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  1. If you think about it the officer did the smart thing. He likely saved himself from a DWI and is now looking at leaving the scene of an accident at best. From all reports he is going to come out of this with his job intact. Who can really blame him.
  2. Justice

    Tom Libous Has Passed Away.......RIP Tom

    I have been some what outspoken in my support of Tom. He did FAR more good then bad and they were able to prove he lied, many of us have in our lifetime. Rest In Peace Senator Tom and until I see you all personally my sympathies to his family. As I said earlier he endured some hell on earth now he is with an all forgiving God and his family that went before him.
  3. Justice

    Binghamton School Superintendent is on Leave!

    I would bet that anyone that has been put on leave by Deinhardt is still receiving a check compliments of the taxpayers. I'm also sure Martinez is still being payed and Deinhardt is collecting his hefty pension as well as also collecting a hefty check for his new title. If the taxpayers were aware how many former principals are still being payed for part time work in the Binghamton School District they would be shocked, huge dollars. The only ones suffering here are the Binghamton Taxpayers.
  4. Sheriff Harder and Mrs. Preston have invented nothing new here. For years police agencies and EMS have been transporting people to BGH Crisis Center as well as BGH ER and Fairview Services on Court Street for treatment. Also agencies from outside Broome County often do the same. The vast majority of the time the people are released in short order because of lack of beds. Harder and Preston have only recycled what has been going on for years and put their names on it so it appears they are doing something. The only thing that will be accomplished here is dumping more people on the streets in the City of Binghamton from other areas. Let's hope those transported will be searched prior to being dropped off not only for their safety but for the safety of the staff and volunteers that will be treating them.
  5. Sgt. Correll returned as an unpaid volunteer and Simonds is not a police officer he issues parking tickets. It is my understanding Bracco returns as top grade patrolman, seniority intact and will be working in the Broome County Drug Task Force he will again receive full pay and benefits.
  6. The sweeps at the bus stations were done as a matter of routine years ago with some success. District Attorney Mollen ordered them to stop and was going to refuse to prosecute the cases. Even if there is no prosecution these sweeps will have value in that often times the drugs are abandoned on the bus costing the dealers big money. I don't understand the need for the big media splash with this, why warn the drug dealers ?
  7. Justice

    City covered up Ice House beating

    This place is right around the corner from where a man was fatally stabbed in July. It was just in the news that the person responsible for that murder was allowed to plead down and sentenced to 1 - 5 years for the crime. Killing someone in Binghamton is now plea bargained to 1-5 years and Mollen wonders why he got beat. You can blame the BPD for not making public how bad things have gotten but even when they work very hard to make arrests the charges are plea bargained away. That is why in recent memory all big drug cases have gone federal because local law enforcement did not want the Broome County District Attorneys Office involved.
  8. Justice

    Mollen is DONE

    Do you think that Mollen thinks that the posters on BCVoice are still "Knuckleheads" ? There is no doubt that the documents posted on the Voice hurt Mollen and had an impact on the election. There are probably several attorneys as well as few politicians who hated this result because they now will be held accountable. Mollen held desperation press conferences with the Bishop, several local attorneys many of them defense attorneys as well some members of local law enforcement and he still lost. Not to mention WBNG giving him all the free coverage he wanted. Congratulations to District Attorney Cornwell and his campaign manager who did a fantastic job.
  9. The great thing about Steve Cornwell is he owes nobody a thing. The republican party stayed away from this race and with rare exception the party elite made excuses as to why they would not publicly endorse Cornwell. Harder, Preston, David just to name a few. Really it is the best case scenario for a District Attorney who wants to do the job and clean things up. I'm betting that some of these politicians are praying that the absentee ballots change the result. No matter the outcome Steve Cornwell can hold his head high, unlike Mollen and his puppets such as Tom Jackson, and the staff of WBNG. Anyone know who managed the Mollen campaign because it takes some kind of imbecile to blow a campaign when you have incumbent of 25 years plus running and the opponents party is not making an effort.
  10. Justice

    Why Is WBNG become Mollen's Campaign Station ?

