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  1. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    I am sorry about the loss of your mom Bubba . Bless your Heart.. What wonderful memories you have of your mom and the Thanksgiving Holiday. I like your idea of a western themed Thanksgiving and it sounds as if your family and friends also enjoyed themselves. Have a terrific Thanksgiving Holiday. .
  2. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Sleigh Ride!

    I know its a bit early to ask this question especially because we don't have the proper weather in the area just yet for this bucket list wish but: Does anyone know who gives Sleigh Rides in the snow during the holidays in this area. It's time to start crossing off bucket list wishes and this has been one of my wishes for a long time.
  3. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    House next to the old Boys Club

    Thank you Bubba. You would think the city housing code would get after the current owner.
  4. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    I am sorry for the loss of your mom Stray. Her spirit never left you and is still with you in everything you do. She can be proud to know you are carrying on the Thanksgiving Traditions that both of you shared together. What wonderful memories you have of the holiday. To open your doors to friends on Thanksgiving is wonderful. I wish you many blessings and happiness during the coming holidays. Our door is open to you and everyone here not only on holidays but all year long.
  5. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    House next to the old Boys Club

    Does the city own that building next to the old Boys Club? Every time I drive by there the roof has caved in more and more. If a private entity owns that place they should be made to bulldoze it down before someone gets hurt from falling debris.
  6. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Tired of the opiod hysteria

    Every time I turn on the news this " epidemic" is the main focus of a report. No amount of public hearings or flyers will make me believe that this Drug treatment facility is good for our area. UHS should restructure their program @ New Horizons instead of the politicians bringing in another business entity that will contribute to the downfall of this community. Jason Garner should be focused on working with New Horizons if he feels the area needs a working drug treatment facility. This is not an Arizona and a Betty Ford Community. There will be treatment shopping programs for addicts where if one program doesn't work for addicts they will transfer to other facilities. The business http://www.sbh.org/ , Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare Inpatient Services , who are these people? They have 25 bed rehabs around the state I see. What's their success ratio? Is this some fly by night business who was started to make a quick buck off the taxpayers by convincing state politicians that we have " an epidemic" of drug abuse in our area? If a drug addict relapses in the Rochester area will he be sent to Binghamton by this business to again complete an inpatient program. I thought Jason said his brother had a drug addiction at one time. Usually people with good insurance go to Betty Ford or that Hazeldon inpatient hospitalization. I highly doubt Binghamton will ever see the likes of David and Jan Crosby or Tommy Chong sharing a bedroom with Shuffling Sally or Bowery Bob. Did I read where this would be a one hundred bed facility. This business website says there are only 25 inpatient beds available at their places around the state. So why are they willing to open up 100 inpatient beds in this area. Jason is willing to allow drug addicts from Queens & Brooklyn plus other downstate dives to enter our area for " treatment." I see it as a faster way for drug users to flood the area with drugs from downstate pushers. This will keep our local courts busy too. The courts will become a revolving door for addicts like it is now. Druggies arrested, Druggies sent to prison, Druggies back out on the streets until this cycle starts all over again. If New Horizons can't cut it what makes Garner, Akshar and Lupardo think a 100 be facility would be the end all of drug rehabs in this area. I want to know how much government money those three are sniffing. The state must want to give them carte blanche to bring the worst of the worst drug addicts for a price to the city. I am tired of Binghamton becoming a dumping ground for vermin, I hope you are too.
  7. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    100 bed drug rehab facility at Broome Developmental means...

    God Almighty what else can go on in this area. It's bad enough we have the gangs now this. I wonder how much money the government will be paying this area to take in drug addicts from all over the country. G rifting money from the government by these local politicians has been going on for years. When I tutored at BCC I got stuck with the military students who came to this area from the Middle East, courtesy of the U.S. Government and our local politicians. Many of the professors at BCC refused to have these young men in their classes citing ignorance and communication problems. BCC made me teach these young men hygiene because of complaints from faculty and other students that the mens body odor was horrible. These Middle East Soldiers didn't like being tutored by a woman either so I had to fight to get them to learn anything. BCC and the area got kickbacks from the U.S. Government for taking in these military men and wanted them taught just enough to get by in one semester to send them to train with U.S. Military in Texas. I often wondered if any of these men were involved with 9-11 because they were sent here to learn to fly U.S. Military Planes. This is one example of how this area gets government money. They pay for Sex Offenders, Immigrants from other Countries getting college educations at the local level on our dime, housing welfare recipients by relocating them to our area along with homeless and criminals from around the country. This area is a dumping ground for the U.S. Government as long as $$$$ are involved. Now this drug treatment center! How much money was offered to Garner to house drug addicts. What happened to that New Horizons Unit at General Hospital that was suppose to be the areas most comprehensive drug rehab? That program has seem to have gone by the wayside with little success. Is it really wise to bring more drug addicts to the area to treat them here? The Drug Sellers who are in the area will no doubt be happy about making more money off these imported and local drug addicts which will probably bring more addicts to the area. Jason Garner is too swift to offer a handshake & handover to those who want to open up a drug treatment center which will probably end up like that New Horizons Program. Meanwhile the area falls to more decay and corruption. The Selling Out of Binghamton and Broome County By The Politico's would make a decent title for a book because that's whats been happening since the Crabb Administration. We don't need drug treatment centers and more vermin relocating to this area. The area is already faltering and has developed into a little Harlem of the County.
  8. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    The Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin Fake News Thread

