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  1. Lady Gaga


    Somehow this post which was about a treasonous soldier has turned into a political commentary.
  2. Lady Gaga


    Bergdahl gets dishonorable discharge and $1000 fine. This just makes me sick, He betrayed his country, put his fellow soldiers at risk, one man in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and he literally goes free. Trump is right they should hang him.
  3. Lady Gaga

    The Voice

    Did any one watch the Voice last night? At one point a gentleman was singing. When the judges turned their chairs around, Jennifer Hudson, with an amazed look on her face said "He's white!". Maybe no one else noticed or heard it but it was extremely rasict. What out rage would there have been if another of the judges turned at looked at a contestant and said, he's black? I guess the racist tag only works one way.
  4. Lady Gaga

    Charlottesville Silliness

    My opinion (if anyone cares), I think they are trying to sweep slavery under the rug and pretend that it never existed. Germany did that with the holocaust, ashamed of what they did and hoping no one would remember. It's history folks, it happened. And we can never forget it so it won't happen again
  5. Lady Gaga

    Binghamton German Club

    It was on Robinson St., where the American Legion parking lot is now. Norman got his start as the Mohican Market on Chenango St, just around the corner from First city Bank. Remember saw dust on the floor, pickles in barrels. Talking late 50's early sixties. He was a good guy. Never passed up an opportunity to make a buck, but was very generous.
  6. Look it up! In 1957 an act of congress , all confederate soldiers were made US Veterans. Monuments or statues were to be considered war memorials As far as the confederate flag, the stars and stripes was not the national southern states flag. The stars and stripes was a battle flag.. Many AMERICANS died in the civil war, on both sides of the fence. They all fought for a cause that they believed was just. They fought for their ideals. The south Lost , the north won. It's over and done with. Let's put an end to this divide. We are all Americans. In 20 years time there will be no color divide, black, white , yellow, etc. Peace begins at home.
  7. Lady Gaga

    Rest In Peace North Korea

    Just to add another comment about N. Korea. Far fetched I know. But perhaps they are provoking the US to bomb a few of their cities, then concede that they have lost and America wins. We than send in foreign aid, rebuild the economy, cities etc, as we did post WWII in Germany and Japan. Who's the winner?
  8. Lady Gaga

    Rock and a Hard Place

    Intelligent discussion on BC Voice? That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.
  9. Former someone.....Someone was smart enough to think of doing that.
  10. Lady Gaga

    only 7 years behind

    Wow..... 1 3/4 Million dollars. That's a lot of toilet flushes.
  11. Lady Gaga

    Where are the local scandals ??????

  12. Lady Gaga

    Carrier now closing

    I don't understand it. If a person wants to work they can get a job. I have seen a women for the last 9 months, sitting on a street corner, with a sign that says lost everything in the flood. ( not Broome Co.) I have to wonder if "begging" on a street corner brings in more money than working? Across the street from her corner, is a sign that says help wanted.
  13. Lady Gaga

    Need i say more?

    Looks like we are back to name calling. Grow up "gentlemen"?
  14. Lady Gaga

    Need i say more?

    Guns, violence and drugs are not unique to Broome County. It is happening in every community in America. Until a lot of changes are made it will continue. More jobs is only part of the solution. We must teach our youngsters respect and show them by example. I know it is a complex problem but change must begin to take place in our homes.
  15. Lady Gaga

    Can't Promote Peace at Memorial Day Parade?

    So?,,,, ....how did the parade go?