    Many defense Attorneys at Mollens campaign event sponsored by WBNG. Jackson, Battisti both who represent some of the biggest drug dealers around. Looks like some sweet plea deals gonna be handed out if Mollen gets reelected. A little bit suspicious that so many defense Attorneys are so interested in keeping Mollen in office. You think if he was a tough as he lets on they would want him out. Perhaps they are afraid a new District Attorney will actually make them work to put their clients back on the street.
  11. Gerry Mollen makes a big deal about holding clergy responsible for sex related crimes, just another attempt to get his face in front of the camera. Why should that even be a story it should be a given. I wonder if the Bishop was aware that Mr. Mollen has a sexual predator in his own family. Mollen should retire and spend his time keeping an eye on his own son-in-law and grandkids the people in Broome County would be better served.
  12. Not only is this guy still a member of the BPD Swat Team but he also is currently training new officers who are fresh out of the academy. Here is a guy who has a history of being a loose cannon gets arrested and is now training new officers, makes perfect sense in BPD land. There is not another male officer in the BPD that could show up at work to work patrol unshaven with hair looking the way Burnetts looks. Any other officer would be sent home and rightly so. And they tried to fire Kristi Sager over a traffic violation.
  13. Justice

    BCVoice is investigating Fred Akshar

    I'm very familiar with this incident and have seen the NYSP reports on this matter. For starters this was no fender bender accident and there was extensive damage to the vehicle, airbags deployed and the passenger was injured. That being said I don't think it reflects near as badly on Senator Akshar as it does then Lt. Kate Newcomb or DA Mollen for sweeping the whole matter under the carpet. If the media ever releases the details of this case the public will realize the extent of what Mollen will ignore for a certain few. People that are active in MADD as well as SADD will be very disappointed in both Newcomb and Mollen. The passenger in the accident who was pregnant, injured and left at the scene was interviewed at the hospital by a victims advocate from the District Attorneys Office and Mollen was informed so he can't plead ignorance this time.
  14. Justice

    Steve Cornwell powerful TV commercial

    Probably one of the most upsetting parts of this whole story is that Gerry Mollen communicated with a murder victims family via e-mail. To much effort to make a personal visit to them or even a phone call ? For the record a first year law student could have gotten a guilty verdict from a jury with case Law Enforcement handed Mollen. The defendant did not even show up at the trial. Those are the only cases Mollen takes anymore the ones he is sure are winners anything that requires some effort is tasked to another DA in the office or plea bargained away. Sad to say but even after the American Civic Association murders Mollen did nothing but grandstand with the national media and make a point of telling everyone that would listen he was attending the funerals for the victims. In the opinion of many Mollen hijacked the memory of the victims in attempt to make himself look good. Gerry Mollen is very quick to pat himself on the back for being a "Great District Attorney" well the crime statistics tell a far different story. The decline in Broome County has happened 100 percent on the Mollen watch. If anyone has a doubt on who to vote for take a ride up on the north side of Endicott or on the streets of the west side and north side of Binghamton and look at what has happened on the watch of Gerry Mollen the "Great District Attorney". Last but not least any reasonable person would think a "Great District Attorney" would be interested in the honesty of the Police Officers that work in his county. Well recently there was a sexual harassment scandal involving a Police Chief and a subordinate Police Officer, it is very clear one of the two involved in that was lying. Either the Officer lied in bringing the complaint or the Chief lied in saying it was not true. Where was our "Great District Attorney" on this or is it acceptable to Mollen that a Police Officer was lying. I guess what really matters to Mollen is who the Police Officer is that is lying much like the decisions he makes regarding prosecutions it's all based on who is involved, evidence and is honesty is way down on the list of what is important to our "Great District Attorney".
  15. Justice

    Bing's Proposed Police Modernization Law

    Let a couple patrons of Tranquil get robbed or assaulted after leaving after a night out there and see if Mr. Massey feels the same. I don't think he would like it if the Police decided to just go thru the motions so they would not be accused of profiling. Mr. Massey does not have the same worries other business people do because the intersection where his business is located is monitored by City Of Binghamton cameras. Mayor DeBlasio in New York City has handcuffed the NYPD and at present the results have been devastating to public safety. Careful what you wish for, when it becomes too difficult for a Police Officer to do their job they may just look the other way and there is no law against that and then we all suffer.