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  1. FormerSomeone

    Vestal walk way along 434

    Isn't the current Binghamton mayor a conservative Republican? More than half of the work is happening in/on his watch.
  2. FormerSomeone

    Vestal walk way along 434

    Shame they didn't build it on the river side so it might be a pleasant walk with a view. And you know some kid is going to walk along the elevated ledge, fall, crack his head and sue the City.
  3. Thar paper is WAY above my medical knowledge - but it appears an effort to increase the effectiveness of immunotherapy for patients with organ transplants. You don't want the body rejecting the transplant as a foreign object. No reason this would be part of an anti-virus program.
  4. FormerSomeone

    Southern Border Migrant Surge Crisis

    I see when we "offload" the Hatians they try and get back on the planes. Perhaps we should "off-plane" them without landing? Worked in Vietnam.
  5. FormerSomeone

    Southern Border Migrant Surge Crisis

    Oh. You just haven't dug far enough into my old posts. But, unlike Trump, I admit I can be an fool and an idiot. I'm comfortable with that.
  6. FormerSomeone

    Southern Border Migrant Surge Crisis

    Good thing Trump made Mexico pay for that border wall.
  7. FormerSomeone

    Southern Border Migrant Surge Crisis

    Well here we are. Texans want a sub-rice sized embryo to have full rights at six weeks but beat a 20 year old viable human with reins and charge horses over them. Make a fricken choice. Is all life important or not? Personally, I'm all for dogs, land-mines and machine gun fields of fire at the borders. It's foolish to "re-transport" invadors back at great expense to try again. Maybe give them an exit half-way home at 20,000 feet? Better than plastics in the ocean for world nutrition. 😉 Chop off a foot and see if they have the heart for twosies.
  8. FormerSomeone

    Norm Macdonald

    His timing and dead-pan delivery was superb. A great loss to the world of comics.
  9. The protester did not bounce a fire extinguisher off the head of a Capital Guard? I know a different version based on visual evidence. And I'm moderate conserrvative registered Republican since 1976. Maybe I should be in the unicorn party. Because there no longer exists a moderate position in politics. I feel something vanished from my conservative party and it went full crazy zealot right wing,
  10. Of course I have compassion for them. No doubt they felt betrayed by those they were defending as information came forward that it was "an inside job". And Officer Brian Sicknick, who was murdered by the mob. It was an ugly, ugly day for all Americans. I was horrified. I hope they run the causes of the riot, politicians as well as participants, to ground and give them the maximum possible penalties. Unfortunately we no longer hang traitors. And now Rep. McCarthy is threatening the phone companies that if they disclose the records he and his co-conspirators will be vindictive. He should get the first court summons; and now we have an additional charge.
  11. 1.) The crowd dropped back after she was shot and they were able to evacuate the room - more would have been excessive. 2.) She was engaged in several felonious acts and in a riot situation. Criminal tresspass, breaking and entering, rioting, and insurrection are not misdeminors The latter can get a 10 year prision sentence. Officer Byrd reacted as he was trained. Obviously his decision was found to be lawful in front of a Federal prosecutor and review board. 3.) Oh, I bet the Capital Police get a LOT of anti-terrorist and riot control training. He is also a decorated veteran. So was she - and in violation of The Oath. 4.) See #2 5.) Don't know. See list of non-misdemenor acts in process at the time of the shooting in #2. Any Federal Court has armed baliffs and security. That's why there are metal detectors at City Hall - because of the courts on the 4th floor. 6.). No signs at my house, either. But if you come in by breaking your way through a door or window - I'm shooting. And it's not my profession.
  12. Good for him. "Hold the perimiter"; and that shooting did. It halted the mob long enough for the Speakers Lobby to be evacuated. Play stupid games - win stupid prizes. "Stop" means stop. How often have I heard "I'd like to see more rioters and looters shot". Well, we did. Hooray.
  13. I was actually more pokin' at YankeeDoodle, darling. 😉 The nanotechnology in chemo I am aware of is to centralize innoculations at the site of the tumor so it can be treated - or fried - without widespread harm in the rest of the body. Two college level Biology, two Microbiology and one Medical Parasitology course for me. 😉. And I homebrew!
  14. Hey, what's wrong with a magnetic personality? Other than I set off metal detectors and wrenches keep slapping me when I walk through my garage it's great. When I drop a nail it jumps right back up into my hand. What nonsense. Anyone with a cell phone is more monitored, listened to and tracked than the non-event innoculation "nanobots". Sheesh. That is the tinfoil hat stuff of psycotics. Take your medication and calm down. TALK TO YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR AND STOP RELYING ON THE INTERNET. Just because the Kardashians don't like something dosen't mean that's the smart choice. Quite the opposite.
  15. Gosh, that is such a pity . . . not. Time to rearm the Mujahadeen. I understand they don't like the Taliban any more than we do. We backed the wrong horse in this race. Once again. We should have been 100% behind the Kurds and the Mujahadeen for the last 25 years. Shame they don't control the oil. We attacked Afganistan when 17 of the 19 911 terrorists and Ben Ladin were Saudis. We hit the wrong country. Because we're addicted to their oil. What does Afganistan have? Rocks and heroin/opium.