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  1. The Insider

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    Zikuski was suspended but was payed in full the entire time he was off. And the investigation was handled horribly and on the day of the hearing a non-disclosure agreement was reached with the accuser. Wonder how much that cost the taxpayers of Binghamton.
  2. Whoever filed the complaint has other recourse if they were not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation conducted by the Broome County Personnel Department. Perhaps the complaint was not valid which can on occasion be the case. I will be very interested to read the complaint once it is published here. If the complainant felt he or she was not treated in the proper manner the NYS Division of Human Rights could be notified or civil litigation is also another alternative. Either way it should be an interesting read when we get to see it,
  3. The Insider

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    Almost daily something bad comes out about this jerk. If he had an ounce of class he would step down, his arrogance is beyond annoying . I bet the NYS Trooper who he had transferred to the Canadian Border for dating his daughter is having some great laughs over this. Can you take an Emmy to jail with you ?
  4. The Insider

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    How is Bob Joseph going to blame this on Donald Trump which he is more then likely to do. I caught part of his show last week and he stated his show was the best talk show WNBF has ever had. No ego problem there. So many times when he has had public officials on he has had the chance to ask some tough questions and he never does. Bob should check himself, grow a set and start treating all callers with courtesy as opposed to only the ones that agree with his opinion of things. In a big market he would have been gone long ago. No matter I hope he gets better.
  5. Cal many believe you have went thru hell for no reason . i knew your Aunt Mary very dear friend. Love tour children buddy. Waste no more of your life on this . Just enjoy your Christmas . I lost a child so I learned time cant always be in the past. God speed.
  6. The Insider

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    This election certainly highlights the need for true election reform. 55 uncounted ballots suddenly appear and only 44 of them are from registered voters, how do 11 ballots get to people who are not even registered voters. Countries around the world must be laughing at the United States for the joke this election has become, it is truly without any credibility.
  7. The Insider

    More Trouble In The ZPD (Zikuski Police Dept.)

    Mayor David said on Binghamton Now that John Ryan was not promoted and it is on hold. According to sources in the department Ryan has no duties at present. All the Division of Human Rights will have to look at is how young Zikuski has went from one special job to another after a very short tenure with the department. Not sure how much of this is racially motivated more likely business as usual at the BPD. John Ryan has been the Zikuski attack dog for a long time, sometime what goes around comes around. Ryan may not be a racist he just believes he is better then everyone.
  8. The Insider

    More Trouble In The ZPD (Zikuski Police Dept.)

    A copy of the complaint with the State Division of Human Rights can be found on pressconnects and I must say it makes for very interesting reading. At present the BPD is complete turmoil, no promotions are being made and everything is at a standstill. Ultimately the person to blame for all of this is Mayor David for not exercising any control of Zikuski. All past and present employees of the department know that all personnel decisions are handled by Zikuski. Zikuski may say that the decision was up to Ryan to minimize his involvement because that is how he does things. I'm sure Zikuski realizes that this complaint poses problems. A little advice to Ryan is to get ahead of this because the loud rumbling noise he is hearing is the bus headed his way and there will be no shortage of people to throw him under it.
  9. The Insider

    More Trouble In The ZPD (Zikuski Police Dept.)

    I find it interesting that a quote from the Legal Department of the City is that " City denies any racism and will vigorously respond to these allegations " yet they also admit that their investigation is not complete. Sounds much like the sham investigation that was conducted by a law firm hired by the City to defend Zikuski of sexual harassment. Rich David tells those doing the investigation this is the result I want and that is what happens regardless of the truth. The turnover in the BPD from the time Rich David has taken the helm is approx. 70 officers with more to come. If that doesn't indicate a serious problem I don't know what does.
  10. The Insider

    More Trouble In The ZPD (Zikuski Police Dept.)

