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  1. ThelmaHarper

    Binghamton’s PLOT shuts down court st. Last night

    Erectile dysfunction is often a byproduct of obesity or diabetes in younger males. So unless those markers exist it's unclear if there is actually a correlation
  2. ThelmaHarper

    COVID-19 cluster at BU?

    BU has had a small spike in cases. Many employees expect an October shut down.
  3. ThelmaHarper

    Neil Peart

  4. ThelmaHarper

    Neil Peart

    I remain partial to Gene Krupa.
  5. ThelmaHarper

    Up Coming Sheriff's Election?? BCVoice !!! Kate Newcomb!!!

    Good grief. "Worked for them". Is that better? As in, maybe, "worked" part time while off duty from primary job. Maybe off the books? I hear many LEO work cashbsode gigs doing security or investigations. But OK to all of the Carnacs out there that are now mind readers.
  6. ThelmaHarper

    Up Coming Sheriff's Election?? BCVoice !!! Kate Newcomb!!!

    People's minds in the gutters. 😳 Maybe I should have said served. Has she worked in BPD or for Z in any capacity in her career? Early on? Part time? Did she do any investigative work for Battisti's firm(s) as a side gig? Those are reasonable questions in response to an earlier question about her working relationship with two prominent individuals. Is there any sort of reason why anyone would jump to a conclusion that there may have been a suggestion of inappropriate behavior?
  7. ThelmaHarper

    Up Coming Sheriff's Election?? BCVoice !!! Kate Newcomb!!!

    Do you suppose she's already "worked under them"?
  8. Bergman teaches as an adjunct at BU. Cozying up to Mesai boosts his credibility in some circles over there and helps keep the lefties at bay when it comes to any potential issues.
  9. ThelmaHarper

    Town of Union Councilwoman Accused of Fraud

    These local legends in their own minds are sadly from right here. From day one, they're privileged and given special treatment and told they're better. As they age they get crony jobs and appointments to local boards at The Agency or BCC or local "non profits" where they proceed to line their own pockets through the companies and properties they control by any means available. They inter marry, pat one another on the back and the cycle continues.
  10. I feared that 75 had joined the long list of bygone posters like ReddiKilowatt, Parmelee, Polly Estherpantz, Moons, Sleepless in Hillcrest (R.I.P.), Westside, etc.
  11. ThelmaHarper

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    Two of those three people are excellent radio presenters. The other struggles to read the news fluently and consistently.
  12. ThelmaHarper

    Who is paying police overtime costs for local BLM events?

    Why would our peacefully protesting citizens need police presence? Perhaps the protection detail should be the first to be defunded.
  13. That guy worked hard for the kids and the taxpayers and had no vested interest in placating teachers, staff, or that bozo of a superintendent that they had. That's the kind of board member schools need. Actually we need board members who will vote to consolidate the districts around here. But it will never happen.