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  1. Property & Casualty

    Corona Virus

    China is screwing the world in more ways than one. They released the virus, lied about it, and now are selling defective masks and test kits by the thousands. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3077428/netherlands-recalls-600000-face-masks-china-due-low-quality
  2. Property & Casualty

    What is Gov. Covid doing to stop virus spread from NYC?

    Because Divershitty is our greatest strength...
  3. Property & Casualty

    Attention Town of Union

    The Town Yard on Scarborough Dr is also available for drop off of everything previously mentioned. They prefer it be left in front of the gate once they’ve closed for the day.
  4. Property & Casualty

    Attention Town of Union

    Yes, the newly opened facility at 1425 Campville Rd will be accepting yard waste, recycling, Christmas trees, electronics such as TV’s, and used motor oil. All items should be left on the grass, but may be left in the road if needed.
  5. Property & Casualty

    Attention Town of Union

  6. Property & Casualty

    Attention Town of Union

    I just heard the Town will be accepting yard waste for drop off at 1425 Campville Rd in Endicott.
  7. Property & Casualty

    Attention Town of Union

    This is just ridiculous. I would love to see the supposed science behind this decision. I would also love to have some questions answered. 1) When will my property taxes be adjusted since the TOU has eliminated one service and cut another one by half? 2) In what way will these crews be serving the Town now that we’ve cut the above services? I may resort to some drive by dumping in front of Slick Rick’s house. Let him deal with It...
  8. Property & Casualty

    Election Night Thread

    Battisti et al learned their ways from Al Gore. They will demand recount after recount as boxes of previously uncounted ballots continue to be discovered again and again until the desired results are achieved. People need to demand accountability and integrity in the electoral process.
  9. Property & Casualty

    A Rumor: Korchak has an additional 100 votes

    Don’t worry. Additional boxes of ballots will continue to be “found” until the desired election results are achieved. Can I get a dimpled chad to go?
  10. Property & Casualty

    BCVoice is in the bag for Anthony Brindisi?

    Brindoofus is Pelosi’s puppet. Who do you think controls the purse strings? He will vote just as she tells him to. If he doesn’t, it’s because they have enough votes without him, and she has given him permission to deviate. It’s all about the optics. I’d be curious to compare their voting records to see just how many times he “stood up” to Pelosi as he claimed he’d do while he was campaigning. Bet you could count them on one hand, maybe even one finger.
  11. Property & Casualty

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    George Phillips was going around telling people that Korchak was polling at 10%. If he can lie to your face when he’s looking for your vote, then what will he do in DC after he’s already had your vote? Nope...
  12. Property & Casualty

    Beware: Front Street's Waving Sex Offender in costume

    JFK was Mossaded.
  13. Property & Casualty

    Broome CountySheriff Candidates

    I agree. It should be someone from outside the department.
  14. Property & Casualty

    Akshar's opioid attack mailer backfires

    But I thought Fred was going to solve the whole opioid issue. That was the pillar of what he ran on. If it’s still an issue then does that mean he has failed to do his job?
  15. Property & Casualty

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    Andy said the law included “protections” to prevent the Fed from enforcing the law of the land and deporting the illegal invaders he is coddling. Protections for whom? The citizens or the illegals? That right there will tell you where the interests of the D party lie. Illegals are their new constituency. The D’s need them for their illegal votes. They can’t retain power without them. Felons too for that matter.