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  1. ThelmaHarper

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    Didn't Mr. Korchak work in the Mollen regime at the DA's office?
  2. ThelmaHarper

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    But no one cares. So much is known or reported on so many in these parts and yet the same sordid cast of characters continues to be elected, to funnel resources to their commercial properties via their memberships on various non-profit boards on which they sit to make their profits in real estate through their LLC's. It's a shell game around here and we are all the rubes that keep footing the bill. F. Paul Battisti will win because he is charming, handsome, and well dressed to the voters. And he has the advantage of wonderful name recognition thanks to his legendary father. None of the ALLEGED scandals matter because the average voter either believes in everything in the above paragraph or just votes straight Republican no matter what.
  3. ThelmaHarper

    Protesters at Columbus parade

    Back in my youth, we protested things- the war in Southeast Asia, mostly. I marched for women's rights. We protested many things, but we never disrupted the hard work of uninvolved children. We protested the war at military facilities, not a Columbus Day parade. These people are not activists, they are anarchists and idiots.
  4. ThelmaHarper

    Gerry Mollen gives indorsement to Paul Batistti????

    Everyone and anyone I have spoken to who works at BCC says the same.
  5. ThelmaHarper

    Storage of hazardous waste in Broome County

    Who will be our Marlon Perkins? Which channel will air the reboot?
  6. Nicky boy is just mad that Bijoy and the rest of the Republican establishment won't automatically throw him a cushy position.
  7. Pete, I thought Francis the Elder was universally loved at BCC. What gives?
  8. ThelmaHarper

    What does this mean?

    That was such an interesting video. Thanks for sharing. Those cults are scary and vicious. Once they get their hooks in you they never give you up.
  9. ThelmaHarper

    BUnnies still around?

    But the work didn't.
  10. ThelmaHarper

    BUnnies still around?

    Most of these replies have absolutely nothing to do with the question in the original post. There have been college women engaged in "side hustles" for as long as there have been women in college. Now they call it sugar daddy dating or some such thing. I won't tell another woman how to use or what to do with her body but I always preferred babysitting or working in shops to "hustling".
  11. ThelmaHarper

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    And there was no big announcement or release of tapes at 6 tonight, either. 🙄 I like this site, and it can have some good information, but it is not a news site. Same thing with John from Binghamton.
  12. ThelmaHarper

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    Yes that makes sense I suppose. I still think there are too many buildings and too many administrators for the size of the area. And superintendent level positions should have a residential rule.
  13. ThelmaHarper

    Restaurant Talk

    No, Ginger, no drive thru. But there's a cute little bar if you want to wait for your food. I enjoy that as well, some chips and salsa with a lemonade while I wait. Definitely not a fast food joint. The food is fresh and traditional. The seafood dishes are wonderful. The staff are sweethearts. We find it worth the drive.
  14. ThelmaHarper

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    I have heard there are more school administrators and teachers, and fewer students in Broome County than there were 60 years ago.
  15. ThelmaHarper

    Restaurant Talk

    That place is wonderful. The gals and I really enjoy it on our outings and the staff is fantastic!