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  1. FormerSomeone

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    You can't blackmail someone who hasn't done something illegal or immoral. Hmmmmmmm? Blackmail is not to be confused with extortion. This goes back to the 1960's mantra of Re-elect NOBODY!
  2. We can't get Cuomo to agree to a death penalty. Rather than putzing around with ineffective gun laws that punish the innocent gun owners - how about instead we make it mandatory death penalty if convicted of a felony where a gun was used? One appeal after a year. Then execution within two weeks if the appeal fails. That might make an impact. And I am a hunter and gun owner. Stop trying to punish the inanimate objects and legal gun owners. Punish criminals. Also: you accumulate more than 20 years for multiple sentences. Death penalty. Same appeal process. We have to get tough on crime so it will be less of a justifiable risk to criminals. You haven't seen the darker side of humanity if you think group therapy and threat of parolable life inprisonment will solve the immoral and unempatetic, truly evil, criminals who live off society.
  3. FormerSomeone

    Schumer throws Upstate NY a bone

    Never gonna happen. We're far from the only state with 10% of the counties/geography holding all the citidiots that skew the elections.
  4. FormerSomeone

    Don't be as dumb as Bob Joseph at WNBF

    The president is elected by the Electorial College. We just sent in the popular vote but it doesn't elect a president. It just decides which appointed representatives the states choose to have elect the next president (they have until Dec 23rd to get their votes in). Some states the electoral cantidates are on the Election Day ballot. NY is not one of those.
  5. FormerSomeone


    What I am writing about is the failure of the current two party system to represent America. We are forced to pick the least repulsive of two choices. And then the Electorial College picks who they want that may not be the popular choice. Re abortion: your definition of murder. My definition is ending an unwanted gestation before it is born and becomes alive. You can keep a kidney viable outside a body. That does not make it a "life". Until the act of birth a fetus is just another body part. You can remove it and "set it free" if that pleases you. But for someone or a couple to be able to make a hard decision of what is best in their life it should be an option. If God wills a birth you couldn't stop it anyway. For the rest . . . According to the Old Testament (Exodus 22) you were supposed to burn your first born sons and livestock as an offering to God. We repealed that, so why not keep up? Better it should be in a medical facility than with a dose of "moon tea" and perhaps a coathanger. They will still happen. And it should be a hard decision. But there should be that option. But if you believe otherwise that's fine. Just don't force your opinions on me, please. I'll take them under advice.
  6. FormerSomeone


    I don't recall ever murdering an unborn. I do eat fresh chicken eggs, though. Never really thought of them as unborn chickens. I respect your choice. You should respect other's choices. If your religion forbids it. Fine. But there are a LOT of religions. There is no longer a tolerant middle in either the Democrats or the Republicans. Too much biogtry on both sides. No moderates. No compromise. The parties have become polarized. But, like the North and South Poles - neither is a very hospitable place for the majority of folks. If Jack has a better idea he should run for office. Too many people "are resigned" and are disenfranchised from polits - or public service even. I don't care what you care for as long as you do care. You don't have to agree with something to be tolerant of it.
  7. FormerSomeone


    Yeah. 1961 to 1963 was a time to remember. Camelot. Hopefully Trump's screw-ups won't be lasting harm. We may just keep Pro-Choice and Medicare. Students may be taught . . . science. I voted for Honesty, Integrity and Science. Well, at least the lesser evil of two poor choices. You? I'm much younger than Trump but have been a registered Republican almost twice as long as he has. He's a Realtor. Aka: Lying stinker. Better than Hillary but he has no plan and is just a reactive, patholigical liar and vascilates on everything. How's that Mexican Funded Wall going so far? I always liked the default "Reelect Nobody" position of the 1960's.
  8. FormerSomeone

    Salad Dressing

    Biggest factor is the vinegar you use - use white wine vinegar for more acidic or red with a few drops of lemon juice added . 2:1 mix with olive oil. Does not have to be extra or even mostly virgin. Garlic salt, ground pepper, dried oregano flakes and dried basil flakes. Start with 1/2 tsp of each and adjust to your taste. I like more oregano and less garlic salt.
  9. FormerSomeone

    Why are Dems rejecting Republican stimulus offers?

    Agreed. I am pro-choice, pro-gun, conservative laissez faire Adam Smith economist, pro-work for support, seperation of church and state, pro-science, anti-fracking, pro-hunting and fishing, protect the environment, eschew homosexuality as being deplorable and disgusting but not necessarily a reason to deny rights, black lives are as good as white, yellow, red or Martian. . . but no better so lets get a level playing field without affirnmative action, and and if you don't know who your baby-daddy is maybe you should suffer shame and hardship you whore . . . party. Who should I vote for? Not that the Electorial College will ignore my vote in the popular count and place their own choice in place of.
  10. FormerSomeone

    Why are Dems rejecting Republican stimulus offers?

    You know. I am beginning to think the Republicans are the North Pole and the Democrats are the South Pole. To the casual observer they are both places that can hardly support life and very unpleasant to spend much time exposed to, and while extreme opposites neither is better than the other.. WHERE ARE THE MODERATES? We need more viable political parties.
  11. FormerSomeone

    Why are Dems rejecting Republican stimulus offers?

    I wonder what roast Pelosi would taste like? Nah. Even hot-dog makers wouldn't use that in the grinder.
  12. FormerSomeone

    Rich David confirms he has Covid after collapsing in Syracuse

    He forgot that when you're out in public you never know who may have sneezed on the mirror you're kissing.
  13. FormerSomeone

    Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19

    No. I am a person who has been a registered Repubican for twice as long as the Donald (who is much older) and who is just sick and fed up with the NY Realtor I voted for only because he wasn't Hillary. He is a total screw up who lies without compunction (or even conscious effort), and is an obnoxuious, clueless . . . realtor. The prime example of what is meant by the term "Citidiot". He needs to be expunged. I don't want a Democrat. But that is preferable to an absolute self-absorbed, mysogenistic idiot. He was supposed to drain the swamp. Not fill it with his mewling offspring and in-laws.
  14. FormerSomeone

    Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19

    Staged to take the prime 1/2 hour of East Coast evening news. He walked across the open lawn and then removed his mask before going indoors to jeopardize the 377 staffers who work at the White House when HE SHOULD BE IN ISOLATION! Totally the opposite of proper procedure. Then he REPEATED it for a better photo op with the reporters. Real Benito Mussolini complex this one has. Total lack of empathy for the mortal slobs who aren't his single loved one: himself.