    Thank You 19 April for pointing this out. I had a verbal disagreement with one of the writers on a story he did which was totally incorrect and I proved it to him with real facts. He had a hell of an attitude especially after I called him out on his " fake news." Instead of thanking me for giving him the correct information he acted all high and mighty. I told him he should have done his research before he had the shit printed that he wrote. I pointed out to him that I saved him and the paper from a lawsuit giving out wrong information. His answer to me was he would write a retraction in the paper on the article which he never did. This is why I come here for the local news. I've also heard others say the same. We refuse to buy that joke of a local newspaper
  9. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    McCartney concert at The Dome

    McCartney was amazing!
  10. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Sleepless in Hillcrest

    What good friends you are to go and help Sleepless. Your kindness shows no bounds. Not many a person would do what you all did to help him. Kudo's to you all. Your actions renew my faith in people. Good deeds these days are seldom heard about. RIP Sleepless.
  11. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Teen Fight in front of Cordisco's

    On my way home I just came upon a fight in front of Cordisco's Store and in the intersection of Robinson & Chenango St. 2 Black kids were fighting while there were White Kids with baseball bats. A big group of white and black kids out of control. I heard one of the kids yelling to the others that the police were coming. Last seen there were 3 police cars racing to Robinson. I hope John Cordisco is safe. I wouldn't doubt those kids would bring the ruckus into his store if they had the chance. It's not even safe in Binghamton during the daytime anymore. Too bad Rich David doesn't hire more police to patrol around the city.
  12. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Everything Chris Marion touches fails & arena and forum are next

    Jim May needed a job so that's the main reason why the DWI position was created. I do have to say Jim worked overtime to make Chris Thater Race a success since it was started. When Jim retired Chris took over the position- a cushy job for him where he could earn a nice salary without doing a lot of work. That was the difference between Chris and Jim. It wasn't a surprise to many that one day Thater Races would come to an end when Marion took over the job. He just didn't have the tenacity to keep the Thater Races and the Basketball Tourneys going. Politico's are partly to blame for sabotaging popular events in Binghamton. Did you all know Pop's on the River was a huge success and money maker for the city. The main reason it was cancelled was that Former Mayor Bucci did not want to spend any money to provide the musicians with a safe area to play. The raft which the musicians sat on was in very bad shape and someone could have gotten hurt falling through rotting wood. Inspectors told Bucci that the raft could not take the full weight of the orchestra because it was a hazard so Bucci decided to end it. His reasoning was that someone drowned in the river and he didn't want any more lawsuits against the city. Bucci was running low spending tax dollars on other projects and didn't have the loot to have a new raft constructed. Many of us said that we would chip in for a new raft to be made but by that time a bank, one of the big promoters of Pops, pulled their funding and once they did other promoters followed behind them. Ever since the Pops was cancelled downtown Binghamton has turned into Bar Town USA. Maybe Chris can form a Bar-town Run for downtown to make a little money or better yet how about a Drug-Thug Gang Run. That should bring in a few bucks.
  13. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Aaron Powell - He's Back

    I will second that!
  14. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Chris Thater Races canceled... 33 year tradition ends?

    Even though the Thater Race was a popular event ,lack of sponsors, lack of participators especially since the race was moved downtown & lack of money to hold such an event might be the prime reasons the event was cancelled. Then again take a look at downtown. It isn't exactly Oz. The racers were taken out of a more residential " safe " area and plopped into a seedy looking criminal ridden area.
  15. motheragainstdrunkdriving

    Aaron Powell - He's Back

    This bastard deserves the electric chair.