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  1. Story from pressconnects: https://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/local/2020/03/31/coronavirus-ny-johnson-city-broome-nursing-home-covid-19/5093925002/
  2. SU75

    Broome County covid map

    Binghamton and JC are listed with the most cases, is that because that’s where the hospitals are? Or is this where the people are from, regardless of if they are hospitalized or not?
  3. SU75

    Giovanni Scaringi

  4. SU75

    Giovanni Scaringi

    I served our country. But I didn’t do it contingent on not being challenged for a political position. I did it because it was the right thing to do. Here’s a guy who didn’t decide to join the Air Force reserves until after it was official he wouldn’t be opposed in his 2019 race. He’s also rumored to have run the deputy city clerk out of the office, due to his sexual advances. He’s also telling people he’s considering a run for Binghamton mayor. So soon? He just got back to town last week. So what was this Air Force thing really about?
  5. Many people are saying this may have been a set up, over jealously Bob Murphy might run for mayor, when Rich’s term is up.
  6. SU75

    Democrats for Korchak

    I didn’t get a chance to see it before it was removed. But I got it from John Solak’s Twitter feed.
  7. SU75

    Democrats for Korchak

    Thousands of Democrats are with Korchak, even Kevin McCabe.
  8. So Battisti has been part of how many failed law firms? Three? And now his limousine company is out of business. Did he maintain proper insurance for the limousines? Were passengers at risk? We all know his former partner "DJ Brooklyn Mike" was charged with insurance fraud.
  9. If you are looking for her, she's not at Cortese. A good friend of ours has worked there for over 20 years. I asked a while back if she had seen Debbie lately. "Not in years" was the response. I guess Debbie only liked it when it was her campaign account paying for her meals.
  10. That’s Emanuel Priest. Paid $70,000 by NY taxpayers to follow Akshar around and take his picture.
  11. Democratic Party Chair Blasts Former DA Jerry Mollen for Endorsing Republican Paul Battisti for DA — Statement by Broome County Democratic Chair Tim Grippen I was disturbed to read on Facebook on Wednesday morning that former Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen has chosen to endorse Paul Battisti in this year’s election for DA. In his remarks – as quoted in a campaign press release written and posted on Paul Battisti’s Facebook page – Mr. Mollen stated that he has “personally learned of certain abusive, outrageous practices of the current Office of the District Attorney,” adding that “Paul (Battisti) will attempt to change the culture and practices of the D.A.’s office to restore it to what it once was...” Where do I begin? If former DA Mollen has personally seen evidence of wrongdoing in the office of District Attorney Stephen Cornwell, then he should turn over such evidence to the Office of the New York State Attorney General. Period. For Broome County’s former chief law enforcement official to make such a charge in the context of a political campaign is not only highly unethical, it is entirely inappropriate, and Jerry Mollen knows better. What I find absolutely stunning is that someone with Jerry’s 28-year record as a prosecutor has endorsed a DA candidate who has never prosecuted a single crime. Not one. Not even a misdemeanor. In my opinion, the Republican Party’s leadership made a terrible mistake backing Paul Battisti in the June primary, as has Jerry Mollen backing him in November’s. It’s particularly shocking that Jerry Mollen would risk being called a hypocrite for endorsing Mr. Battisti, who had an eighty-seven-thousand dollar federal tax lien when he announced for DA this year. Just four years ago – when Jerry Mollen was running for reelection – Jerry’s campaign called a special press conference to condemn his opponent, Steve Cornwell, as unqualified to serve as DA because of a nine-thousand dollar federal tax lien. That’s about one-tenth the amount Battisti owed for a period going back five years. Battisti paid off the lien only when he was exposed in the media, after being caught making a $50,000 personal contribution to his campaign. Battisti funded his campaign with money he should have used to pay his taxes, Jerry! Have you also chosen to overlook Paul’s repeated violations of state campaign finance laws, and his complete lack of ethics in his attacks on his opponent in the GOP primary? Battisti lacks a moral compass, Jerry, and you’ve tarnished your reputation by endorsing him. I encourage the voters of Broome County to evaluate all three contenders for DA, and to take a close look at the Democratic candidate, Debra Gelson. Her record as a prosecutor, felony trial attorney, and judge is extraordinary – as it is inspiring! I’m confident that once Broome County voters learn more about her, they’ll agree that Debra Gelson is by far the most qualified candidate to serve as our new Broome County District Attorney.
  12. Paul's father finally "retired" from SUNY Broome. Good riddance!
  13. Rich David was contacted by Scott Snyder after he was elected mayor, and received $4,000 a year in tax breaks. And during that time Snyder received $18,000 in raises from the City of Binghamton. Something isn't right here...
  14. The background of Fred Akshar was never properly vetted before Bijoy Datta anointed him the chosen one. He has many addictions. This story will break in Albany before Binghamton, they know about it. The rumor is Akshar will check himself into rehab for "undisclosed treatment" to try and save his career when the story breaks.
  15. If he's still in office when he has to run again next year, voters need to "shed the Fred". I hope Nick Bucci still has all that money in his campaign account.