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  1. Maybe if Korchak and his staff weren't busy doing all these unethical things, they would have remembered to renew the Traffic Diversion Program, and they wouldn't have had to operate the program illegally for five months at the beginning of this year.
  2. D607

    District Attorney poll: Korchak or Battisti

    Korchak is retaliating against his own former coworkers (big conflict of internet) with those bullshit charges last week. And he framed a former employee with a missing file, just so he could fire him and hire who he wanted. Korchak is the most corrupt official this area has ever seen.
  3. D607

    Biggest mistake made by Broome County voters

    The reason Korchak deserves the most voters here is because with Preston and Jackson you can genuinely argue they didn't know any better. Occasionally village idiots get elected... it happens. With Korchak it's different, he does know better. He knows what's going on in his office, and instead of making necessary changes, and acting with integrity, he has doubled down, and is now engaged in coverups. It may not end up being any of the current scandals that bring Korchak down, it may be his response to the scandals, and his actions to cover them up, that end up bringing him down.
  4. D607

    John Solak busts Global Motors used car lot

    Beware... these people have bought two more car lots on Main Street. The small lot down across from the old Giant Plaza, next to the Key Bank and Burger King, in Binghamton. And further down in Johnson City, the property what was A&E Auto repair, just passed St. James Church and Rice Funeral Home, they painted it red. I would expect they will do the same thing at those properties, pack as many cars as they can, and take over public streets with their cars.
  5. Korchak is either knowingly operating the program illegally, or he is completely and utterly incompetent. I'm not sure which is worse? This is beyond the final straw with him. I first felt he shouldn't run for re-election... prior to seeing this tonight. Now I feel strongly he needs to resign. He is either too corrupt or too stupid to finish out his term.
  6. I thought Korchak was supposed to have all this experience? He's proven to be a total bozo. Read the last paragraph of the Korchak 2019 statement. As it turns out it's Korchak who "is again demonstrating his lack of knowledge required to hold the position of District Attorney."