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  1. motheragainstdrunkdriving


    I sure miss Mick!
  2. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    First Snow of the Season

    It always seems like Lenox gets hit with storms of every kind. Our family had a cottage at Acre Lake where we spent summers as kids. That area has changed quite a bit since then. When bad weather hits Ginger you be careful driving in that area. I always freaked out driving down the " banana hill," the first exit into Scranton especially in Winter to get to Marywoods Library. Instead of going to the exit for Marywood. Then again Family lived in the St. Ann's neighborhood and over near Marywood so I would visit one place to another before going to the library.
  3. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    BCVoice users who supported Battisti

    Did Mike Korchak win the election? I was in the hospital having surgery and all I remember is that the race was close and mail in votes had yet to be counted. I voted for Korchak breaking party lines. I think I'll change party affiliation or just start my own party.
  4. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    DSS's improper conduct and witch hunt against Garo Kachadourian

    I am not surprised at the amount of criminal behavior elected officials in our local government get away with. It's nothing new that they single out the vulnerable- Mirella and make false accusations against -Garo and others. What amazes me the most is that these scumbags sit in the first rows at church for Sunday Mass or Services looking for adoration from the public. It's appalling and crass that others would go out of their way to celebrate an injustice done to another who they have animosity towards. A cake with a name- so vacuous, just disgusting. Hold your head high Garo.
  5. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    First Snow of the Season

    We have snow covering our fields and decorating our huge pines. It looks to be about an inch of coating on our driveway. Winter is here. Drive Safely.
  6. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Disgusting. Battisti makes up last minute overdose LIE

    I can't believe my own mother voted for Battisti. " shaking head, rolling eyes."
  7. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Vote John Cordisco for City Council

    I am sorry John did not win. He will always be one of the good guys and hopefully someday the people in his district will wake up and realize he could help them more than these fly by night politicians who no one has ever heard of. Keep Your Chin Up John!
  8. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Vote John Cordisco for City Council

    Rich David is more focuses on the art walk and getting more bar/restaurants in downtown than he is helping the North Siders. I thought Chow was suppose to put a grocery store in that area? David should revamp the Old Binghamton Plaza while incorporating the successful small businesses still there. He should also bulldoze the unkempt buildings on that side of town.
  9. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    What happened on Wednesday Morning 11/6 at BCC trustee's meeting

    Thank you for this post and the connect to John Solaks twitter, April. He's got the liars on the run.
  10. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Vote John Cordisco for City Council

    Wishing you well for a victory on Election Day John. Your area needs a seasoned candidate who will continue to represent the people from your district. You are that candidate.
  11. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    All I know is I am voting Korchak for DA. I think the area has had enough of Mollen Clones. I have read too many cons about Battisti to even think about voting for him.
  12. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Another fact check against Paul Battisti

    A vote for Battisti is like a vote for Mollen again. Speaking of Mollen I see the flyer sent out by Battisti had Mollens mug on the flyer and he's endorsing for Battisti. Michael Korchak is the best man for the job of District Attorney.
  13. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    The Little White Church in Conklin

    I thought I saw it all but on the way out of town yesterday we passed by the Little White Church in Conklin and saw this huge for sale sign. When I got home I looked it up in the real estate listings and sure enough it's up for sale. That church has been an institution in the Conklin Area for many years. It's kind of sad to see it up for sale. A lot of homes in that area are up for sale too I noticed. People use to want to move to Conklin. Now there seems to be some kind of exodus happening, people wanting to move out of that area. I wonder why!
  14. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Our Families Loss

    Condolences to you and your family Garo. Those of us who worked with Dr. Katch respected him very much. He not only taught us about medical procedures when we asked him but he showed us how a doctor treats his patients with kindness and compassion. He also shared his sense of humor with us to keep our spirits up when things got hectic on the medical floors we worked on. Dr. Katch was one in a million and there will never be another physician who was like him. He is sadly missed by the medical community and those who had the pleasure of working with him. His passing is such a loss for our area. They don't make physicians like him anymore. RIP Dr. Katch. You've earned your Angel Wings.
  15. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    I am sorry about the loss of your mom Bubba . Bless your Heart.. What wonderful memories you have of your mom and the Thanksgiving Holiday. I like your idea of a western themed Thanksgiving and it sounds as if your family and friends also enjoyed themselves. Have a terrific Thanksgiving Holiday. .