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  1. Property & Casualty

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    That rag has been on life support for years. Surprised it’s even still published at all given how low it has sunk. They used to give it away just to inflate circulation numbers, and advertising rates. They once paid me to allow them to deliver the paper to my house. Not a very good business model if you ask me... Can’t imagine why they’re struggling The once local broadcast media is just one step behind the paper in terms of deterioration in quality. Just remember, you the reader/viewer are not the customer. You are the product they sell to the their end users, the advertisers, who write them checks to have their message put in front of you. Always follow the money if you want to understand how things really work.
  2. Property & Casualty

    Battisti fundraiser tonight... EMBARRASSING turnout!

    I’ll be voting in the primary, and it won’t be for the criminal defense attorney who now wants us to pay him to recuse himself from prosecuting his past clients. Nope...
  3. Property & Casualty


    Imagine the reaction if this were a private sector employer, perhaps one that contracted with BC. Pretty sure Jason would have already declared a State of Emergency.
  4. Property & Casualty

    Respect the ride.

    Yes, those light bars are bad as well.
  5. Property & Casualty

    Respect the ride.

    Yes, those light bars are bad as well.
  6. Property & Casualty

    Respect the ride.

    Yes, those light bars are bad as well.
  7. Property & Casualty

    Respect the ride.

    Also... what is the deal with motorcycles driving around with those blindingly bright high beams on all the time? I don’t know if there is a legal limit for how bright a lamp can be for on road use, but I’ve seen rigs with aftermarket setups that leave me seeing spots. I get that you want to be seen, but blinding me as I’m driving towards you doesn’t make anyone safer. Its not much better when they tailgate and light up your entire car interior. Its just more “look at me”. Isn’t it against the law to use your high beams within so many feet of another vehicle, oncoming or otherwise? They seem to enjoy endangering others for their safety.
  8. Property & Casualty

    Respect the ride.

    If loud pipes save lives then why not take the mufflers off every vehicle on the road? Let’s all enjoy that safety. I say the ridiculously loud pipes are an attention seeking mechanism. Ooh Ooh look at me I has a shiny expensive motorcycle. Good for you... Don’t fucking care... HD is now coming out with a full on electric rig. The performance stats look very impressive. I wonder how that’ll be presented to the loud pipe attention seekers. Will it have a recording of loud pipes they can blare to stroke their egos?
  9. Property & Casualty

    Incident at UE High School

    Superintendent seemed evasive when explaining things. The perp is in jail she needs to tell parents what happened. Is she hiding something?
  10. Property & Casualty

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    Legalities aside, Fred’s actions were unethical at the very least, whether she consented or not. He was wrong to engage with her, on so many levels.
  11. Property & Casualty

    Anti Akshar Rally Friday in Binghamton

    I generally don't support causes that are anti-anything. I get that they're pointing out a problem with whore dog Fred and his inappropriate behavior. Do they really think removing him from some committee will make a difference? This group needs to better define their objectives and find some things they are in favor of if they want to make a difference.
  12. Property & Casualty

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    He lies, he steals, he's able to take advantage of vulnerable mothers of the victims of horrific crimes... He's Fred Akshar, apex level man-whore predator. Dude is a high level scumbag and not to be trusted.
  13. Property & Casualty

    Battisti tried ruining case against driver who killed Harper Stantz

    I agree 100% in this case. I have no issue with his past clients as another poster has claimed. I see serious flaws with his character, and serious complications with bringing a criminal defense attorney on board as DA. It would be no different than bringing former PD Matt Ryan in to prosecute the same people he was once paid to defend. The recusals and conflicts of interest would logjam the system and cost the taxpayers a ton of money.
  14. Property & Casualty

    Truth Pharm complete Farse

    They had some air time on WBNG the other day protesting the death of an inmate at the county jail. I’m on my phone and can’t find a link to the story, but as I recall the story was conveniently overlooking some pertinent facts.
  15. Property & Casualty

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    Given the foliage present in the image it is not current. Trees are barren this time of year. The 2019 date you reference is most likely a copyright date, not the date the image was taken. Looks to me like it shows muddy runoff from a stream feeding into the river, possibly from last year’s flash flooding that made such a mess on Court St. Pure speculation on my part given that I don’t know when this image is dated.