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  1. FormerSomeone

    Democrats Will Do ANYTHING To Win.

    We weren't talking about any of them. At least I wasn't. Focus. PS - I am a registered Republican these past 45 some years (still have "Re-Elect Mayor Al Libous" pencils I handed out as a Cub Scout). In 2016 I voted against Hillary and in 2020 I voted against Trump. I haven't voted FOR anyone since Perot. Reelect nobody!
  2. FormerSomeone

    Democrats Will Do ANYTHING To Win.

    I was referring to the despiration method of "doing anything" like storming the Capital to prevent the lawful presentation of the electorial college results. That is what elects a president. Not the popular vote. Surprised you didn't know that. Though Biden took that as well.
  3. FormerSomeone

    Democrats Will Do ANYTHING To Win.

    Seen them over and over. Followed the court trials and testimony. Read the documents from just before and during. The Great Ego and his red-hatted minions that wouldn't allow democracy OR the purpose of the Republic to move forward. President's are not elected for life.
  4. FormerSomeone

    Insurrection or just stupid?

    If you consider that, statistically, it is a fact that half of all people are below average intelligence; then it all makes sense.
  5. FormerSomeone

    Democrats Will Do ANYTHING To Win.

    Like storming the Capital rather than conceeding defeat? Nah. What kind of wackos would attempt that?
  6. FormerSomeone

    Southside Pet Hospital closes after 44 yrs.

    It's frightening that the only place nearby you can take a pet after hours for "emergency" treatment is in Ithaca. Lord knows with us it always seems to be a Sunday that some crisis pops up.
  7. FormerSomeone

    Democrats: Dangerous and Hollow

    Seems to me the Contenental Congress did a LOT of compromising before they agreed on the wording and topics of the Declaration. Ben Franklin said "Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide." Moderate, being the antonym of zealot.
  8. FormerSomeone

    Democrats: Dangerous and Hollow

    The zealots in either party are of great concern. Hopefully by having equivalent opposition they will be neutralized into a more moderate and sensible balance.
  9. FormerSomeone

    City Hall YouTube video

    When the Federal courts on the 4th floor are in session you have to pass through metal detectors. Maybe other times as well.
  10. FormerSomeone

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    I think you mean Hague Convention of 1899. "Declaration concerning the Prohibition of the Use of Bullets which can Easily Expand or Change their Form inside the Human Body such as Bullets with a Hard Covering which does not Completely Cover the Core, or containing Indentations" Nothing in the Geneva Convention about hollow-points or their being forbidden. Heck, you can use a flame thrower if you want. Ask the FBI what they recommend after the 1986 Miami shootout. I use what they use. Gold Dot hollow-points.
  11. FormerSomeone

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Someone has removed the sight(s) from that rifle. Rittenhouse had a reflex sight in all the images.
  12. FormerSomeone

    Alec Baldwin shoots, kills woman on movie set

    Alec Baldwin is vocally anti-gun. And yet he has no qualms about making millions brandishing them for movies. Hollywood hypocrite. Shame he never took any NRA safe gun handling training. Always handle them like they were loaded and point them in a safe direction. A convincing actor should just make a finger "gun" and say "pow, pow".
  13. FormerSomeone


    That's true. It used to be they loved the fast cash deal without the bank delay and would shave something off or toss in extras- but now the "extras" are all expensive packages and they're not offerred on used vehicles. Now most large dealers try to do internal financing through the manufacturer and they get more from the interest than the margin on the car. But, financially, you're still ahead if you're not paying that interest.
  14. FormerSomeone


    My Dad gave me a great bit of advice in the 1970's: "never buy a car on credit." I never have and that has made a BIG difference (I believe). Though I had some $200 horror stories that cost as much to keep rolling as monthly payments might have. Up to $2,000 clunkers in slightly better shap. Eventually it got better and I learned to work on my own cars and trucks. After a series of new cars and trucks I figured vehicles were gettimng better (especially with 5-year user car warranties) and I started to pick used again. Current SUV is a 2017 Limited Edition with all the bell and whistles and I go for two years old with less than 25K miles and pay cash. House is paid for as well; though that took five years to pay off. If you borrow you are working for the bank but get no benefits.
  15. FormerSomeone


    I've been with Visions since they absorbed Two Rivers and have no complaints. For savings we use M&T and, again, no complaints. They were both very helpful with an unpleasant Power of Attorney I had to go through with my parents end-game and made it smooth (though nothing could have made it painless).