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  1. ThelmaHarper

    Deposit Lumberjack Festival

    Do you really think she or any other Broome elites ever think about Deposit or would set foot in the village for any reason other than faking it at the Lumberjack Festival?
  2. ThelmaHarper

    WNBF cuts Bob Joseph show by an hour, and moves to 8am

    That show has become a waste. Its the same callers daily. None of them would get air time in a real market. I click it off as soon as Beverly is announced. That woman needs to go to the senior center to do her reminiscing. If WNBF can't fill the time with good information and actual news, they should just pull the plug. Bob does a fine job writing and reporting news. They should let him to that and get Marble Mouth Whyte off the air. This area's leadership has shown time and again that they don't want actual news reporting and the vast majority of the public has shown they don't pay attention. We get what we deserve.
  3. ThelmaHarper

    IBM 2nm breakthrough and chip fab site competition

    Besides the fact that China will steal this tech and make it cheaper, chip fans require massive water usage. NY would make way more sense than Arizona.
  4. ThelmaHarper

    Binghamton Mayor 2021 poll

    Doesn't matter. Nicky says he has what it takes to save us all. Let him bring his zero experience and bloated entitlement to city government. He hasn't even served as a dog catcher but believes he should be in Albany. Entitled brst who couldn't even win a student government election without daddy's interference.
  5. ThelmaHarper

    Binghamton Mayor 2021 poll

    This is Nick Libous' bug chance to step up and put his money where his big mouth is. He wants a high profile political position, so let him start with the city and work his way up. But he can't so he won't. He's too inexperienced and if not for his last name would be completely ignored.
  6. PLOT, like most radical organizations, will eventually self destruct, imploding on itself. It will be fun to watch. It would be even more awesome if John Solak was about 30 years younger.
  7. ThelmaHarper

    Seton Catholic High school Break in

    Total shakedown.
  8. ThelmaHarper

    Sewage/water treatment Plant

    Go with a water dispenser at Lowe's and a bottle water service. We tried one that sounds like Mulligan, it wasn't good, tasted overly treated with chlorine. Turns out their source is....Endicott municipal water that they further treat. We switched to Aqua Valley and the water is wonderful. Source is a spring in Otsego county.
  9. ThelmaHarper

    Biggest mistake made by Broome County voters

    You are probably correct. Downtown JC and downtown Endicott both need to be entirely re-thought and refocused.
  10. ThelmaHarper

    Nick Libous is Considering Running For His Dad's Former Senate Seat

    He is useless and clueless. He couldn't even win a student government election without his daddy interfering.
  11. You're exactly right. But it begs another question. What is the value of a digitized opinion?
  12. ThelmaHarper

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    Not me, Pete. I could care less what the airshow costs.
  13. ThelmaHarper

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    You don't have to wait for John Solak to FOIL any documents. Anyone can do it. John is no spring chicken and not getting any younger. He has taught us the power of FOIL and the power of simply asking questions. People need to pick up the ball and run with it or lose any power we have forever.
  14. ThelmaHarper

    NWHL to Binghamton? Poll

    Sure is. But Binghamton is no longer a AAA city. And struggling to hold on to AA. Saw a news report last night that post pandemic housing boom nation wide included Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Binghamton is not getting the same boost. Land in the Catskills, and Finger Lakes is selling fast too.
  15. ThelmaHarper

    NWHL to Binghamton? Poll

    They'd go, but would they care? I want a Women's Professional Arena Football Team. Could be a nice combo.