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  1. I’ve been saying over and over, how will she top herself this time? A couple meetings ago, she began spreading rumors people are mentally ill. Last meeting she was drunk. What can she possibly do to top herself tonight? Shots? Smoke a joint? Romantic post Valentine’s Day affection? Come on Linda, don’t let us down.
  2. https://wbng.com/2021/02/10/broome-county-sees-50-increase-of-gonorrhea-diagnoses-from-2019/
  3. Wildcat23

    Ronnie Gorman up to her old tricks

    One of my friends on this site who is a paramedic posted that Brett Noonan who is running for Family Court Judge responded to that horrible Endicott fire a few nights ago. He’s a volunteer firefighter for Vestal. An hour later, Ronnie Gorman posts to her Facebook page 10 year old photos of her in firefighter gear from when she lived in Cortland. She hasn’t been a volunteer firefighter in over a decade and has never been a firefighter in Broome County. Apparently she thinks more highly of Cortland! That’s pretty disgraceful, Ronnie. If you’re going to portray yourself as a firefighter... actually BE a firefighter.
  4. Wildcat23

    Legendary Greg Deemie will not seek re-election in JC

    Best haircut in local elected office.
  5. I see Ronnie Gorman is up to her old tricks. She sent out her first mail piece of the 2021 campaign for Family Court Judge. No where did she identify who paid for the mailing, nor did she identify herself as a judicial candidate. Two pretty obvious violations. It’s only January 20 and Ronnie is already 0/2. New year, but for Ronnie nothing has changed. 😂
  6. Wildcat23

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    Mara's husband does very well in private practice, they will throw in probably $50,000. And she can get a check from her father for another $50,000. Shapiro doesn't have that kind of money. The $25 check from Lena Bishop isn't going to buy him any TV ads.
  7. Wildcat23

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    Shapiro is trying to make a big splash with his campaign announcement this week, but I don't think his campaign will go anywhere. With two seats up, and three Democrats rumored to run, forcing a Democrat primary, I think Shapiro is the Democrat who loses and doesn't move on to November. Mara Grace will have money. Sam Monachino will have money. I don't think Shapiro will have the money he needs to compete with the other two (despite the six figure job he stole for his wife).
  8. If you time it right, chances are you’ll wait less than a half hour. I went tonight after dinner and from the minute I got in line, I was back in my car in less than 20 minutes.
  9. Absolutely. Saroka is someone any board would be lucky to have. This is a great opportunity for JC to elect someone with integrity and an honorable background. Meaney has done a fine job and deserves another term. Reynolds needs to get out of his parents basement, get a job and experience the real world. Try running again in 10 years. His anti law enforcement views are not appreciated or welcome in JC.
  10. Boncek pleaded guilty and fled to Florida. And Hollie Levine has the nerve to run for Family Court Judge? She is clearly a delusional, elitist psychopath.
  11. Wildcat23

    BCVoice Poll: Cornwell or Levine?

    Being a judge is far more than the campaign they run, but Cornwell ran the most genius fundraiser of 2020. He made thousands of dollars for his campaign, while feeding the homeless and police officers. Obviously the Cornwell-machine is still churning.
  12. A lot of people can’t make it to fundraisers, because of other obligations, but hundreds of people have $15 and are willing to buy a meal for a police officer or homeless person. This is a genius way to fundraise in the current Covid era.
  13. Wildcat23

    Sophia Bergman eyeing Family Court Judge seat in 2021

    The following attorneys are also running for Family Court in 2021: Veronica ‘Ronnie‘ Gorman, who lost to Steve Cornwell in the 2020 GOP primary. Hollie Levine, who will lose to Cornwell in the 2020 general election. James Sacco, Tea Party associated attorney. Brett Noonan, Republican attorney.
  14. Just saw a TV ad for liberal activist Family Court Judge candidate Hollie Levine, featuring former Judge Marty Smith. Marty, we agreed with you on Korchak, because he was the best candidate. But you’re wrong with this one. Broome County knows and likes Steve Cornwell, he did an excellent job as DA. He did more for the criminal justice system and Broome County in four years as DA than you did in 20 years on the bench. Marty, you don’t even live in NY anymore. You fled for PA. And you think you can continue to speak for our community? Sorry Marty, you were right on Korchak, but You’re wrong with Levine. Your 15 minutes are up. Live your life in PA and leave us alone.
  15. Wildcat23

    Binghamton newspaper BLM reporter Ashley Biviano

    Yesterday a huge crowd came together to support law enforcement, in a parade that went through Broome County. Where was Ashley Biviano? No mention of it anywhere from the Press and Sun Bulletin. Yet everything BLM does anything, it's front page coverage in the newspaper.