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  1. Ronnie Gorman’s required financial disclosure report is now 17 days late. What is she hiding? And why can’t she follow the law?
  2. Ronnie Gorman, running for Family Court Judge, and her treasurer, tax cheat and disability fraudster Paul Battisti, have failed to file the proper 11 day pre primary campaign financial disclosure report. But this is no surprise. Look at hoe Battisti ran his own campaign. And Ronnie Gorman was the defense attorney who called a convicted murderer "one of the most polite, considerate and patient people I've ever met". https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/binghamton/crime-safety/2017/09/29/binghamton-man-found-guilty-of-2015-murder-outside-antler-lodge Where does Gorman hang out, if THAT GUY is one of the most polite, considerate and patient people she's ever met?
  3. “The bank on Main Street just got robbed....have Jody order a tray of subs from wegmans!” 🤣
  4. And fast forward to the last 20 minutes. Or watch the entire episode if you have time. John is 100% on the money regarding the 2020 race for Family Court Judge. It's all about Battisti seeking revenge for last year, running Veronica Krause Gorman against Steve Cornwell.
  5. Apparently Family Court Judge candidate Veronica Krause Gorman recently posed on Facebook with an "award", stating she is a top female attorney in NY. This until John Solak exposed her in a video last night, revealing these "awards" are bought and paid for by the attorney, from a marketing firm. If you missed Solak last night, it's in the first 20 minutes of his video. Solak also revealed Paul Battisti is behind her campaign. Apparently Battisti can't let his DA loss go. He has been named "Finance Chairman" of the Gorman campaign. I've heard some very unsavory things about Veronica Krause (her name back then) when she practiced law in Cortland County. And then, there was the time she called a convicted cold blooded murderer "one of the most polite, considerate and patient people I've ever met.” source: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/binghamton/crime-safety/2017/09/29/binghamton-man-found-guilty-of-2015-murder-outside-antler-lodge I will be supporting Steve Cornwell in the Republican primary in June.
  6. Of course he’s incompetent. But let me tell you, this guy can dance. He should host a dance a ton to save Broome County.
  7. I see on Facebook many local birthday car parades yesterday. Will Jason Stalin Garnar try to lock up the participants? Vote this asshole out of office. He’s in way over his head.
  8. Wildcat23

    Harder rides through St Pats parade in tank?

    Yeah because kids like over the top sensational things, like cartoons. If the Pennsylvania National Guard invades New York in an attempted hostile takeover, at least we will be prepared in Broome County.
  9. Is this really necessary?
  10. Wildcat23

    Fire Kevin Drumm

    I was at a fancy fundraiser and he took to the dance floor. I thought I was at some Broadway play. What a performance!
  11. Wildcat23

    S. Tier AIDS Program violating its non-profit status?

    Ouch. M_Sable should check their facts.
  12. Wildcat23

    S. Tier AIDS Program violating its non-profit status?

    And now their post has been deleted! Good thing John Solak has it archived.
  13. John Solak has the goods on the Southern Tier AIDS Program violating its non-profit status by promoting the candidacy of Hollie Levine for Family Court Judge. They should be fined and reprimanded for this obvious violation.