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  1. No matter if you like Marty Smith or not, He was the judge who was appointed to my daughters case when she was killed by a drunk driver. That man had so much compassion for us and even said if he could change the law, my daughters killer would be in jail much longer than sentenced. I cannot imagine the many years Judge Smith had to view crime scenes and injuries of victims that were so horrendous it photographs became hard to look at. God help the man if he has a drinking problem as some here say he does. He is not to be scorned. He needs help to understand why he has this problem. . We are not educated to understand the pain he is in. In the meantime People are taking advantage of his weaknesses. I believe him to be an honorable man whose life has been sidetracked and I hope he gets the help he needs. In the meantime if you see him on the street give him a wave and smile. Be Kind to him. We can all use a bit of kindness to give to others.
  2. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    The Business of Cannabis Yahoo Special

    A friend of mine belongs to the country club John Boehner belongs to and he was trying to get me to buy stock in Boehners Pot Empire. Some big names were investing in it. Should I buy stock or not. I have read the pros and cons of owning the stock. Most are saying that profits will be worth it in the beginning then fizzle out.
  3. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    If you have an account with Visions, check the recent transactions

    Thank you Pete, Will do.
  4. motheragainstdrunkdriving


    The Question is: will people/patients be better off using pot for medicinal and/or recreational purposes? The doctors in this area aren't keen on giving out prescriptions for medicinal pot either. As for myself I might make a few brownies to see If pot takes the edge off. That's when I can get my hands on some in a legal fashion.. I am tired of making Big Pharma wealthy with the meds my doctor has me on.
  5. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Mayor David

    I heard she was scolding Solak and rubbing her education in his face, trying to make him look bad. Is she even from Binghamton? I also heard Solak handled her like the intellectual pro-gentleman that he is.
  6. I hear that Bergman is a lying chump.
  7. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Binghamton’s biggest lie 2020: “Solak is racist!”

    Didn't this kid's mother teach him any manners?
  8. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Binghamton’s biggest lie 2020: “Solak is racist!”

    Solak racist, No. He is brave enough to take on the bureaucrats and anyone else,. Plus I think he's a cutie patootie.
  9. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Stimulus Checks

    Exactly. My neighbor who is an RN and travels for the VA can sure use the money since she travels all over and doesn't get much recompense from the VA. Her pay is pretty good but considering all the wear and tear on her vehicle repairs get costly for her.
  10. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Thinking of Dr. Katch today.

    Dr. Katch has been on my mind all day. Sigh! I was thinking about how compassionate he would be to the Coronavirus Patients. He was just that kind of doctor that would put his patients above his own safety. There's not many good doctors like him left.
  11. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    No Corona Test kits at area hospitals.

    Ditto: what a good man.
  12. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    No Corona Test kits at area hospitals.

    We are ready to call the Health Dept tomorrow, to find out about the test.
  13. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    I figured out what Trump is doing with the Coronavirus.

    Jill Stein owes me money!
  14. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    No Coronavirus test kits in the area

    I have been told by my doctor that there are no coronavirus test kits in the area and she said to rest, and quarantine for the next three weeks. I have all the symptoms. I saw her in the offices last week and the week before she had me on antibiotics thinking I had respiratory infections. What the hell is going on in this area and why don't doctors, hospitals and medical places have these kits!!!
  15. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Bernie $ander$, the con man

    I'm with you. I can't stand the guy.