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  1. I'm sure Jason folded each letter and licked the envelope before pulling a stamp off the roll and applying it. Not the first time some underling selected the wrong form letter and address file link in a relational database. Not the last. Would have been worse if someone with a dead kid got a letter about free tuition. I got a rejection letter annually for three years from NYSEG after applying once for a job there. Thanks guys. How about rubbing lemon juice in the wound?
  2. FormerSomeone

    What does this mean?

    You weren't smoking or talking on a cell phone while pumping gasoline, were you?
  3. FormerSomeone

    Fat shaming at Forever 21

    Or fat . . . bitch.
  4. That's still your taxes paid if you live in New York State. Just a little less local. Municipal, State, Federal . . . they all spend our taxes sent.
  5. I believe this is IN ADDITION to the earlier skullduggery announced last February of having his property appraisal reduced 27% without submitting the state form or having a hearing; like a law-abiding citizen would be required to do. To say you don't have to pay back-taxes due because it wasn't your "mistake? Try that with the IRS; or a "corrected" City water billing. http://www.wicz.com/story/39920735/former-city-employee-alleges-binghamton-mayor-is-cutting-his-property-tax-bill
  6. FormerSomeone

    H20 treatment plant 2019

    The Water Treatment Plant is separate from the much larger and more involved Wastewater Treatment Plant. Who runs the Wastewater Plant? The two mayors (Bing & JC) and the four other JC Trustees and seven City Council made all the decisions for the last "several decades of mismanagement" (since 1959) and they will continue to do that. The Owners have always been in control of the capital spending yet have no idea about biological treatment or have anything like engineering/science backgrounds. Adding another for-profit layer to the daily management will not change that. And the same group of elected and appointed non-science folks will decide on who should do the contract management. See a pattern here? It will be the same methodology that selected the last construction plan that, now, the Mayor claims would never have worked had they even paid attention to the shoddy construction. So . . . what has changed? Some of the same names, definitely the titles, will likely be on the selection committee these years later. They are not looking at privatization. They are looking at "contract management" and the Owners still pay the capital, the principal on the loan that now exceeds operating costs, and own the plant and remain in charge . . . if not in control. Don't confuse the daily operations and plant managers with the Owners and Board who make the investment and construction decisions. "Political Science" is not really a science. That's why it his an arts degree and not a science degree.
  7. FormerSomeone

    Mayor, City of Binghamton

    No problem. You can privatize it away and then blame the new management. Sadly, we people of the Valley will pay for it. But those with Machiavellian Personality Disorder have no empathy for the "peasants" so it will not impact his sleep at night.
  8. FormerSomeone

    Mayor, City of Binghamton

    Jared still has spots and no practical experience. Not that a mayor needs any. He has to try, though. If he doesn't get to be mayor it's either Wendy's or McDonald's with that Political Science degree.
  9. FormerSomeone

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    It is always an individual's option to resist what they feel is a wrongful requirement and resign. Not just clerks. I resigned from a management job that payed very well and I had nowhere else lined up because things were just wrong [in my opinion]. Later evidence proved me correct and, sadly, resulted in a suicide of a spouse of someone involved. Since then I trust my instincts even more. We all have to set our own bars of morality and what is unacceptably beyond them.
  10. FormerSomeone

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    Hopefully it's bright green of something so traffic officers know to turn them over immedietly to ICE for deportation if they are stopped for traffic infractions.
  11. FormerSomeone

    BCVoice investigating arrest of BPD officer in Las Vegas

    Was he there to escort Mayor David riding on the ticket of Ben Weisman?
  12. FormerSomeone

    Memorial Day 2019

    WOW! You just go from one ignored topic to full troll. Pretty impressive acceleration. OK - I'll play. Euthanasia should be the right of any human. Allow them to die with dignity rather than be eaten slowly by cancer or gradually ebb away into incoherence with Alzheimers. How cruel are you? It's always an option. But cleaning up after a close-range gunshot to the head is uglier than Hollywood often shows. And sometimes, sadly, unsuccessful. And with a ghastly aftermath. Sixth graders removing their coats is not a strip search. Stop confusing children with adults capable of managing themselves or making their own decisions. Don't know or care about painting NY pink, but abortion is a medical procedure that should remain open to those who chose it. We have enough unwanted children to go around already. I don't think we are ready for mandatory abortions in certain cases . . . yet. You missed vaccines - I recognize your right to deny your child vaccines. Just don't send them to school or expect the same medical insurance premiums as a sensible person.
  13. FormerSomeone

    Respect the ride.

    In 1982 I had a sweet Suzuki GS650EX (four cylinder cafe racer w/short/straight bar, Mikuni jets and a Yoshimura header) and I realized it was only a matter of time before I would kill myself. The speedometer went to 100 mph at 3,500 rpm and I took it up to 6,000 rpm red line repeatedly. It was on or off with the throttle. Dumped it once (smashed a Sampson helmet when I hit a tree after sliding across a lawn - crushing my c1 - c3 vertebra - paying for that every AM and PM now) and rebuilt the side that was scraped away and sold it. A lot of fun but there was no way my personality would survive if I had kept it. Your results may very.
  14. FormerSomeone

    Remembering George Akel

    He was a good man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1se8_-fcxZs
  15. FormerSomeone

    Respect the ride.

    "Watch for Motorcycles" . . . streaking down the white line between halted lanes of traffic.