    It seems that again that a situation presents itself that either the chief of the BPD or an officer of that department is lying. Much like the sexual harassment complaint against the chief which was settled just prior to a public hearing with a non-disclosure clause attached to the settlement. In this case a claim of racial discrimination I wonder if Mayor David will be as quick to stand by the chief as he was with the sexual harassment complaint. This complaint hits a little close to home for David. At the very least city council and the mayor should get to the bottom of this and not with another settlement and a non-disclosure clause attached to it. Time to stop wasting taxpayer dollars if there is evidence of racial discrimination do the right thing this time. If the officer involved is smart he or she will take the complaint out of the city administration hands and go to the NYS Division of Human Rights. The officer has nothing to lose because any chance of advancement under Zikuski is gone.
  11. Mayor David touts his record of transparency where his administration is concerned but on the other hand he is very eager to supress the survey conducted by Council 82 regarding Binghamton Police Administration and the overall conditions in the department. Administration loyalist in the department are threatening young officers with potential layoffs and pay cuts if the survey is made public or released to City Council. The reasoning used is that release of the survey would bolster the campaign of Tarik Abdelazim and if he was elected he is anti police and would layoff recent hires. This has been encouraged by the David Administration even though Abdelazim has no chance of winning.. The survey although anonymous was conducted by Council 82 and included the rank and file of the current BPD as well as recent retirees. The results of the survey are far worse for the administration then possibly could have been imagined. Some of the things mentioned might even interest DA Cornwell and make the recently dismissed charges against Rose Sotak seem trivial. Many in the department think that because DA Cornwell has a stepson on the BPD he is reluctant to take a serious look at what is taking place there. It appears transparency where Mayor David is concerned is if it benefits me I will call a news conference and if not let's try and bury it. It wasn't long ago Mayor David approved the attempt to fire PO Kristi Sager and when it was apparent that her claims of sexual harassment were valid an agreement was made and she was returned to work and the terms of the agreement were subject of a gag order, real transparency there.
  12. The Insider

    Leroy Street

    Word is that the perpetrator is the deceased male lying in the road on Leroy Street.
  13. The Insider

    Where are the local scandals ??????

    Is Mayor Rich charging extra for the rat droppings at Terra Cotta or is it part of the charm and ambiance provided for having a function there. I found it interesting only a couple local media outlets reported that Terra Cotta was cited by the Broome County Health Department. Word is Mayor Rich is going to hire an independent law firm to investigate the matter. The law firm will disregard all evidence of rat activity at the Terra Cotta and announce everything is just fine. Also the results are in from the survey conducted by the Union representing the rank and file at the BPD. To say the results are very bad for the current police administration is an understatement. The results point out multiple serious problems Mayor Rich is well aware of but choses to do nothing about. That's about all the local gossip I'm comfortable talking about at this time.
  14. Forgot to post this at the time but a sergeant was demoted and a patrolman was forced to resign based on their conduct at the homicide on Orton Ave. The real shocker in this is that the sergeant who was demoted is none other then Kevin Brown. Brown is long time Zikuski loyalist and took care of young Zikuski after one of his accidents. Word is as the ranking officer on scene Brown did very little to control the scene or deploy his manpower properly. Securing the scene after a major crime is police work 101 folks. Of course Zikuski won't admit it but he gave Brown one special detail after another resulting in Brown having very little street experience. Then Brown does poorly at a major scene and the Monday morning quarterbacks from the comfort of a conference room give him the axe. The rookie patrolman who was forced to resign was assigned to monitor the crowd at the Orton Ave establishment and when he heard the gunshots word is he exited his vehicle and hid behind a neighboring building. Many who have scene the body cam footage of the incident compare it to comedy capers. So many young officers on the BPD this could easily happen again. Take comfort Binghamton residents Rich David says things are fine.
  15. There comes a time when you can no longer lay the blame for what Zikuski gets away with solely on him. Rich David has stood by and watched Zikuski destroy the BPD from the once great department it was. Look how much the sexual harassment complaint from Officer Sager cost the taxpayers of Binghamton. First David gives Zikuski several weeks paid leave so it actually appears that as the Mayor he was taking the complaint seriously. Then the hearing, when it was obvious that Zikuski was going to be exposed by some very credible witnesses the Mayor steps in and Officer Sager has her job back and a settlement is reached with a non disclosure agreement prohibiting Officer Sager from discussing the terms of it. Then to add insult to injury David hires a local law firm to conduct an investigation to make it appear things are fine. The negative statements about Zikuski given to the attorney by several officers were simply ignored. Many people in the David inner circle as well as area business people and those involved in law enforcement have told David to remove Zikuski but David refuses. The Sager matter is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps David has some misguided loyalty to Zikuski because they are friends and drinking buddies or David has done something that Zikuksi knows about that prohibits him from taking action against Zikuski. Whatever the case David should have removed himself from the decision making process regarding Zikuski long ago and quit making the taxpayers foot the bill for this nonsense. The results of the survey will not matter to David because this mess should have been handled by David long ago. Just to add to some spice to this rant recently a sergeant was demoted to patrolmen and a rookie officer forced to resign as a result of their actions or lack there off at the murder on Orton Ave.