn sign up last time.

  7. I got the weekend off, it's great to relax in this nice weather, and check in with all of you at BCV. 

    I'm so disappointed with Korchak.  I was a big Korchak supporter last time, I even put up a yard sign, which I never do.  I have a lot of ties with the law enforcement community, and I believe all of this, in this thread.  Loughran has a reputation as a dictator jackass.  I think the election win either went to Korchak's head, and now he's drunk with power, or he was never the person we thought he was.  Maybe both?

    John Solak posted on Twitter implying there's a big political storm coming for Korchak, and I think he's right.  I've heard rumblings of a few other Korchak/Loughran scandals that haven't been mentioned here.  Everything here is really bad, but this stuff is even worse.  Only time will tell.  But for now, we need a new candidate for DA in 2023.  

  8. I was just in a meeting with someone watching the March 18, 2021, Broome County Legislature meeting. I’ve seen some really dumb things in government. But tonight takes the cake.

    After 55 minutes, basically an hour of the meeting with several votes already taking place, Legislator Suzy Ryan (Democrat, west side of Binghamton) raises her hand and says she can’t find the meeting agenda. 

    She voted on several pieces of legislation, having no idea what she was voting on. And apparently has never used the Broome County website or seen the Facebook page that posts the links and agendas.

  9. The print paper used to be part of my daily routine. When I was working an early morning shift, I would go and get the paper and a cup of coffee every morning at 5:30am, at the Hess station.  The paper was about fives times the size back then, and only 50 cents. It was full of news, details on stories you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and was pretty current. Meaning, things that happened as recent as the night before would be in the paper.

    Now I think the paper is up to $1.50? Maybe $2? Some days there’s no local stories, all National content. They don’t cover much, and what they do cover has very few details. Instead of truly covering stories, they do summaries “what you need to know”. And what they do cover is days old. If something happens at 8:00pm on a Monday, it won’t make the newspaper until Wednesday or Thursday. 

    Today reading the paper every morning with a coffee has been replaced by scrolling through social media, reading BCVoice, and checking out Solak’s Twitter. 

    Unfortunately other than obituaries there’s no reason for me to read the newspaper anymore.

  10. 9 hours ago, guest11 said:

    He’s not that far off actually.  My family has done advertising with WBNG for well over 30 years. I’ve spoken with many salespeople, management, even on air staff during promotions we were involved in. The culture at WBNG has long been very conservative. Management expects their staff to conduct themselves a certain way in public. From how they dress to where they hang out. 

    About 15 years ago, just when it seemed like things were changing, there were several instances of a WBNG reporter going out all the time and getting beaten up on State Street. WBNG even sided with him, and blamed the Binghamton Police for roughing the reporter up. Appearing on tv with a black eye. Then he went out and did it again the next weekend. At the point WBNG reigned their staff back in, the stricter rules were put in place.

    Yes, I believe this to be pretty accurate.  I was chatting with a WBNG reporter about 5 years ago at an event she was covering.  She told me she got a second job waiting tables, to help pay her bills, because WBNG starting pay was so low.  And WBNG made her quit, because the restaurant served alcohol.