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  1. Lawoffice

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    That is interesting. I emailed and left a voicemail on Thursday and received call back Friday concerning the outcome of a case. Everyone is bashing Korchak, in my opinion he was the better of the three... Time will tell. Hope your friend gets the information she is looking for.
  2. Lawoffice

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    He was the better candidate at the time. Can you imagine if F. Paul Bailey, err, Batistti had won?
  3. Lawoffice

    Otsiningo Balloon Glow canceled due to high winds?

    They extended it so Dave can line his pockets.
  4. Lawoffice

    Broome County Democratic Party

    Anyone know what this was referring to? https://www.facebook.com/315343564491/posts/10157983268694492/?d=n
  5. Lawoffice

    Ex Parks n Rec director Mookie Whalen’s unpaid 318K Restitution

    What was the deal there? I can't remember that one.
  6. Lawoffice

    Terry “Foreclosure” Ferrell, candidate for BC Leg

    It's getting ridiculous with the Democrat party... They can't field any decent candidates locally nor nationally. Wahila and Every for TOU Council? Are you kidding me? And the one in there now Staley? WTH, nothing positive was added when she came aboard..
  7. Lawoffice

    Why does BCV periodically go offline

    I've tried to message Garo, and BTK as well regarding website donations to keep it up and running but I have not gotten any reply from BTK, and when I message Garo it says messages not allowed...
  8. He’s a stay at home father..
  9. He lives on Watson. Kevin Every and flys the flag outside of his home. He’s ranked right up there with the rest of the local idiots. Wahila, Wahila, Staley, and Farrell.
  10. Lawoffice


    Which group was this posted to?
  11. Lawoffice

    Sore Loser Francis

    Looks like it's officially been certified by the Board Of Elections. Swearing in ceremony of the new District Attorney Michael Korchak, January first at 12PM. Broome County is officially marked safe from Francis Paul Battisti and Bijoy Datta! Congratulations Mike! What's next for F. Battisti? The next Catalano??? Stay tuned for things to come!
  12. Lawoffice

    Sore Loser Francis

    Blame others and not take responsibility for his own inaction's, mistakes and bad choices. This guy would be better off trying to make a fresh start in another community, far far away.
  13. Lawoffice

    Sore Loser Francis

    Next he will appeal it... snowflake that he is...
  14. Lawoffice

    Sore Loser Francis

    Alexander & Associates, soon to become Alexander & Battisti? The A & B team? The new "Heavy Hitters"? Alexander and a Junior Varsity associate...
  15. Lawoffice

    Sore Loser Francis

    He appears to suffer from the Napoleon complex.. vertically and masculinity challenged. Spoiled little brat he is and will attempt to extract revenge on anyone who opposes him. He's a victim for sure....A failed lawyer looking for another bailout.