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  1. Wildcat23

    Kraham/Burns Chamber debate… a clear winner

    Kraham was indeed impressive. Burns at no point of the debate mentioned any kind of plan… for anything! All he said was listen to people and neighborhood meetings. Burns would be a big liability as mayor. Kraham has proven he is ready to be mayor.
  2. Wildcat23

    Family Court Race

    We can vote for two candidates for Family Court, but I’m only voting for one.
  3. Wildcat23

    Kate Newcomb changes party to Democrat

    The $25 donation she gets from Lena Bishop could change the dynamic of the entire race.
  4. What happened to the cop hating kid on the JC board? It looks like he resigned.
  5. Wildcat23

    District Attorney poll: Korchak or Battisti

    I agree the Korchak’s are all about politics and not about law and order. I was personally contacted by a member of the Korchak family and urged to not vote for Richard Balles for county legislature, but to vote for Democrat Karen Beebe. This can’t be proper for the District Attorney and his family?
  6. Wildcat23

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    I hope the organizers were smart enough to invest in event insurance.
  7. Wildcat23

    Flash Flood Watch - Warning Again

    Agreed. Johnson City is a mess.
  8. So this average Joe gets raked through the coals, because he thought he was in compliance. But then you have the Kashou family who can literally do “whatever the hell they want” on their sports dome property, just down the road from there, because of who they are? The former dome and sports complex on Airport Road wasn’t even in compliance. That land is zoned agricultural. But because they are the Kashou’s, they get what they want. Now they Kashou’s are expanding, and no one is going to stop them. But an average resident of Broome County had to take down his fence? In Broome County it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are.
  9. I see Pennsylvania’s favorite angry drunk Marty Smith is still meddling in Broome County politics. Despite the fact he hasn’t lived in Broome County or worked here in a couple years. I’m not sure why Smith thinks he’s so blessed with personal greatness that he can resurface every year and tell Broome County residents what to think and who to vote for. This year he’s back in an advertisement for Mara Grace. Keep in mind, Smith was forced into retirement 6 years ago, due to his advancing age and declining cognitive functions. Do us a favor Marty and stay on PA with your opinions. You haven’t been relevant in several years.
  10. The digital system Steve Cornwell built for case management is now being used by other counties in New York. I remember reading Cornwell did a seminar for other DA's in the state, about how to build and use a similar digital system.
  11. Nope. He’s actually doing better than that! I spoke with Steve last month. He’s doing very well.
  12. Lindsay Nielsen worked at WBNG as a reporter about 10 years ago. Reporter who says Cuomo intimidated, bullied her broke down when others came forward: ‘I just started crying’ https://www.foxnews.com/media/reporter-cuomo-intimidated-bullied-her-broke-down-crying Ex-journalist Lindsay Nielsen says harassment faced by Cuomo admin forced her to quit job https://nypost.com/2021/03/01/ex-journalist-claims-harassment-from-cuomo-admin-forced-her-to-quit-job/ Cuomo staff accused of 'incessant bullying,' 'constant threats,' local TV reporter claims https://www.foxnews.com/media/cuomo-staff-accused-of-incessant-bullying-constant-threats-local-tv-reporter-claims
  13. I’ve been saying over and over, how will she top herself this time? A couple meetings ago, she began spreading rumors people are mentally ill. Last meeting she was drunk. What can she possibly do to top herself tonight? Shots? Smoke a joint? Romantic post Valentine’s Day affection? Come on Linda, don’t let us down.
  14. https://wbng.com/2021/02/10/broome-county-sees-50-increase-of-gonorrhea-diagnoses-from-2019/
  15. Wildcat23

    Ronnie Gorman up to her old tricks

    One of my friends on this site who is a paramedic posted that Brett Noonan who is running for Family Court Judge responded to that horrible Endicott fire a few nights ago. He’s a volunteer firefighter for Vestal. An hour later, Ronnie Gorman posts to her Facebook page 10 year old photos of her in firefighter gear from when she lived in Cortland. She hasn’t been a volunteer firefighter in over a decade and has never been a firefighter in Broome County. Apparently she thinks more highly of Cortland! That’s pretty disgraceful, Ronnie. If you’re going to portray yourself as a firefighter... actually BE a firefighter.