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  1. I ran into a rather intoxicated employee of the DA’s office out at a bar last night, and they openly shared how bad the morale is in that office. Everyone hates working there. The re-election campaign has already started. Korchak is obsessed with BCVoice. And they know the re-election will be an up hill battle. Needless to say this person is looking for a new job.
  2. Maron

    Family Court Race

    Agreed. I can’t take this guy seriously.
  3. I don't view this as overwhelming support for any of the candidates moving on to the November election. While Mara Grace got the most votes in the Democratic primary, the Liberals did not support her, and she did not win a Working Families line. Sandy Monachino did not get as many Democratic votes as Grace, but he will appear on two lines, as he came in second in the Working Families primary. The big loser is Timothy Thayne, who many feel had no business in this race. He did run a campaign, but came in last place, even behind Peter Charnetsky, who did not run a campaign. Democratic Primary: Mara Grace: 2,349 - 31.59% Sandy Monachino: 2,225 - 29.92% Joshua Shapiro: 1,243 - 16.71% Pete Charnetsky: 825 - 11.09% Timothy Thayne: 784 - 10.54% Working Families Primary: Joshua Shapiro: 20 - 44.44% Sandy Monachino: 19 - 42.22% Mara Grace: 4 - 8.89% Timothy Thayne: 2 - 4.44%
  4. Whatever you due, don't vote for Tim Thayne. Have another beer, Tim!
  5. Desperate party animal Tim Thayne has attacked two of his opponents in the Democratic primary, saying they cannot serve a full term if elected. Thayne is obviously desperate and more than likely hungover. This is a violation of the NY code of conduct for judicial campaigns, and I will be filing a complaint against party animal Thayne.
  6. Who is the mystery woman? Why won’t she identify herself. Is she even a Broome County resident? The Thayne campaign is embarrassing.
  7. If you have to say “overwhelming support and positive feedback” it obviously isn’t true. Trying to change the narrative on Facebook isn’t going to fool anyone. This week was a disaster for Tim Thayne and he should not be in this race.
  8. He’s like that old friend from college who still parties really hard. It’s good to see them once or twice a year, but would you trust them with your kids? NOPE! That’s Tim Thayne.
  9. Apparently Thayne lost his house in foreclosure within the last 10 years and now lives with his mother. That’s “normal” for a man in his late 40’s? And normal for a candidate running for judge?
  10. Those who care about Tim need to step in and stop this before it gets too far. He has a good thing going, and it could ruin his career. How will he fund his campaign? Weekly wet t-shirt contests at the Ratkskeller?