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  1. Even the biggest Korchak supporters seem to be strongly against him now. John Solak and the members here have done a 180 on Korchak. No way will he be elected if he runs again.
  2. SU75

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    Just the pay raises during Covid are enough. But now scandal after scandal. And he’s on BCVoice from the DA’s office attacking defense attorneys? This is unbelievable. As Jack Reacher just said, this is what we feared from Battisti, yet these are common practice for the Korchak administration? I’m a democrat who voted Korchak in 2019 and now I vote Korchak resigns.
  3. During his campaign Korchak threatened that electing Battisti would mean Fred Akshar and Joe Zikuski controlling the DA’s office, while Korchak quietly sold the DA’s office to the Democratic Party to get him elected. None of the candidates in 2019 deserves to be elected, but looking back, Korchak was the worst of the three.
  4. If Korchak tried to cover it up, he needs to resign.
  5. SU75

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    Damage control. He knows his office is in turmoil so he’s calling in to make it seem like everything is OK. He’s mocking people’s religion now? That’s as low as it gets. I’m looking forward to voting him out when he’s up for re-election.
  6. SU75

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    I’m pretty shocked. This board has been very pro-Korchak. Not even one person defending the DA’s office? This is a drastic change in public opinion in a short period of time.
  7. SU75

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    Solak has budget numbers posted. Under Korchak salaries are up $381,914 and employee benefits are up $182,035. Total of $563,949. At a time when the courts were shut down, how did he justify these raises? The rumors he rewarded campaign work with government raises are not good... not good at all.
  8. SU75

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    I voted for Korchak, because I knew Gelson didn’t stand a chance and I didn’t want the Republican Party controlling the DA’s office, under a Battisti administration. A few things: If there is sexual harassment in the office and he is really doing nothing about it, there goes his re-election. I haven’t seen much from the office. With Covid the court system did close down. But I’m still surprised how little we’ve seen from Korchak since being elected. Because of this thread and John Solak, people are talking about Korchak. I’m mostly in touch with the “old guard” of the Democratic Party. The one thing we did hear was he rewarded his 2019 campaign staff with big pay taxpayer funded raises when he was elected. In this day and age that is incredibly stupid, and an investigation into that would end his career.
  9. Thayne still doesn’t even have a campaign account filed with NYS. He’s obviously spending money. Look at his website, Facebook (the awful video.) The longer he tries to skirt the laws, the greater the trouble he will get in. Does he even know he has to file with the state?
  10. Not impressed with Tim Thayne’s announcement. It wasn’t a disaster, but it was by far the worst of all of the six candidates. He needs to clean up his act ASAP if he wants to actually be in this race.
  11. Looks like Thayne bought ThayneforFamilyCourt.com but he hasn't even filed a campaign account with the state. So he's spending money without any required reporting/authorization in place. That doesn't fly in an aggressive judicial race, with six candidates. Maybe a smalltime race for village trustee. It does look like this campaign is being run out of a frat house.
  12. Thayne comes as a surprise candidate to many of us. I’ve been involved in Broome County Democratic politics since the 1980’s and never heard his name mentioned as a candidate until now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. This puts the District Attorney’s Office back under the microscope. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so I’m sure all the criminal justice reformers out there will have a field day with this. This damn Family Court race gets more interesting every week.
  13. It’s confirmed. Tim Thayne will be running as well. He is a Democrat who works as an ADA at the District Attorney’s Office. He was once a partner in the firm Battisti Gartenman and Thayne before the firm split up. His announcement is coming in the next week.
  14. I'm hearing a 4th Democratic Party candidate is about to enter the race for Broome County Family Court Judge. There are two seats up in the 2021 election, and there are already three Democrats and two Republicans in the race. A 4th Democrat would make a record six total candidates, for two open seats. Democrats: Mara Grace, Sam (Sandy) Monachino, Joshua Shapiro, and (rumored 4th candidate) Republicans: Veronica Gorman and Brett Noonan. I don't know much about the guy rumored to be entering the race, but I have heard his name before. I will try to confirm the information tonight and post it when my source is confident with the information.