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  1. FormerSomeone

    Rate the COVID-19 Response of Trump, Cuomo & Garnar

    I voted for Trump. But he should be bitch-slapped for denying the doctors and science that support caution. He is a frikin moron when it comes to the science of virology and his constanty vacillating on the need for caution has cost lives. He should back away, close his Twitter account, and let the doctors speak; whether it makes him "look good" or not. He's frikin Benito Mussolini the second. His roots as a lying realitor are surfacing. In 2014 a better choice than Hillory but I cannot support a total divorce from truth, science and scientific method. And I've been a Republican twice as long as he has.
  2. FormerSomeone

    Why does BCV periodically go offline

    For the price - the service is excellent. Thank you for providing this forum.
  3. FormerSomeone

    John Solak to retire from Twitter?

    Good for him. I refuse to participate in Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok . . . really any social media that is primarily image related. I prefer written forums like this.
  4. FormerSomeone

    Whatever happened to Debbie Preston?

    I heard she got a job as a social case worker. https://tenor.com/view/beetlejuice-juno-slit-throat-cutthroat-smoking-gif-15220394
  5. FormerSomeone

    BREAKING: BCV's Garo Kachadourian is at tonight's BLM protest

    Happily looting was avoided because there are no electronics, sneakers or jewelry in the stores in downtown Binghamton.
  6. FormerSomeone

    Legis. Rick Balles, another Bijoy Datta disaster?

    Balles was a village of JC Trustee ( "Why spend $80M to rebuild a flood damaged sewage treatment plant that FEMA will 100% refund when $275M is available at moderate interest to dole out to campaign donors?") and a failed mayorial cantidate. What's he running for now?
  7. FormerSomeone

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    I'm all about the 2nd Amendment, an NRA member, hunter and unrestricted pistol permit holder. But Kyle travelled out of his home turf, armed himself, and went looking for a fight. He should be fined $500 and given a strict repremand. Removed from his folder when he turns 18.
  8. FormerSomeone

    National Shortage of Aluminium Cans

    Watch out for that unless you know they are unused. Lids are kind of a one-shot deal. The screw collars are reuseable. Peope who reuse the lids may do fine; but may also spending some time riding all the rides in Salomnella Park . . . or even Botulism Land. We use wax ("Paraffin") to seal jams and jelly/preserves. It's good to keep a hand in the old ways. It's also very satisfying to eat your own preserves, canning, jerkey, pickles. Drink your own wine or home-brewed beer (which, sadly, costs twice what Yuengling costs and may be that good if you do well). Reminds me - I need eight heads of cabbage for sauerkraut. You can not buy anything that approaches "fresh" uncanned/unpasturized/unfrozen sauerkraut. Crunchy, tangy, zesty goodness!
  9. FormerSomeone

    National Shortage of Aluminium Cans

    Canning lid seals (for Mason screw lids) as well. Unobtainable! We ended up ordering from Mason directly (and, surprise, got notification that they are in transit from China in a shipping container). Wer're so boned if we ever go to war with China.
  10. I live in the Forks school district and I am FLOORED by our tax rate. I'd rather have them cut sports than useful programs. But that will not happen. The prior owner of our home bought a site 1 mile south and built a new home that put him in the Harpursvill school distrist (on seven less acres) as a savings action. True story.
  11. FormerSomeone

    Loud Music

    What you don't want to do is grab a shovel and try and straighten it out yourself (after repeated calls to the police) like that poor tormented man on Airport Road in Union. Even if you kill a jerk more just pop up. I'd be the last guy to suggest you walk over and smash his electric meter with a rock and cause the main breaker to trip out.
  12. FormerSomeone

    Sick of BLM

    This will not end well or peacefully. Volume does not guarantee justification. If your cause cannot be presented and supported in polite, civil discussion then it may not be as sensible as you suppose.
  13. Note to self: "start carrying a plastic bag of dogshit under the front seat of the car."
  14. FormerSomeone

    Golf course charging for seperate carts.

    It's not like golf is a vital service. If you want to rent a cart it's $10. If you don't want to pay that you can carry your clubs. Be a real martyr. Buck up, little Buckeroo. Life can throw great hardships at you sometimes.
  15. FormerSomeone

    Sex Offenders per capita

    These statistics only include the ones that have been caught. Also likely because of the continuation of Juanita's policy to accept the city's refuse.