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  1. FormerSomeone

    Scandal at East Middle School

    I had heard as well that the "strip search" was the school nurse telling them to remove their coats.
  2. FormerSomeone

    Where's the Best place to Park your Car and Make Out in Broome County?

    Try the Oakdale Mall parking lot. No one ever goes there.
  3. FormerSomeone

    Toughest man in Broome County

    Rick Yarosh.
  4. FormerSomeone

    Is there anybody out there?

    Been waiting patiently. Looks as good as the last version.
  5. FormerSomeone

    #BREAKING: Ginny Weedon returning to BCV 2/14/19

    I'm all ears . . . er, eyes.
  6. FormerSomeone

    Mihalko and Preston?

    Got a robot call from Fred Akskar stating the postcard was an "underhanded" lie. I agree. That's weazley even for Broome County politics.
  7. FormerSomeone

    Mihalko and Preston?

    I received a horrible postcard in the mail that claims Joe Mihalko intends to bring Debbie Preston in to manage the County DMV. Please, please tell me this is not so. I had respect for him up to now.
  8. FormerSomeone


    Berghdal should be forced to have a portrait of Sgt. Mark Allen with his family in every room so he is constantly reminded of the man who lost so much when he was shot in the head trying to "rescue" him after he wandered off. He'll never speak, never walk again.
  9. FormerSomeone

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    Is it "Refuse Facism" or "Reuse Facism"? They seem to be borrowing from the 1936 Playbook of Social Oppression. It seems they want a one-party liberal state. November 4th - the new Krystallnacht.
  10. FormerSomeone

    Ulster County Democrat Fakes PTSD Over Traffic Stop.

    Revoke her driver's license pending a full psychiatric evaluation. She does not appear functionally stable enough to operate motorized equipment.
  11. FormerSomeone

    Terror in Manhattan? Breaking.

    Cuomo is on the scene to make the 5:00PM news . . . But will he give us the death penalty?
  12. Cuomo is making his presidential bid on the backs of New York Staters. Our taxes will be leaving the state. Good to know we are so well funded at the State level we can give it away. But Cuomo still is holding millions of dollars in FEMA reimbursements to local municipalities (the Feds pay the state & the state is supposed to pass it along) from the 2006 flood. Good to know Upstate NY is somewhere behind Puerto Rico in the scheme of reelection.
  13. FormerSomeone

    Happy Birthday Hillary

    President of the Caanan Penitentiary Inmate's Association?
  14. FormerSomeone


    "That is beyond the pale". Now. Opinions on what is right or wrong change. Society creates morals and morals change. And what is accepted in one country is different from another. Who determines the "age of consent?" Nature seems to have set it at about age 13 (and dropping thanks possibly to cattle steroids and feed with hormones). Who is to say what will be acceptable 50 or 100 years from now? There are plenty of legal but depraved and disgusting things allowed now.
  15. FormerSomeone

    Over Reaction at SUNY

    Oh, I fully expect if I was to go paint a swastika (although I loathe Nazis) on a wall somewhere I could expect to have someone come up and kick me hard in the fork. We are all entitled to our opinions, freedom of speech, but actions create reactions.