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  1. ThelmaHarper

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    Parler....with servers now based in Russia.
  2. ThelmaHarper

    "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us......." God bless

    Trust the plan. 4-D chess and whatnot.
  3. Binghamton city schools have been infiltrated and are being high jacked by PLOT.
  4. ThelmaHarper

    Is NY22 still undecided?

    No but we can say we are without a large percentage of our representation, so we should be exempt from a large percentage of our taxation.
  5. ThelmaHarper

    Biden, Harris Take Oaths of Office

    I thought Joe Biden was a good speaker, far better than Donald Trump.
  6. ThelmaHarper

    Pope Arrested?!?!

    I heard multiple times that Pelosi was arrested, none of it true. Trust the plan.
  7. ThelmaHarper

    Next Move In the Fight Against Big Tech?

    Well of course dictators like Putin are pissed that a privately held corporation exercised the powers they reserved in the terms of service that a user agreed to when they joined a privately held platform. He hates free enterprise.
  8. ThelmaHarper

    SUNY Broome cancelation

    https://wnbf.com/suny-broome-cancels-winter-sports/ Once proud BCC is a mess. Makes sense to cancel sports and save money on all athletic salaries and travel. The students who remain are unable to make spring schedules or be admitted because even though demand exists departments are not being allowed to add more sections to add those students. I thought more students equaled more revenue? And if a student needs mental health or emotional support, forget it. In the 80s there was a big counseling center with at least a half dozen counselors to help. Now there is maybe one. And they report to a grant writer. Some student is going to need help on campus and not be able to get it. Even Ron Benjamin can win the case that will arise from that. There are plenty of administrators there and I hear that at least 2 of the top people don't live in Broome County. I have spoken to young people there who have tried to get into classes only to be told they are full and can't offer more sections, so go enroll at TC3. How does that make sense? Terrible business decisions. Isn't their president some sort of big time business leader in the region? How can he attract business here if he it turning it away from his own flailing college? A college that was once a gem is now a bust.
  9. ThelmaHarper

    Is Some Weird Military Action Afoot?

    There are rumors of uniformed Chinese troops in British Columbia and Quebec.
  10. ThelmaHarper

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    They're still 4 years behind on releasing their facts on Billary's emails and of course pizzagate. And the swamp is still full and teeming with pond scum, like Vlad's bitch Kentucky Mitch, AOC, Schumer, Gillibrand and Lady G.
  11. ThelmaHarper

    Schumer throws Upstate NY a bone

    It would give him more Dems in the Senate. Gillibrand would by default become the Senior Senator of Upstate. Probably the other would be a Democrat, as Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester would still vote Democratic. Then for the second downstate Senator he would appoint AOC, or at least be assured of a Dem winning future elections. At least one Puerto Rican Senator would be Dem. Maybe both. Bam- possibly 4 new Democratic members of the Senate.
  12. ThelmaHarper

    MAGA March DC

    I actually am anti slavery and against the nazis my parents fought against.. I'm anti swastika flag and anti stars and bars because I'm against the murder they represent. If you wanna support the nazis and KKK they represent, that's your first amendment right, Herr Wilfrid. I didn't say anything about Trump’s many accomplishments- or his many flaws, Nazi.
  13. ThelmaHarper

    MAGA March DC

    So you're pro-nazi and pro-slavery. Got it.
  14. ThelmaHarper

    Oh look....no more BIDEN WON garbage on Press and Sun site

    Just like Pizzagate was gonna be revealed. Just like that Q Qlown was breathlessly assuring us that the arrests were imminent. Just like Jizlane Maxwell was gonna spill the beans. We're just the audience in someone's f'ed up reality show. None of it is real.
  15. ThelmaHarper

    Neil Peart

    I think they had services for Mr. Peart privately. Were they held in the Temples of Syrinx?