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  1. FormerSomeone

    Flash Flood Watch - Warning Again

    2006 I believe was the year I stood on Powers Road with a group of coworkers just south of the railroad embankment and wondered if our plant would be underwater like most of Conklin. That after trying five different routes to get there and finding roads missing and bridges closed. Also a BIG snow storm that winter. Scientists prefer saying "climate change" to Global Warming, because not all regions will get hotter. But the overall world warming WILL cause more energy in the atmosphere. And that means more extreme, possibly more frequent storms. We've done it to ourselves and may have gone past the tipping point were even if we shut everything down the nest 25 or 30 years may get stedily worse. But, hey, we made a lot of good years for the stockholders and product manufacturers. Then again, our church sent volunteers down to Hazelton in 1972 to help prople clear their homes of feet of mud. Some areas are just poor bets for building a house. Like where 80% of all people live (beside water, that is). Going to get worse because were producing LOTS more people and no more land. But then, it was 1968 that people laughed off "Zero Population Growth" and the warnings of what was to come. Just how people are. Short-sighted. "What can I have now" without concerns of what will it cost me later. I'm just as guilty. My wants far exceed my needs.
  2. FormerSomeone

    WNBF cuts Bob Joseph show by an hour, and moves to 8am

    There is still AM radio? Shazam.
  3. FormerSomeone

    Flash Flood Watch - Warning Again

    God selected one family on Tunnel Road in the last rainstorm and a small stream got plugged, diverted the culvert, and wiped them out completely. Total loss and no flood insurance. Water does odd things but will not be denied.
  4. FormerSomeone

    Binghamton Mayor 2021 poll

    Where is the "None of the above" choice? Though the write in John Solak I could get behind.
  5. Again with the extreme opposites. For us vs. against us doesn't take into account a wide variety of indifference to apathy and to prefer not to aknowledge your existance, thank you just the same. I consider homosexuality to be like alcoholism. They can't help it. I feel sorry for the sufferer but won't humiliate them or necessarily look down on them. They should probably just avoid alcohol for a better standard of life. A hopeless drunk who's wasting their earnings, life opportunities and destroying themselves? That's sad and unfortunate. Certainly nothing for them to to take pride in. If two of them match up and fall in love? That's fine. We don't need to know about it. I don't march in Happy Hetrosexual parades or hand out pamphlets on monogomy because I figure it's nobody's business.
  6. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Go with the science. Not the rumor. Disease doesn't care what political party you follow. What does YOUR doctor recommend?
  7. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Yep. One term though - no re-elections. He had his. And definately no "President for Life".
  8. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    I voted in person. I saw the "usual" turn out at pur polling place. Just because NY allowed early mail-in ballots doesn't mean the state would have been any less "blue" than it normally is. It's funny when the red sheep and the blue sheep "BAAAAH at each from opposite sides of the fenced pasture about being blind followers. Be a mountain lion - find out for yourself and don't be so much of a pack or herd animal and live outside the fence. Of the eligible voters in 2020 there was still 80 million folks who couldn't be bothered to attend a polling place or mail in a ballot. I don't think you can blame COVID for apathy. Maybe I'll start a "Re-Elect Nobody" Party to introduce business folk with no prior office as candidates. Pick up that disenfranchised third of the population.
  9. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    I don't think you understand the medical process. Vaccines help improve your health. If I thought it was worse than suffering COVID-19 without the mRNA giving my immune system a head-start in battling the virus I certainly would have passed. I see the herd getting thinned of those to obstinate to get the vaccine. Time will tell.
  10. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Sorry. Sometime I go a day without turning on the TV or Internet. What would you like me to respond to? I didn't see a question.
  11. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Asprin doesn't cause much problems other than ulcers. But it does nothing to combat viruses. If you like Ivermectin at least you won't get roundworms, I guess. But there are better choices. Why would it be preferable to a purpose derived vaccine? It even costs more that the vaccine (free). The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines show a 100% success rate in preventing hospitalization IF Covid is contracted (no guarantee to prevent - just moderate the severity). Why look elsewhere?
  12. FormerSomeone

    Ivermectin for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19

    I don't understand why anyone would experiment with a horse pill used to treat internal parasite infections (Ivermectin) as an anti-viral drug instead of just getting the free purpose-designed inoculations. They'll let you wear your tin-foil hat, I'm sure.
  13. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Tuberculosis is not a virus. It's a bacterial infection of the lungs. Must common among the homeless and immune-compromized folk in society. Ivermectin? Why? Ivermectin is used to treat roundworm parasite infections in horses. Not viruses. You should be especially careful.
  14. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Do you feel the same about polio? Small pox? Tuberculosis? Hepatitis? I think you're justifying a phobia. You're afraid of what you don't understand.
  15. FormerSomeone

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Perhaps it is because they care about the well being of strangers around them? If that seems odd to you . . . maybe you need to work on your empathy and social norms. Masks may prorect the wearer as well as those around them. Like covering your mouth when you sneeze. Or not shitting in the street. You can do it. We have faith in you.