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  1. Concerned Resident

    Joe Biden--Hypocrite of the year.

    Just how bad are these people? https://youtu.be/s4AfYm4BPPU
  2. Concerned Resident

    CNN: Pearl Harbor Attack Boating Accident

    CNN: Pearl Harbor attack was simply a tragic boating accident. https://youtu.be/SXwD3TdzkMk
  3. I don't feel sorry for them anymore. This is what they voted for. https://youtu.be/In44pA-dc08
  4. Concerned Resident

    Assemblywoman Rubber Stamp

    Pretty sure in the "district" registered voters are a majority dems.
  5. Cordisco's Corner guest on livestream on YouTube "The Romeo and Michael Show. https://youtu.be/wC3H_bnAbMA
  6. Concerned Resident

    Afghan SNAFU Part 2 of 2

    This is pitiful. Someone needs to go to jail. https://youtu.be/gNYtavRpets
  7. Concerned Resident

    Afgan SNAFU Part 1 of 2

    How could this have happened? Everyone is guilty so nobody is to blame? https://youtu.be/rySEHibJWoE
  8. Concerned Resident

    Feds want to probe Rittenhouse verdict

    What are the feds up to? Investigate the prosecutor. https://youtu.be/GZ4Yk6RHED0
  9. Concerned Resident

    I call for Rittenhouse mistrial with prejudice...

    Bo that was posted prior to the verdict. Frankly I think the prosecutor should be at a minimum reprimanded, maybe even disbarred. Hiding evidence, altering evidence and twice violated Rittenhouse's constitutional rights.
  10. Concerned Resident


    Rittenhouse Not Guilty ALL COUNTS. https://youtu.be/Rt6zsdvcCuI
  11. Concerned Resident

    Chewbacca goes to jail for 41 months.

    WOW...Chewbacca goes to jail. https://youtu.be/E6UH6ZIzybo
  12. The prosecutor screw up with evidence AGAIN!!! Enough is enough. https://youtu.be/HG9y1zR_Rc8
  13. Concerned Resident

    Evidence withheld in Rittenhouse trial. Motion for mistrail filed.

    And now MSNBC followed the jury van and got caught. The judge barred MSNBC from the courthouse. I truly believe that they were going to expose the jurors thus tamper with the jury. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED for this.
  14. The scumbags at MSNBC were caught following the jury van of the jury in the Rittenhouse trial. https://youtu.be/c8nkgLbogUA
  15. WOW...reasonable and constitutional judges. Who would of thought? https://youtu.be/D5tyx8lWYEk