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  1. FormerSomeone

    Giovanni Scaringi

    And . . . what Branch did you serve in? Thank you for doing so. As far as keeping a foot in with a part-time elected council seat . . . it's hardly going to keep fuel in the car and feed the pooch. Not a full-time position. I don't know about the internal issues (shame, shame if true) but God Bless those who need and use military leave. I don't hold that against anyone.
  2. Good for you! It pays to remember: "When seconds count the police are only 20 minutes away."
  3. In Broome County and much of NY (other than NYC/the five Boroughs - that's a special "Unobtanium" permit) you may, but must, carry your pistol concealed in public if you have an Unrestricted permit. No open carry allowed except while hunting or target shooting. Forbidden spots are government offices including mental health facilities and prisons. Federal courts or buildings that house Federal courts. School grounds or buildings. State Parks. And you have to follow ATF rules for airline travel - but surprisingly it is allowable as long as your destination recognizes a NY Permit and it is properly secured, unloaded, in checked luggage. 23 states do - to some extent. Surprisingly NY does not recognize the right of businesses to forbid carry. The business can't arbitrarily deny a Constitutional Right. Some states have a specified signage that must be displayed to alert permittees or folks carrying in places that do not require permits (there are several states that enlightened) . . . but it does recognize that if a patron "feels uncomfortable" upon noticing another person is carrying a concealed pistol the permittee is obliged to leave the premises. It falls under harassment laws. That would be an interesting situation as no citizen or restaurant owner has the right to frisk or search a person without express permission. So it's probably just best to leave if some snowflake is making a scene. There is an obligation in the gun owner to avoid such confrontation. But a well concealed pistol is pretty inconspicuous.
  4. I'd say lives were saved by one of the faithful looking after his friends and fellow parishioners. Weren't no lightning bolt. It was a reading from the Book of Second Amendment. I used to shoot PPC with the Sheriff's in Tioga County and I promise you the top three shooters were NOT duty officers. They were civilians. Keeping your wits in a crisis is what makes the difference. Training definitely helps; but some are just calmer than others. My church has security volunteers as well. At least three of us carry at the services . . . that I know of. I'd like to think there are more; perhaps in purses? Unpaid and unannounced.
  5. FormerSomeone

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    "The bitterest truth was better than the sweetest lie." -- Sherrilyn Kenyon I don't think an apology is called for. He got called out on a lie. Might be a nice guy. Might have had what he thought were justifiable reasons. But a lie is a lie.
  6. FormerSomeone

    Impeachment 2019

    For sure. I believe there are sound reasons to be Republican, conservative and support the Constitution and Bill of Rights but leave religion out of governance and politics.
  7. FormerSomeone

    Impeachment 2019

    "One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty . . ." See how the punctuation works in the original? ". . . , under God, . . ." wasn't added to the Pledge until 1954. Nine years after it was adopted. The subject of the sentence is The Republic; as in "one nation". Not God.
  8. FormerSomeone

    Here’s Some Freaky Shit

    Tesla was a brilliant man. Far ahead of his time. It's kind of an insult to suggest he had alien help. Especially based on a fetus that had birth defects and likely died in the womb and was miscarried. No connection at all that the first video would support.
  9. He was also Mayor Bucci's Corp Counsel, I believe. https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp/947/590/1453884/
  10. While they have him under scrutiny they should check some of his and Mayor David's real estate holdings against development decisions of the BLDC.
  11. FormerSomeone

    Number Five

    A fire station there might be nice. 😉
  12. FormerSomeone

    Number Five

    The news stated "the City" is considering a bank or gas station . . . so that means student housing. I'm still trying to get my mind around the four story "grocery store" at Stow Flats. Gonna be tough getting them grocery carts up and down stairs or in the elevator.
  13. FormerSomeone

    Another death in Broome county Jail

    I think it was Brian Epstein.
  14. FormerSomeone

    The Hunting of Dan Livingston

    Never underestimate the vindictiveness of City Republicans in their effort to keep all actions silent. They HATED that Livingston posted videos of council meetings on YouTube. That will end in January and we'll go back to "transcripts of that meeting cannot be found" responses.
  15. FormerSomeone

    The Little White Church in Conklin

    For sure. I worked South of the tracks on Powers Rd and in 2006 and we were sweating the water lapping the rails and our factory on the other side. I had to drive to State Line Road and back to get there. Lost power and went outside to watch the poor folks North of the tracks lose the battle to keep the water at bay. Nice dog park as well.