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  1. The Myers daughter should have been arrested!
  2. CLASSLESS! Hopefully the Governor didn't see that WBNG clip, because Preston isn't worth Cuomo's time. She is an embarrassment to us all. It's too bad New York doesn't have recall elections, I want Preston g-o-n-e and I want her gone now!
  3. I attended Sheriff Candidate Chris Bracco's Campaign Kick-off at the Endicott Visitors Center this evening and was appalled and dismayed to see Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski in the room, cheering on his own personal lapdog. I was even more appalled to witness the warm welcome Chief Zikuski received by those in the room. Party leaders were warned multiple times about Chris Bracco and his relationship with Binghamton's crooked Chief and they ignored those warnings. For the first time, I am truly ashamed to be associated with the Broome County Democratic Party. They have reached a new low. Give them hell, Sheriff Harder.