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    The truth is still the truth, even when you don't want to hear it.
  1. Property & Casualty

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    A RINO candidate that did not embrace MAGA lost a race in a blue state. Thats just blue staters doIng what blue staters do. Keep dreaming sportroll.
  2. This was the best ballot proposition Ive seen in a long time, maybe the best ever.
  3. Property & Casualty

    Daily Post Limit

    75 may post frequently but the quality of his posts is far better than the drivel that trolligan used to spew. To equate the two is simply disingenuous. Your issue is not with the quantity of his posts. You just dont like having your nose rubbed in the MAGA.
  4. Property & Casualty

    Democrats Now Concerned Trump Is Colluding With China! Idiots!!

    It's just the latest distraction. As one fizzles out they fabricate a new one. The sheeple lap it up and react as programmed.
  5. Property & Casualty

    Trump releasing JFK assassination files.

    Some interesting stuff about Marchin' Looter King came out with the Kennedy stuff. The link in the above quote takes you to the actual FBI documents that were marked as "total denial", as in never to be released. From the article; MLK is another Deep State psyops lie that's been propagated on society for decades. He was a pawn of Stanley David Levinson who is described as a "shrewd, dedicated Communist". I wonder what Levinson and Soros have in common? He's said to have been "as dedicated in his support of King as he has been in advancing communist goals". Is it any wonder that blacks today are still being used as pawns by those wishing to advance the communist agenda? BLM anyone? NFL Kneelers?The sad part is that most of them don't recognize it for what it is. If you call it what it is then the leftists pull out their favorite weapon, the race card. See how it's all tied together?
  6. Property & Casualty

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    45 is taking names, kicking ass, and triggering soy boys in the process. Cutting off the money supply to the communist paramilitary force commonly known as antifa is a beautiful thing. Shine the light of day on the cockroaches and watch them scurry off to the shadows. If they were so proud of their actions they wouldn't hide their faces ala ISIS. No money = no paid agitators = no buses = no bag lunch = no antifa These are the people who vandalize statues and cause the taxpayers to cover the cleanup costs. These are the people who block highways because they didn't get their way. These are crybabies. These are TariQ voters. Remember that on Tuesday.
  7. Property & Casualty

    How A Paranoid One Sees LV Killings.

    You only need one rifle to do the damage that happened there, maybe two at best just for insurance in case of a nasty malfunction. Ammo is small and relatively cheap when compared to the cost of rifles. Why were there so many weapons found in his room? It's a terribly inefficient way to operate, with so much extra work to transport, and expense to acquire the rifles. Plus you now have the added complexity of multiple variants of ammo to purchase, transport, and match up to the appropriate rifle during a heated moment. I'm an Army Vet, and I've squeezed the with trigger deadly intentions. It's a heavy thing. The fewer decisions you have to make in that moment the better off you are. Something doesn't add up.
  8. Property & Casualty

    Fraudster Alexis Pleus calls sheriff's office racist

    Most non profits of this nature are absolutely for the profit of the person running it. Take a look at the salary of the head of the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Does her foundation make its books public? What's her cut? Where does the rest of it go? Cries of racism for reporting criminal activity are typically reserved for charlatans and desperate people. Is Alexis one, the other, or both?
  9. Property & Casualty

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    He owns a home in NYC. He may or may not reside there full time. He's an asshole regardless, and will soon be joining Larry Flint in that place where both him and his money can burn.
  10. Property & Casualty

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    Is he here? I was not aware of that.
  11. Property & Casualty

    Another mass shooting - Texas

    Just another weekend in Chicongo...
  12. Property & Casualty

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    I forgot to include the picture in my previous post. Who pays for this shit? It doesn't just show up on it's own. Could it be...
  13. Property & Casualty

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    Perhaps you enjoy getting intimate through violence, or maybe it's time to put the bottle down for the night. Apparently things fizzled out for the hardcore left today. Hopefully Soros can get his money back for the signs. He even went to the expense of having them printed in multiple languages. As I stated previously; the left has been forced to play their cards early due to Hillary's defeat. Their lack of momentum is apparent by the amount of unused signage pre staged for their spontaneous protests aka riots. How much did that full page ad in the NYT cost? Who wrote the check for that? Who paid for those signs? The bulk of the rioters you do see are paid operatives, who have no clue why they're damaging other peoples property. Are there 1099's issued for those payments? Any Income Tax on that? Any Social Security tax paid? These people are failing to report income for tax purposes, while bitching that others need to pay more in taxes. Hypocrisy anyone?
  14. Property & Casualty

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    If anything theyll just inconvenience their fellow brainwashed peers by blocking a highway or forcing a shopping mall to close early. They wont show out in a gun friendly town in TX. Theyll certainly create more Trump voters wherever they go. Here Antifa tifa tifa... come make some Trump voters. Good little snowflake... now go back to Mommas basement with TariQ.