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    The truth is still the truth, even when you don't want to hear it.
  1. Property & Casualty

    Battisti tried ruining case against driver who killed Harper Stantz

    I agree 100% in this case. I have no issue with his past clients as another poster has claimed. I see serious flaws with his character, and serious complications with bringing a criminal defense attorney on board as DA. It would be no different than bringing former PD Matt Ryan in to prosecute the same people he was once paid to defend. The recusals and conflicts of interest would logjam the system and cost the taxpayers a ton of money.
  2. Property & Casualty

    Truth Pharm complete Farse

    They had some air time on WBNG the other day protesting the death of an inmate at the county jail. I’m on my phone and can’t find a link to the story, but as I recall the story was conveniently overlooking some pertinent facts.
  3. Property & Casualty

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    Given the foliage present in the image it is not current. Trees are barren this time of year. The 2019 date you reference is most likely a copyright date, not the date the image was taken. Looks to me like it shows muddy runoff from a stream feeding into the river, possibly from last year’s flash flooding that made such a mess on Court St. Pure speculation on my part given that I don’t know when this image is dated.
  4. Property & Casualty

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    Google Earth or whatever service you’re using is not a real time view. What you’re seeing could be several years old. There should be a date someplace on the the image.
  5. Property & Casualty

    Battisti tried ruining case against driver who killed Harper Stantz

    Given that Mr Zikuski is the only one that I mentioned, which of Battisti's former customers are you assuming "I'm not fond of..."? What is the emotional element of my response that you are referring to?
  6. Property & Casualty

    Battisti tried ruining case against driver who killed Harper Stantz

    You’re wrongly assuming that I dislike the now deceased Mr Zikuski. That is not the case at all. I just don’t think it wise to take someone who has accepted money to defend the indefensible, and make them the DA. It would be like taking former Public Defender Matt Ryan and making him DA. I’ve got to question whether someone like that would pursue justice, or give us more Jussie Smollet type criminal coddling BS. That’s my opinion.
  7. Property & Casualty

    Battisti tried ruining case against driver who killed Harper Stantz

    Say what you want, but I don't think it's a good idea to take the guy who defended (attempted to justify in court) the actions of (not so) little Joe Zikuski III, and elevate him to a position with such responsibilities as those involved with the Office of the DA. This dude is Matt Ryan 2.0. He has not shown public safety to be priority, and seems more concerned with lining his pockets instead.
  8. Property & Casualty

    Local News Stations?

    WBNG shows very little local news. It's mostly regional or national pieces that are shared among the stations owned by the parent company, with a smattering of local content. They'll repeat the same 3-4 pieces at least 3 times in a 30 minute broadcast. Remember, you the viewer are not their customer. The advertiser is. They will spend not one more cent than necessary to retain your interest between commercials. They are a business with a bottom line, just like any other business. You are not their customer you are the product they sell to the advertisers who write them checks. The station has bills and employees to pay and must generate a profit or else they wouldn't be there, it's Business 101. That being said... The quality of the minimal "local news" content has gone way down hill. They could be more responsible with their local reporting and be more profitable long term if they wanted to be. I think they're just very short sighted and looking for the "grab n go" money while ignoring the longer term profit potential of building a brand.
  9. Property & Casualty

    Matthews One Price

    I've leased several autos at Matthews without an issue. Just remember that when leasing, prices are set by the leasing company. The dealership has limited room to negotiate, and much of that is dependent on your credit score.
  10. Property & Casualty

    BCVoice welcomes STORMY DANIELS to Binghamton!

    Mike Avenatti has offered to buy me dinner that night. I was wondering where he planned on going. I told him I don't like seafood...
  11. Property & Casualty

    St Patricks Day Parade MVP

    Old Chuckster maintains dual citizenship in the US and Israel. He has no issues with the wall over there. He’s also pro life over there. Could it be because the US is a White majority and Israel has a majority that is Jewish by DNA? There is a lot of anti White sentiment expressed by people who as they say, “look White”, but identify as Jewish.
  12. Property & Casualty

    Scandal at East Middle School

    Ghetto Lottery attempt in progress...
  13. Property & Casualty

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    A RINO candidate that did not embrace MAGA lost a race in a blue state. Thats just blue staters doIng what blue staters do. Keep dreaming sportroll.
  14. This was the best ballot proposition Ive seen in a long time, maybe the best ever.
  15. Property & Casualty

    Daily Post Limit

    75 may post frequently but the quality of his posts is far better than the drivel that trolligan used to spew. To equate the two is simply disingenuous. Your issue is not with the quantity of his posts. You just dont like having your nose rubbed in the MAGA.