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  1. That’s really a bad look. A prosecutor’s office should not be political. In terms of the Cornwell case, most of us questioned it from the very beginning. John Solak even ran a poll where the respondents believed Cornwell over Korchak 2-1. If this ends with a major lawsuit against Broome County, because of Korchak’s stupidity, the damages should be paid by Korchak. I don’t want my tax dollars to further pay for the mistakes of the idiot DA.
  2. Was Ingrid Segrue part of the plan to light the dog poop at Gelson's house? Segrue is the DA's office Investigator who posted death threats to the Cuomo family on social media.
  3. Just when we think Korchak and his staff can’t stoop any lower.
  4. SU75

    Debra Gelson — what does she do all day?

    I would support Josh Shapiro for District Attorney in a Democratic Party primary over Korchak. I had the chance to meet Josh and his wife, they are great people.
  5. SU75

    Debra Gelson — what does she do all day?

    I’ve also heard about this Korchak scheme. But I can assure you, Deb Gelson isn’t so loved by the BC Dems that she can singlehandedly keep Korchak in everyone’s good graces. Gelson just came around a few years ago. She ran in one election and ran an awful campaign. She made a few friends in the party, but that’s it. Simply employing Gelson won’t be enough for widespread Democratic support.
  6. This is interesting. It’s not often a walk-in closes. Walk-ins are generally open even on holidays. Understaffed? Overwhelmed?
  7. How is it that the county allows the sheriff to have discretionary funds to hire his granddaughter? I imagine most positions at the sheriff’s office are civil service. What was she paid and who approved it?
  8. SU75

    Family Court Race

    Ms. Gorman sure looks angry in this mailer. I don’t believe she has the right attitude or temperament to work with children.
  9. Korchak couldn’t have had a worse term as DA (sadly there’s still time for it to get even worse). The public doesn’t support him, and now the attorneys are fleeing. It’s really sad to see what the DA’s office has become.
  10. SU75

    Family Court Race

    Sometimes being associated with the wrong people can cost you an election. It happens more in national and state politics than local politics. But it may be Mara Grace’s association with the Korchak’s (not her brother) that costs her this election. I know Mike Korchak has recently been polled. All I heard was his numbers are “very low”. I don’t know how low, but I’m guessing his approval is in the low 30’s; disapproval in the 60’s; with the rest undecided.
  11. SU75

    Is Korchak drunk? DA posts bizarre cat photo.

    Korchak said on an interview on WNBF that he has trouble turning on a computer. So I doubt it’s him posting to social media. But whoever it is needs to be reassigned other duties. You need to be accurate. Any statement or photo posted is viewed as a statement of authority from that elected official. This just makes him look foolish. (Not that he hasn’t made himself look plenty foolish over the last two years.) The bottom line is, it’s amateur hour at the DA’s office. They continue to embarrass themselves every week.
  12. SU75

    Family Court Race

    As a Democrat who tries to look at these races objectively, I don’t think Gorman has a chance. The race is between Grace, Noonan and Monachino.
  13. Debra Preston tried to build an emergency shelter at the old military depot in Hillcrest.
  14. That’s actually what he’s raised since 2015 when he first ran for senate. I believe he’s raised closer to $150,000 since June.
  15. Why would she have it on a Saturday morning, when there’s all kinds of sporting events and community events going on? Plus, I don’t think any of the local media have Saturday morning reporters?