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  1. ThelmaHarper

    New guy on WBNG News

    I think he is doing fine. But I do agree that the first week or so the two girls were giving him death looks, talking over him and overall not happy he was there. Either they've come to like and respect him or someone in management had a serious chat with them about their jobs.
  2. ThelmaHarper

    New guy on WBNG News

    Don't be silly, 27. Why I just found out that Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead! I do miss Bob. Maybe I just miss being younger. Binghamton has had some great broadcast talent. Some has stayed some has moved on. My husband says there are a number of fellows on ESPN that have passed through here. This new gentleman on 12 is very good and the gals with him are adorable and very talented.
  3. ThelmaHarper

    New guy on WBNG News

    Greg Catlin has been gone from 12 for years. He's the GM at WSKG. The ownership of BNG uses that station as the equivalent of newspapers used to house train a dog. They hire young talent from Syracuse or Oswego or now even nationally and send them here to cut their teeth.
  4. ThelmaHarper

    Direct Tv

    Thanks all. Would like to cut the cord, and the husband would like to cut the bills!
  5. ThelmaHarper

    Direct Tv

    Pete can you feed more than 1 TV from that antenna or just one? And is the indoor antenna right next to the set or in the attic?
  6. I suspect we will see another example of hat in the coming years
  7. ThelmaHarper

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    Francis is the exact opposite of the rural, working class voter, yet they fell for him hook, line, and sinker thanks to Fred's marketing team. It didn't help to have the law enforcement leaders and previous DA staff and family spreading stories of alleged corruption and misdeeds by Cornwell and Korchak. All they saw was their hero Fred sitting with Francis, and they were sold. Sold out.
  8. ThelmaHarper

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    Several prominent Dems will or do support Battisti due to their jobs at BCC and their connections to his father.
  9. ThelmaHarper

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    Battisti will win. Most people don't pay attention to things as closely as the regulars on this forum do. Those people will see the nice suits, the familiar name and have fond memories of F. Paul's father teaching a course or giving a speech. Or they'll vote for him because they like Fred Akshar. They'll hear the ads and the rumors and think that the police don't like or trust the current DA staff and that lawless mayhem is moments away. Then they'll toddle into the polling places and fill in the box for Francis Paul.
  10. ThelmaHarper

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    Members of the previous DA administration (Mollen's administration) are being quite vocal in some settings in bad mouthing Mike Korchak and alleging incompetence or ethical lapses and talking up Francis Paul. That the current DA administration has taken issue with incompetence and ethical issues by F. Paul strikes me as interesting and certainly more verifiable than innuendo and whispers from establishment cronies if the Bijoy machine.
  11. ThelmaHarper

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    What did you not understand, Lexington?
  12. ThelmaHarper

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    WOW. This should be spread far and wide. The previous DA administration is making several nasty claims about Mr. Korchack, so this is very interesting indeed.
  13. If only you would, Dear Ginny, whoever you are.
  14. ThelmaHarper

    When Vestal Police Chief John Butler stole the TV from Kmart

    Why should they act any different? His career worked out just fine despite this. He rose through the ranks, became a chief, and gets a fat guaranteed pension. Theres no down side for certain people for cheating and stealing, only reward. Must be nice.