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  1. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Stimulus Checks

    Exactly. My neighbor who is an RN and travels for the VA can sure use the money since she travels all over and doesn't get much recompense from the VA. Her pay is pretty good but considering all the wear and tear on her vehicle repairs get costly for her.
  2. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Thinking of Dr. Katch today.

    Dr. Katch has been on my mind all day. Sigh! I was thinking about how compassionate he would be to the Coronavirus Patients. He was just that kind of doctor that would put his patients above his own safety. There's not many good doctors like him left.
  3. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    No Corona Test kits at area hospitals.

    Ditto: what a good man.
  4. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    No Corona Test kits at area hospitals.

    We are ready to call the Health Dept tomorrow, to find out about the test.
  5. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    I figured out what Trump is doing with the Coronavirus.

    Jill Stein owes me money!
  6. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    No Coronavirus test kits in the area

    I have been told by my doctor that there are no coronavirus test kits in the area and she said to rest, and quarantine for the next three weeks. I have all the symptoms. I saw her in the offices last week and the week before she had me on antibiotics thinking I had respiratory infections. What the hell is going on in this area and why don't doctors, hospitals and medical places have these kits!!!
  7. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Bernie $ander$, the con man

    I'm with you. I can't stand the guy.
  8. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Draft John Solak to challenge do-nothing Donna Lupardo

    Does anyone remember Merv Griffin owning WENE in Endicott. If you went out with one of the disc jockeys you were something. I guess I was something for a little while because I went out with one of them. Back to Solak I think he would make a fine talk show host. He is so versatile and would bring new life to talk radio in this area.
  9. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    No Corona Test kits at area hospitals.

    Word going around local government is that none of the hospitals or doctors have the corona virus test kits and don't know when they will get any. The local Health department better wise up and demand kits for area medical facilities or we will have a hell of a pandemic here. Hospitals are turning away the sick because of lack of room inside the ER's now. They will not be equipped to handle any kind of medical catastrophe. With the diversity of students at Binghamton University whose to say they don't bring back the virus to our area.
  10. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    Never trust anyone who has moobs!
  11. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Happy Birthday Garo!

    Well a Belated Happy Birthday to You, Garo. I hope you had a great day. Many more to you. MOM
  12. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    BPD Alex Legos crashes car drunk, runs from scene

    This disgust me! Unfortunately thugs run this local government so they do what they want and cover each others asses. I thought when Zikuski lost his son to drugs he would turn a corner and reassess his priorities, but it looks like its business as usual. I just wonder how they can sit in Sunday Mass knowing they are hypocrites to their beliefs. They all must feel they are exempt from criminal activities and are above the law.
  13. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Jason Garners Windmills & other

    Jason tell the truth about these so called " many jobs" that will come to our area to get these windmills up and running? What will happen to those people who will be out of a job once the construction is done??? From what I understand it will only take 7 people to make sure the wind turbines are running efficiently. I am still waiting for your call about changing the speed limit in my area especially since we have two deaf children living in the neighborhood. Children who play outside. I called you back in August and its December now. It would be wise to answer your voters who call you with their concerns.
  14. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    This JUST IN Battisti Lawsuit Thrown Out By JUDGE!!!!!

    We are so glad Korchack is the winner, It's very good news indeed! Now if we can only get rid of that Ashkar.
  15. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Sore Loser Francis

    If there is a problem with the Voting Machines all election examiners have to call the head person in charge to check out the machine. Until then the machine could be shut down if I remember correctly. I wish they would go back to paper ballots and bypass the machines. They are a pain in the ass to learn how to run and almost every year the machines are updated or other equipment has to be used to log in the voter. More time should be given to learn how to run the machines since so much has to be learned about running the machines and the complexity of it all. I voted for Mr. Korchak and I would vote for him again because of his experience. I am disturbed by all the rumors surrounding Mr. Battisti and putting that aside I don't feel he has enough background yet to deal with the criminal cases that a well seasoned District Attorney and his office can handle. Considering the fact that Mr. Battisti got endorced by Gerald Mollen says a lot about the candidate. Even my faithful dog wouldn't vote for ANYONE ENDORCED BY MOLLEN!